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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SATISFACTIONS

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Discipleship1, 254:soul in your waking consciousness nor let the satisfactions - which inevitably come - supersede theHealing, 303:the one-pointed development of sexual and other satisfactions grow out of the misuse of thisIntellect, 177:man who, having exhausted the resources and the satisfactions of physical living and facing theMagic, 420:of the powers of the body to the grosser satisfactions, nor will he offend against establishedPsychology2, 24:with a growing desire for a larger range of satisfactions; the indwelling and animating soulPsychology2, 25:itself, and less emphasis upon the physical satisfactions. The consciousness slowly begins toPsychology2, 25:desire most of the time, yet the field of his satisfactions and of his sense-urges are lessPsychology2, 80:they require. They brook no hindrance in the satisfactions of their desires. They stand alone in aPsychology2, 331:experience and for ambitious personality satisfactions begins to fade out; newer and better valuesPsychology2, 422:direction and wrong goals, between the various satisfactions which appeal to the various aspects ofPsychology2, 466:with the old measure of living, with the old satisfactions, and with the old idealism. He hasPsychology2, 501:form of a dream. These dreams, related to astral satisfactions, are all of them in the nature of
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