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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SATISFACTORY

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Atom, 65:and build for itself that which will be more satisfactory and adequate. Take, for instance, the oldAtom, 66:may escape, build for itself a better and more satisfactory means of expression, and thus measureAutobiography, 46:I realize that it was the happiest and the most satisfactory time of my entire life. I quite likedAutobiography, 214:Doctrine as some of the most profitable and satisfactory times in my life. In many ways todayBethlehem, 89:enable Him to carry through His mission to a satisfactory conclusion. This He had to prove to GodBethlehem, 120:of the physical body, when diseased, would be satisfactory to the individual, but living as a soulBethlehem, 276:died two thousand years ago does not prove satisfactory to the man who is conscious of his ownDiscipleship1, 82:a group of disciples from achievement and from satisfactory work: Lack of vision, incident to aDiscipleship1, 197:are definitely "on your way" and with a quite satisfactory simplicity are going forward. This rayDiscipleship1, 501:is always the line of least resistance and of satisfactory experience to those who possess yourDiscipleship1, 538:which will change you from the plodding, fairly satisfactory aspirant into the disciple whose heartDiscipleship1, 634:first task yet remains to be carried out to a satisfactory conclusion. The group of disciples toDiscipleship1, 739:of my work? Do I feel that my work has been satisfactory from the standpoint of my soul and,Discipleship2, 278:serve with adequacy and precision and to render satisfactory service to the Hierarchy. I shall everDiscipleship2, 448:of the thing which he plans is to him oft the satisfactory reward of effort, and his focusedDiscipleship2, 493:of J.W.K-P. and C.A.C., and should lead to a satisfactory understanding between you. ThisDiscipleship2, 595:meditation nevertheless to be perhaps the most satisfactory of any in the group. I am, therefore,Educationspirit. It must assist persons to develop a satisfactory personal philosophy and sense of values;Education, 133:and child training is too great for ample or satisfactory discussion in these brief instructions,Externalisation, 61:a much needed world service and can now make a satisfactory beginning; but it must be carriedExternalisation, 126:constitutes an entirely new factor and a most satisfactory development. But I would remind you of aExternalisation, 213:newer and more beautiful coloring of happy and satisfactory international relationships, ofFire, 884:is over-shadowed (the word is not entirely satisfactory in explaining the type of deva service hereGlamour, 119:problems of physical plane living in a clear and satisfactory manner, both are non-positiveHealing, 211:stream is purified and becomes an unimpeded and satisfactory channel for the circulation of thatMagic, 96:of the linking sutratma, really works out into satisfactory usefulness. Those ideas and conceptsMagic, 116:[116] to more adequate completeness and more satisfactory endeavor. A principle, when reallyMagic, 402:initiates so that in due time They could have a satisfactory band of assistants on whom They couldMagic, 512:[512] factors present which will tend to produce satisfactory results. The fifth ray is passingPatanjali, 24:man, for instance, and his latent image of a satisfactory dinner, and the memory of the orthodoxProblems, 114:- seldom proves successful and is never satisfactory where the children of such unions arePsychology1, 206:is torn with their combat, and the outcome, when satisfactory, is spoken of as the "Birth ofPsychology1, 283:unit and to interpret human relations in a satisfactory manner. Out of this universal interest andPsychology2, 475:should function as Caucasians, though no really satisfactory term has yet been coined toPsychology2, 729:groups in the world will demand sacrifice and satisfactory compromise on both sides, ours and theRays, 80:figures, but the above will suffice to show the satisfactory nature of esoteric numerology - notRays, 82:the obvious interpretation will not prove satisfactory. The meaning must be broader and deeper. TheRays, 208:growth of humanity proved in any way satisfactory, was early realized by the Hierarchy. However, itRays, 496:which will change you from the plodding fairly satisfactory aspirant into the disciple whose heartRays, 613:a correct premise, but it is not at present a satisfactory system because of human stupidity. ItRays, 632:the presentation of democracy. There is nothing satisfactory yet in the presentation of theTelepathy, 10:or transmitting agent. Intense desire to make a satisfactory impression will attract the outgoing
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