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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SAVE

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Fire, 1020:to utter forth the mystic phrase which will save him from their work. The embodied idea has nowFire, 1026:in the macrocosm, which will avail him much, and save him much time when the magical work andFire, 1154:then too pass into obscuration. Naught is left save the blazing etheric suns and these - throughFire, 1204:are called "The Hearts of Fiery Love"; they save through love, and in their turn these lives areFire, 1226:of Sacrifice as He limits Himself in order to save. At each step along the Path, the extent of thatFire, 1262:how to insulate themselves so that no vibration save the one which reaches them from the cosmicFire, 1264:himself from the magnetic flow of all currents save that for which he is responsible. The qualityFire, 1276:to that Word another sound. None have heard it save he who hath stood before the Prince of Doom,Fire, 1278:the Father. All is One, and naught divides save in transition and through the agency of time. * * *Glamour, 150:and conditioning. The methods used may not save the unprepared physical body from certain evil andGlamour, 187:His simple message which has in it the power to save the world, if recognized and practiced. MuchGlamour, 190:to simplicity of living and requirements may save the coming revelation from too swift and quickGlamour, 262:signifies refusal to be identified with anything save the spiritual reality as far as that isHealing, 496:dense physical body. They contribute naught else save a body of a particular quality and natureHealing, 654:be remembered that He would have no desire to save it, because He now possessed the powerHealing, 706:interest themselves in any unimportant person, save with those of potency and influence who canHerculesout on the Crosses of those who serve and save. From out the mass of men, one man stood forth inHercules, 34:was supposed by the Vedic Aryans to die to save all flesh. The sun chariot of Apollo is depicted asHercules, 40:task. Take now the bull into the Holy Place and save it from due death. Minos desired itsHercules, 40:its sacrifice." "Who told you thus to seek and save the bull?" said Arges, moving towards the HolyHercules, 97:the people of Nemea, hiding behind locked doors, save but a few who ventured forth because of needHercules, 97:small knowledge of the ways of lions, and naught save a frail wooden club. "Where are your arms, OHercules, 98:do? Weapons avail me not. How kill this lion and save the people from its teeth? What shall I do?"Hercules, 125:slaughter not. I leave the bow." And so unarmed, save with his trusty club, he climbed the mountainHercules, 126:the word that never must the cask be broached, save when the centaurs met and all were present. ItHercules, 170:his sword, and thrust at her, but struck naught save empty air. Through labyrinthine paths heHercules, 178:because desolate they go down into hell alone to save humanity; hence all sun gods are born in theHercules, 201:the mind, of [201] spiritual energy, which will save and vitalize all lower kingdoms of nature. TheHercules, 201:World Savior, but I believe that he will save the world through the group. I believe that he willHercules, 214:I leave my Father's home and turning back, I save". [215] Initiation, 35:spirit and matter are a unity, naught existing save that which is to be found within theInitiation, 78:money in service. He seeks nothing for himself, save [79] that which may equip him for the work toInitiation, 100:of the objective form. This realization will save the student from much later confusion. That weInitiation, 103:to himself or to all that he has accomplished, save to deprecate the littleness of what has beenInitiation, 134:of [134] pure fire. The initiate sees no one, save the Hierophant, and is aware of nothing but aInitiation, 193:if the sole purpose of his life is to serve and save the world, and if his brother's need is forInitiation, 211:final fifth? He with the Name we mention not, save in utter adoration; the Youth of EndlessIntellect, 45:group of practical mystics who will eventually save the world, two things are needed: - trainedIntellect, 91:and magnify the spirit, despise the world to save it, and lose the life to find it." Now let usIntellect, 265:seekers has found his way home. What is going to save this world from its present agony, economicIntellect, 265:brotherhood and group living? Who, or what, will save the world? May it not be the emergence intoMagic, 25:(having got out of his depth) is seeking to save his face by some such statement. Just as aMagic, 58:greater interest and knowledge. They will also save themselves much looking back and reference. ItMagic, 121:senses to be illusion, and that naught remaineth save the two ahead, can be admitted into theMagic, 172:with the Masters as possible. They seek to save the Master's time and frequently consider anMagic, 183:should grasp these three factors and so save themselves much distress of mind and wasted motion.Magic, 329:are the unifying principle which will eventually save the world. In the past we have had worldMagic, 400:fine mental development. They own to no creed, save the creed of Brotherhood, based on the oneMagic, 400:on the one Life. They recognize no authority, save that of their own souls, and no Master save theMagic, 400:save that of their own souls, and no Master save the group they seek to serve, and humanity whomMagic, 442:- I leave the Father's home and turning back, I save. From the standpoint of the form, the lifeMagic, 447:utter forth the mystic phrase which will save him from their work. Analysis of the Three SentencesMagic, 449:detach the thought-form from his aura and so save the drain upon his energies. It will be notedMagic, 475:as we have seen, will remain unknown to all save the members of the Hierarchy of Adepts for longMagic, 476:to utter forth the mystic phrase which will save him from their work. Therefore it appears that atMagic, 488:and from these the aspirant must learn to save himself, and to avoid those activities; eventuallyMagic, 577:meaning of the hands as they wield the sword, save to point out that the sword as a symbol standsMeditation, 24:of feeling or of emotion. He has no aspirations save such as pander to the pleasures of the body;Meditation, 28:that fire to all the bodies, till naught is left save the fire itself. It is by meditation, or theMeditation, 91:as to himself. Only as he formulates no thoughts save such as he purposes to make for the helpingMeditation, 91:thought matter. Only as he has no desire save to find out the plans of the Master, and then toMeditation, 110:upon the dangers incidental to a defective body, save in general terms to lay down the ruling thatMeditation, 114:much that can be said on this particular matter, save broad indications. Each of these variousMeditation, 116:power. Proved in the furnace to have no thought save the good of all around, he is trusted with theMeditation, 160:upon the troubles of the mental body today save to point out that these causes may arise within theMeditation, 268:need to recapitulate the earlier imparted data, save to point out that by strenuous meditation, andMeditation, 310:discipline, and rejoicingly serve with no reward save the misunderstanding and the abuse of thoseMeditation, 322:fulfiled. Each room must be non-communicating, save with the central corridor, and must be in threeMeditation, 322:purpose of meditation and will contain little save the mat on which the student sits, a couch onMeditation, 326:to rest entirely from all mental effort save that associated with the practice of the impartedPatanjali, 23:work the Nirmankaya "sleeps" to all states save that of the third, or atmic plane. Patanjali, 420:term of service, 0h! Savior of men? I know not, save that whilst one suffers I stay behind andProblems, 83:is humanity. Only one dominant concept can today save the world from a looming economic fight toProblems, 124:there enough men of vision in the churches to save the day - a vision of [125] meeting the need ofPsychology1, 61:known to the Creator, is totally unknown to all save the higher initiates. But the purpose of eachPsychology1, 66:then must be revealed. Quality - the power to save. Salvation, light, and love, with the magneticPsychology1, 112:are over, and have been over for quite a while, save in the vale of illusion, on the astral plane.Psychology1, 302:(the Law of Rebirth and the Law of Love) would save humanity and rebuild our civilization. They arePsychology1, 315:fact that there is naught to be seen and known save energy, and that all forms are composed ofPsychology2, 19:in the work of service). Naught is then known save Deity, - no separation of any part, no lesserPsychology2, 45:will to be. I will to work. I will to serve and save. I will to lift the race. I serve the PlanPsychology2, 115:establishing of that group which will eventually save the world under the Law of Sacrifice. ThisPsychology2, 148:Paradise is a place of essential danger for all, save those who have earned the right to sojournPsychology2, 402:the power (rightly developed and employed) to save the race. The reason for its greatness andPsychology2, 405:deal very little. There is not much to be done save to leave to time and greater wisdom much of thePsychology2, 470:unfolded and presented in consciousness will save the situation, and bring creative usefulness intoPsychology2, 572:themselves as the chosen of the Hierarchy to save the world; it leads them to look upon themselvesPsychology2, 699:establishing of that group which will eventually save the world. This mediator work involves theRays, 46:the will, and this is seldom to be found as yet, save among the more advanced disciples andRays, 409:should, however, be pointed out here in order to save confusion: 1. It had not been the intentionRays, 641:of the masses for right human relations can save the world from chaos. If this is so, then the dutyRays, 761:to be but illusion, and that naught remains save the two ahead, can be admitted into the secret ofRays, 765:the Pilgrim. Naught had he held and kept, naught save his strong desire, back on the road he mightRays, 768:the glow of heaven's fire, and all is lost save aspiration that shades not the cup with karmicRays, 768:the forms are burnt and gone, and naught is left save one divine abstraction. Naught but the shellsRays, 769:and separates, but at the seventh naught is left save the ascending Flame, that mounts to theRays, 769:cloud recedes, but at the seventh naught is seen save everlasting fire. Six times the Flame absorbsRays, 769:at the seventh great absorption naught is left save iridescent fire. Three times the fire envelops,Rays, 769:the fourth the work is done, and naught is left save Flame primordial. That Flame absorbs,Reappearance, 110:He will not come as the Messiah of the Jews to save the so-called Holy Land and the city of
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