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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SATISFIES

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Discipleship2, 213:Law of Karma, create their own world) no longer satisfies; their meditation then shifts into theEducation, 59:and therefore, in reality, with that which satisfies the hunger of his soul. The scientist who isExternalisation, 417:the narrow doctrinaire have to offer no longer satisfies the intelligent seeker or suffices toHealing, 237:of a man, and even of the incidents in which he satisfies some demand of his lower nature, and theHercules, 32:in the formation of worlds of expression and satisfies His desire to incarnate in a solar system,Magic, 263:But this is only temporary. When the environment satisfies then is the moment of anxiety; itMagic, 584:quota already gained by his compeers. Nothing satisfies him until he finds the Way, and nothingPatanjali, 87:is the regaining of an old possession fully satisfies. Let the student therefore study andPsychology1, 295:to realize that the manner in which man today satisfies his sexual nature is abnormal andPsychology2, 371:of the Personality Ray Six " 'I see a vision. It satisfies desire; it feeds and stimulates itsPsychology2, 372:is material, for that which feeds emotion, that satisfies the mind, that answers my demand for
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