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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SATISFACTORILY

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Astrology, 264:connection with humanity has gone forward most satisfactorily and has brought humanity to itsAstrology, 510:have worked this out relatively [510] satisfactorily, for the houses concern the prison of the soulAtom, 33:it was thought not long ago that this had been satisfactorily accomplished. The conclusions of theAutobiography, 16:and she and I will some day work out, more satisfactorily, our definite relationship. I suppose oneDestiny, 21:This is rapidly and, as I have told you, satisfactorily, happening. A definite world effect isDiscipleship1, 67:revivifying and enrichment before its task is satisfactorily accomplished. Discipleship1, 86:concepts possess a dynamic expulsive power and satisfactorily meet human need in the immediateDiscipleship1, 268:up of your vibratory capacity has proceeded satisfactorily. If you can maintain this increaseDiscipleship1, 404:have all you need to know in order to carry on satisfactorily. In humility and in strength to loveDiscipleship1, 404:your past incarnation along this line and learnt satisfactorily. Take not away from others thisDiscipleship2, 326:on behalf of the Great White Lodge has now been satisfactorily launched and much of the originalDiscipleship2, 412:a substantial measure of soul contact already satisfactorily established; the ancient method,Discipleship2, 644:life crisis and, I would add, you are facing it satisfactorily. There are many types of crisis inExternalisation, 74:This awakening goes on apace and, my brothers, satisfactorily. The form or forms may suffer but theExternalisation, 80:the path of life and bringing us safely and satisfactorily to our present point of development. TheExternalisation, 209:be one of the utmost difficulty and can only be satisfactorily determined if goodwill is activelyExternalisation, 396:If both aspects of this one work can be satisfactorily carried forward, then a great release can beFire, 401:of the different planetary Logoi, proceeded satisfactorily to a stage where it can be bothFire, 1074:Man for any particular mahamanvantara is satisfactorily accomplished. As might be expected,Fire, 1245:to do so to carry on planetary evolution satisfactorily. More is known about this Path than aboutGlamour, 217:When this act of visualization is deemed to be satisfactorily accomplished, a pause then ensuesInitiation, 186:to do so to carry on planetary evolution satisfactorily. More is known about this path than aboutIntellect, 22:whether we are teaching them to live more satisfactorily. We use billions of dollars to build andMagic, 17:experience but are unable to prove its existence satisfactorily to the man who admits only thatMagic, 22:with which he is surrounded. Language suffices satisfactorily to deal with the concrete and withMagic, 118:of the many as one, can state these principles satisfactorily. They are the most important, forMeditation, 300:the earlier schools and colleges do their work satisfactorily they will have demonstrated to thePsychology1, 89:Fact of the Soul be proved? The soul has been satisfactorily disproved from the standpoint ofPsychology1, 94:a fiction of the imagination and has science satisfactorily disproved its existence? IsPsychology1, 104:explanations are inadequate and do not account satisfactorily for all the facts. When, however,Psychology1, 284:always been an ideal, but it has never yet been satisfactorily accomplished. The solving of thePsychology2, 50:place on the higher plane and the "bridge" is satisfactorily built, then the "initiate" can escapePsychology2, 381:this has been to a great extent carried forward satisfactorily, then the Technique of Duality comesRays, 122:when the earlier steps or stages have been satisfactorily grasped and there is indication of someRays, 522:- a subject with which the church has never satisfactorily dealt. In the above words He indicated aReappearance, 106:time by giving out the Four Noble Truths, which satisfactorily and eternally answer man's demand of
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