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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SATURN

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Astrology, 19:the nature of the activities of the planet Saturn. This is the planet which conditions primarilyAstrology, 35:(C.F. 605) The triple flowers 3. Libra Planet - Saturn Color - Yellow Jnanashakti Force of mindAstrology, 50:The Cardinal Cross: 1. Sirius Cancer Capricorn Saturn Fifth Creative Hierarchy (the 8th) UnknownAstrology, 66:Jupiter 2nd Pisces Same ruler 10. Capricorn Saturn 3rd none 11. Aquarius Uranus 7th none 12. PiscesAstrology, 66:The Earth 3rd Capricorn Same ray 10. Capricorn Saturn 3rd Sagittarius Same ray 11. Aquarius JupiterAstrology, 67:Sagittarius and Capricorn, through the Earth and Saturn, are related to Ray 3. The one-pointedAstrology, 68:Mercury The Moon Jupiter 7. Libra Venus Uranus Saturn 8. Scorpio Mars Mars Mercury 9. SagittariusAstrology, 68:Sagittarius Jupiter The Earth Mars 10. Capricorn Saturn Saturn Venus 11. Aquarius Uranus JupiterAstrology, 68:Jupiter The Earth Mars 10. Capricorn Saturn Saturn Venus 11. Aquarius Uranus Jupiter The Moon 12.Astrology, 68:ray 6. Virgo Jupiter 2nd Leo Same ray 7. Libra Saturn 3rd Gemini Same ray 8. Scorpio Mercury 4thAstrology, 68:Ray 3 - Gemini and Libra, through the Earth and Saturn. Ray 4 - Scorpio and Aquarius, throughAstrology, 70:are strongly influenced by Mercury and Saturn - one bringing illumination and the other offeringAstrology, 71:control. At the fourth initiation, Mercury and Saturn again bring about great changes and uniqueAstrology, 80:pour through: Leo, Capricorn and Pisces. to Saturn, Mercury and Uranus (the Moon). to The head,Astrology, 86:Ram Leo, the Lion Capricorn, the Goat Mars Sun Saturn Mercury Sun Saturn II. Love-Wisdom Gemini,Astrology, 86:Capricorn, the Goat Mars Sun Saturn Mercury Sun Saturn II. Love-Wisdom Gemini, the Twins Virgo, theAstrology, 86:Libra, the Scales Capricorn, the Goat Moon Venus Saturn Neptune Uranus Saturn IV. Harmony throughAstrology, 86:the Goat Moon Venus Saturn Neptune Uranus Saturn IV. Harmony through Conflict Taurus, the BullAstrology, 86:Cancer, the Crab Capricorn, the Goat Mars Moon Saturn Mercury Neptune Saturn It will be obvious toAstrology, 86:the Goat Mars Moon Saturn Mercury Neptune Saturn It will be obvious to you how much correlatingAstrology, 105:to intuition and reason to pure perception. Saturn "falls" in Aries. This has two meanings, forAstrology, 105:two meanings, for this is a dual sign. First: Saturn is the Lord of Karma, the imposer ofAstrology, 105:both from the form side and from the soul side. Saturn, therefore, "fell" when man fell intoAstrology, 105:sons of men down into their low place." Second: Saturn's power is completely ended and his workAstrology, 105:- the Common and the Fixed. Esoterically, Saturn cannot follow man on to the Cardinal Cross. Astrology, 132:Sepharial, the three decanates are governed by Saturn - Jupiter - Mars, presenting opportunity toAstrology, 137:Zodiacal Constellations Some astrologers assign Saturn as one of the rulers. [138] Alan Leo doesAstrology, 138:the ordinary man upon the wheel of life, and the Saturn which he senses as ruling Aquarius is theAstrology, 138:Saturnian influence of Capricorn, in which sign Saturn governs in two fields. On the reversedAstrology, 141:In Capricorn, for instance, the influence of Saturn is both exoteric and esoteric; in Taurus,Astrology, 148:Aquarius are governed (according to Alan Leo) by Saturn, Mercury and Venus, and the effect thatAstrology, 148:world conditions is already beginning to appear. Saturn is the planet of discipleship and ofAstrology, 148:and its new civilizations, ideals and culture. Saturn, having offered opportunity and proffered usAstrology, 149:by the light of the soul. When the task of Saturn and of Mercury has been accomplished, then duringAstrology, 149:of life. The Moon which here takes the place of Saturn hides the planet Uranus. In this caseAstrology, 163:planetary rulers of Capricorn are the same, and Saturn rules the career of the man in this sign, noAstrology, 163:Cross, he is then released from the ruling of Saturn and comes under the influence of Venus, who isAstrology, 164:Ray of Mind. These pour through Capricorn to Saturn and to Venus and so reach our planet, theAstrology, 164:and to Venus and so reach our planet, the Earth. Saturn is one of the most potent of the four LordsAstrology, 164:of karmic opportunity. From certain angles, Saturn can be regarded as the planetary Dweller on theAstrology, 164:that complex duality which is the human family. Saturn, in a peculiar relation to the sign Gemini,Astrology, 164:Hierarchies do the same thing in Libra. Through Saturn and Venus, therefore, Capricorn is connectedAstrology, 166:Virgo, Scorpio Dicipleship 3rd and 5th Venus - Saturn Gemini, Sagittarius, Capricorn Initiation 1stAstrology, 167:Moses, the Lawgiver on Mount Sinai, is Saturn in Capricorn imposing the law of karma upon theAstrology, 168:was born in Capricorn, fulfiled the law under Saturn, initiated the era of intelligent brotherhoodAstrology, 172:our sun is now entering, its three decanates, Saturn, Mercury and Venus, bringing inevitablyAstrology, 172:On the ordinary wheel, in all outer affairs, Saturn controls, and we consequently find ourselvesAstrology, 173:available. [173] According to Alan Leo, we have Saturn, Venus and Mercury. According to SepharialAstrology, 173:and the more esoteric. The true rulers are Saturn, Venus and the Sun. I would remind you thatAstrology, 173:Mercury and esoterically for a hidden planet. Saturn relates Capricorn to the previous signAstrology, 173:will note how, in this great sign of initiation, Saturn reveals the nature of the third aspect ofAstrology, 189:purpose of the Cosmic Christ. Both the Earth and Saturn (one a non-sacred and one a sacred planet)Astrology, 199:to the various kingdoms in nature. Mars and Saturn - Both these planets are exceedingly potent inAstrology, 199:Mars is potent in relation to Scorpio and Saturn in relation to Capricorn. This involves theAstrology, 243:whilst - esoterically speaking - Uranus rules. Saturn is the ruler in this sign of that stupendousAstrology, 244:of the three rulers of Libra: Venus, Uranus and Saturn. Astrology, 247:by the three rulers: Venus, Uranus and Saturn. These five, with Libra at the point of balance,Astrology, 248:Egoic consciousness. Intellect to Intuition. Saturn - 3rd Ray of Intelligence - God the HolyAstrology, 248:Venus - 5th Ray - Concrete Knowledge or Science. Saturn - 3rd Ray - Active Intelligence. Neptune -Astrology, 249:can be seen in H. P. Blavatsky. In this sign, Saturn is exalted for - at the point of balance -Astrology, 249:only now that the full purpose and the work of Saturn for humanity can reach a point of groupAstrology, 249:numbers and hence the intense activity of Saturn as we enter into the first decan of Aquarius andAstrology, 251:of astrologers. Sepharial gives us the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter, whilst Alan Leo posits theAstrology, 251:Leo posits the controlling planets as Venus, Saturn and Mercury. In this case, as in some others,Astrology, 251:rulers of the decanates in Libra are Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury. I need not enlarge upon theirAstrology, 272:such developed planets as Uranus, Jupiter or Saturn are concerned. Astrology, 283:of Aquarius, from the angle of the disciple, are Saturn, Mercury and Venus. It is in this sequenceAstrology, 283:pass through the sign via Venus, Mercury and Saturn, for the undeveloped man is influenced by thoseAstrology, 283:of this unfoldment, conflict supervenes and Saturn offers opportunity to suffer and, throughAstrology, 283:- is entering Aquarius, via the open door of Saturn. At the same time, a very large number of menAstrology, 284:and Mercury, whilst Alan Leo gives us Mercury, Saturn and Venus. I would remind you here of a pointAstrology, 284:the truly esoteric one. When the disciple knows Saturn as the God who offers opportunity and doesAstrology, 284:one, the choice is therefore redundant; he omits Saturn and because of this omission, esotericallyAstrology, 298:when the Sun, the Moon (hiding a planet) and Saturn are all combined in a certain house in theAstrology, 299:This higher quaternary is Sirius-Leo-Mercury-Saturn. You have, therefore: Sirius Leo Mercury SaturnAstrology, 299:You have, therefore: Sirius Leo Mercury Saturn Spirit Soul Mind Brain Life Quality IlluminationAstrology, 301:heart of the Sun The physical Sun Sirius Mercury Saturn The Sun Uranus Neptune As the aboveAstrology, 310:this sign, whilst the power of both Uranus and Saturn is somewhat lessened, except in the case ofAstrology, 310:and environment that which he requires. Saturn, therefore, the Lord of Karma, has his powerAstrology, 311:reason that Sepharial is incorrect when he gives Saturn as the ruler of the first decanate. TheAstrology, 311:decanates are given by him as being ruled by Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. Alan Leo is, however, nearerAstrology, 323:which are Mars, Mercury, Uranus, Venus and Saturn. The Cancerian subject becomes responsive to theAstrology, 323:of Venus and the presentation of opportunity (Saturn). These, however, play subjectively upon theAstrology, 342:involved and lost in the mass. The power of Saturn in this sign furthers the ends and purposes ofAstrology, 342:and Mercury) and of Neptune, for in this sign Saturn is in the home of its detriment and thusAstrology, 350:unavoidable and present definite opportunity. Saturn is dominant in bringing this about. TheAstrology, 369:Leo, in this case, gives Mercury, Venus and Saturn, and these three govern the wheel of ordinaryAstrology, 369:the planetary rulers of the sign, Gemini with Saturn offering at a certain fairly advanced stageAstrology, 402:Son of Mind. The Moon or Venus, Mercury and Saturn control the decanates and our consideration ofAstrology, 421:Leo Capricorn Pisces These transmit energy via: Saturn Mercury Uranus Reaching the followingAstrology, 423:Will or Power Aries Leo Capricorn Mars The Sun Saturn Mercury The Sun Saturn II. Love-Wisdom GeminiAstrology, 423:Capricorn Mars The Sun Saturn Mercury The Sun Saturn II. Love-Wisdom Gemini Virgo Pisces MercuryAstrology, 423:Cancer Libra Capricorn The Moon Venus Saturn Neptune Uranus Saturn IV. Harmony through ConflictAstrology, 423:Capricorn The Moon Venus Saturn Neptune Uranus Saturn IV. Harmony through Conflict Taurus ScorpioAstrology, 423:Order Aries Cancer Capricorn Mars The Moon Saturn Mercury Neptune Saturn Astrology, 423:Capricorn Mars The Moon Saturn Mercury Neptune Saturn Astrology, 427:Zodiacal Pisces Zodiacal Capricorn Zodiacal 3. Saturn Systemic Uranus Systemic Mercury Systemic 4.Astrology, 431:controlling Lord. They called on Father Time (Saturn. A.A.B.) for aid and strength and he respondedAstrology, 431:place, from Leo in his lesser place and from Saturn in his little place poured into the planetaryAstrology, 431:heart and head shouted aloud and stood whilst Saturn did his work...and thus the twain were one.
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