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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SATISFACTION

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Astrology, 41:number thirteen. They are the "Seekers of satisfaction" and the cause of the second fall intoAstrology, 61:and with no recognition of objective (except the satisfaction of instinctual desire) until inAstrology, 106:means conflict, revelation and the successful satisfaction of desire and ambition as the aeons passAstrology, 141:progress for themselves in this cycle and on all satisfaction of their own spiritual aspiration andAstrology, 152:of the Great Wheel in search of personality satisfaction. The Prodigal Son journeys into a farAstrology, 153:man, the earthly, human, greedy seeker after the satisfaction of desire, or man, the equallyAstrology, 153:the equally selfish aspirant hunting for the satisfaction of his aspiration. This sign portrays toAstrology, 157:into the places of desire in search of "wrathful satisfaction." This is the red of greed and anger,Astrology, 170:and average man. Materialism, the fight for the satisfaction of personal ambitions, and theAstrology, 170:Said, ruled by this sign, is synonymous with the satisfaction of all the earthly and animal desiresAstrology, 175:The definite goal of the Centaur, which is the satisfaction of desire and animal incentives,Astrology, 175:stages the goal of initiation, which meets with satisfaction in Capricorn, after the preliminaryAstrology, 190:of unfoldment its focus is upon desire and the satisfaction of that desire and, in the later stagesAstrology, 190:use of all powers to bring about adequate satisfaction of desire, which is, in this case, veryAstrology, 191:some objective. This process of personality satisfaction takes place upon the ordinary wheel. UponAstrology, 191:to the good of the whole and not to the satisfaction of the individual. Astrology, 206:Category III Pride - which is intellectual satisfaction, making the mind the barrier to soulAstrology, 206:to right group relations. Cruelty - which is satisfaction with personality methods and which makesAstrology, 259:evolution (Impulse). Desire for experience, for satisfaction. The Light of Knowledge Virgo -Astrology, 259:to be realized and the desire for personality satisfaction begins to change and the desire of manAstrology, 261:His efforts are for himself and for his own satisfaction and personality enterprises, and thisAstrology, 288:swayed by desire and are oriented towards the satisfaction of that desire or when they recognizeAstrology, 337:for expression consummates in the passion of satisfaction. Lower love controls. Taurus-ScorpioAtom, 39:forth a pleasant perfume, as if expressing their satisfaction... gathered together in certainAtom, 126:which gives one a certain amount of interest and satisfaction in such discussions as we haveAutobiography, 36:dreaming and then I reacted to a feeling of smug satisfaction. I felt that I was like Joan of ArcAutobiography, 50:I very much doubt) would be a state of complete satisfaction with one's own viewpoint and thereforeAutobiography, 179:and of the heart and is universally used for the satisfaction of desire. Both should be used by theAutobiography, 230:I am giving no indication of bragging or self satisfaction. We are only one of many groups throughBethlehem, 114:best, and that in desiring its development and satisfaction we are desiring an increase of our realBethlehem, 120:Command that these stones be made bread for the satisfaction of our supposed need. Such were theBethlehem, 120:The use of divine powers for the meeting and satisfaction of purely personal, physical needs can beBethlehem, 203:remember, for they prevent that dire sin, self-satisfaction. The question of evil is too large toDestiny, 44:side of life and [44] its adherents with the satisfaction of their emotional desires (again relatedDestiny, 152:(wine, the blood, the life and bread, economic satisfaction) and goodwill; we have also a pictureDiscipleship1, 9:and desire for personal growth and for spiritual satisfaction is relegated to a secondary place.Discipleship1, 26:Discipleship and cease their preoccupation and satisfaction with their spiritual ambitions andDiscipleship1, 35:by a desire to serve but also by a general satisfaction over the interest and opportunity offeredDiscipleship1, 77:and much inertia and at the same time self-satisfaction. The tendency to self-defense is strong inDiscipleship1, 77:he is strongest and where he finds the most satisfaction is very frequently the point of greatestDiscipleship1, 78:and very pleased with myself - cloaking this satisfaction under the garb of a reiterated humility.Discipleship1, 78:based upon pride in myself and a profound satisfaction with myself as an aspirant and a disciple.Discipleship1, 80:all sense of criticism and personal self-satisfaction in your own judgment and rectitude. 2. TheDiscipleship1, 108:has its basis in an intellectual doubt? The satisfaction of your mental longing to verify theDiscipleship1, 125:look for this, not in order to feel any personal satisfaction or prideful reaction but as aDiscipleship1, 202:OF MINE: It will, I know, be a source of great satisfaction to you that some in my group areDiscipleship1, 229:pain or pleasure which comes when there is the satisfaction or the negation of that which isDiscipleship1, 232:activity. This proved to you a place of soul satisfaction at times, and of conflict many times.Discipleship1, 236:in loving other people and feed not personality satisfaction in a constant managing of theirDiscipleship1, 237:and by other people. These feed personality satisfaction as you handle them with your undoubtedDiscipleship1, 415:of devotion to those details from the emotional satisfaction which comes from this attention; thisDiscipleship1, 420:fanned into activity a few hidden seeds of self-satisfaction, which still remain in yourDiscipleship1, 497:to you, and will have to offset the consequent satisfaction by the development of the faculty ofDiscipleship1, 641:life, that may perhaps bring you personality satisfaction, require reorienting to the present lifeDiscipleship1, 664:undergone is one of high import and of spiritual satisfaction, or is one of the "dead-level"Discipleship1, 699:man into those activities which will lead to the satisfaction of desire. This is a parallel processDiscipleship1, 741:function often behind a barrier of smug self-satisfaction. They forget that the aboriginal racesDiscipleship2, 229:used for purely material purposes and for the satisfaction (where the individual is concerned) ofDiscipleship2, 229:that which has hitherto been given to material satisfaction. The New Group of World Servers needsDiscipleship2, 558:B. September 1943 It is, my brother, a source of satisfaction to me to have you functioning againDiscipleship2, 571:karmic responsibilities as well as in a type of satisfaction with their emotional reactions a wayDiscipleship2, 592:but which is to me a source of continual joy and satisfaction. The work of the Goodwill movementDiscipleship2, 634:of values is adjusted and his own progressive satisfaction becomes of less importance to him thanDiscipleship2, 635:all desire to contact the Master for his own satisfaction or help has left him. One thing onlyDiscipleship2, 684:would that feed and develop in you? Just self-satisfaction and a settling back upon the fact ofDiscipleship2, 712:F.C.D., she can round out this life cycle with satisfaction to her Master - which is all that sheEducation, 22:clearly, he passes from one point of temporary satisfaction to another, each time demonstrating hisEducation, 121:submission to a stronger will. The idea of the satisfaction of desire. Above everything else, theEducation, 123:and prostitute the early grasp of beauty to the satisfaction of selfish desire, should not preventExternalisation, 137:and an intense national pride and self-satisfaction can blind men to the facts of the case today,Externalisation, 140:of a vast number, if that is to you any real satisfaction. But a renewed opportunity lies in frontExternalisation, 226:answer with sincerity and to your own complete satisfaction the questions I put to you earlier inExternalisation, 626:and self-preservation, the hope of gain, the satisfaction of ancient hatreds, and the regaining ofFire, 1090:incarnation, and equally sin or self-will, self-satisfaction, to remain unevolved upon the higherFire, 1200:number thirteen. They are the "Seekers of satisfaction" and the cause of the second fall intoGlamour, 20:time, and has its roots in human pride and satisfaction. Maya is oft regarded as being of the sameGlamour, 49:in order to have it? [49] Does your own interior satisfaction provide an adequate excuse forGlamour, 84:of the man to criticize. Pride in achievement or satisfaction that one is a disciple. Any sense ofGlamour, 95:seeks to identify himself with it and to find satisfaction in purely physical pleasures andGlamour, 95:divides itself into two parts: That wherein satisfaction is sought in the almost automatic responseGlamour, 95:delay progress into freedom. The stage wherein satisfaction and sense of oneness is sought in theGlamour, 98:of direction, of sure and oft-times smug satisfaction disappears and he is lost in the fogs andGlamour, 121:of selfish unselfishness. The glamor of self-satisfaction. The glamor of selfish service. RAY IIIGlamour, 122:of harmony, aiming at personal comfort and satisfaction. The glamor of war. The glamor of conflict,Glamour, 149:physical and temporary. Animal desire for the satisfaction of the animal appetites, material desireGlamour, 149:manner), ambitions for power, desire for the satisfaction of the emotional or aesthetic appetitesGlamour, 203:proceeded and desire shifted from one planned satisfaction to another, it began to take on a lessGlamour, 206:The restlessness of material desire, seeking its satisfaction in the three worlds, eventually givesGlamour, 223:They respond so easily and with such satisfaction to the power of thought; pride in their mentalGlamour, 247:the sacral center and producing desire for the satisfaction of the physical appetites, or throughGlamour, 247:or through the solar plexus leading to emotional satisfaction of some kind? Is it to be responsiveHealing, 40:is [40] selfish and sad and the demand for the satisfaction of personal needs and desires. It canHealing, 63:the Lemurian egos who succumbed to this desire-satisfaction. A consequent study of sex magic, plusHealing, 67:self-interest, of self-sufficiency, and of self-satisfaction. Again I would say, ponder on theseHealing, 128:"the depths of spiritual selfishness and self-satisfaction." The initiate of the third degree canHealing, 257:used in these cases, brother of mine?) for the satisfaction of the pioneering cultist and theHealing, 300:of desire, and the wild maneuvering for its satisfaction along material lines, you have suchHealing, 303:out of desire leads to a violently demanded satisfaction and the taking of those steps - some rightHealing, 303:- some right and some wrong - which lead to satisfaction. The results cover a wide field, all theHealing, 311:objective than diabetes, being the result of the satisfaction of physical desire as it expresses
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