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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SAVED

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Astrology, 326:as follows: "Those who are demanding to be saved have cried aloud. Their voices penetrate into theAstrology, 327:They are the "material units" which have to be saved by the more advanced. The theme of service andAtom, 94:the half-formed creatures round Who should be saved by them and joined with them." [97] Atom, 159:which shall be revealed in us... for we are saved by hope... for I am persuaded that neither deathAutobiography, 33:dinner without ascertaining whether they were "saved" or not. I think the only thing that saved meAutobiography, 33:were "saved" or not. I think the only thing that saved me from complete abhorrence and violentAutobiography, 34:people thought as I did, they could not be saved. The Church of England was divided into the HighAutobiography, 41:souls of my contemporaries in order to get them saved. I was very good at saving souls, but IAutobiography, 41:of more worldly wisdom - if they did not get saved with rapidity in order to get rid of me, soAutobiography, 42:His only Son so that people like me could be saved and not perish everlastingly. Innately IAutobiography, 42:clearly to myself at this time; I myself was saved and happy to be saved. I was working hard toAutobiography, 42:at this time; I myself was saved and happy to be saved. I was working hard to save others and itAutobiography, 60:- which he tolerated. I begged him to be saved which had no effect. Elise Sandes looked on withAutobiography, 61:Christ lives we shall live also and that we are saved by His life. But I question our humanAutobiography, 81:presentation that no one could possibly be saved and go to Heaven unless he believed that JesusAutobiography, 84:The only thing I was sure about was that I was saved and that I wouldn't be sent there. Surely, ifAutobiography, 90:of a very real sense of humor which has often saved my life. I've always taken life andAutobiography, 124:lives, triumphant and ever present. We are saved by His life. The death that He died, we can dieAutobiography, 143:daughter, Ellison, is largely physical. I had saved her life with the most assiduous care yearAutobiography, 193:to get excited when I thought he should, has saved me constantly from myself. It is not an easyBethlehem, 18:emphasize the necessity for that lower man to be saved by the higher. This, St. Paul points out inBethlehem, 40:the half-formed creatures round Who should be saved by them and joined with them." - Paracelsus, byBethlehem, 121:upon the Cross He was taunted by the words, "He saved others; [122] Himself He cannot save." (St.Bethlehem, 194:of the human nature the divine aspect might be "saved." Thus Christ summed up in Himself theBethlehem, 198:part; (2) So only those certain persons can be saved (particular redemption); (3) To whom God givesBethlehem, 198:salvation; (4) Who shall, and who shall not be saved is thus a matter of divine election, orBethlehem, 199:symptom of a condition, and when a man is "truly saved" that condition is offset, and with it theBethlehem, 199:came to do - to show us the nature of the "saved" life; to demonstrate to us the quality of theBethlehem, 200:summarized in the following terms: Men are saved from the wrath of God in natural phenomena throughBethlehem, 200:sacrifice of the fruits of the earth. Men are saved from God's wrath and from each other by theBethlehem, 200:leading eventually to human sacrifices. Men are saved by the sacrifice of a recognized Son of God,Bethlehem, 200:prepared the way for Christ. Men are definitely saved from eternal punishment for their sins by theBethlehem, 200:the gradually emerging recognition that we are saved by the living risen Christ - historicallyBethlehem, 202:every man is irretrievably lost unless he is "saved" in the orthodox sense of the term. To St.Bethlehem, 209:We have so interpreted His words that only the "saved" are credited with having taken the necessaryBethlehem, 211:fought over the doctrines whereby men shall be saved. We have fought over the subject of baptism,Bethlehem, 212:world as lost and only the Christian believer as saved, yet all the time Christ has told us thatBethlehem, 212:is the harmonizing medium in life. Men are not saved by belief in the formulation of a theologicalBethlehem, 224:which must be ours if the world is to be saved and humanity as a whole is to pass into the kingdom.Bethlehem, 227:endeavored to show that only believers could be saved - though millions live and die without everBethlehem, 227:and its origin. We must serve in order to be saved, and only can we serve intelligently if weBethlehem, 227:The kingdom is a kingdom of servers, for every saved soul must without compromise join the ranks ofBethlehem, 282:which this sad and war-torn world of ours can be saved and men's lives transfigured except by aDiscipleship1, 99:foundations of part of the structure must be saved; all else may have to go. Many things contributeDiscipleship1, 225:( which is not always the case) much time is saved and the opportunity is great. This has been theDiscipleship1, 319:ray astral body, the personality situation is saved. There is, as you know, a preponderance of theDiscipleship1, 561:within my heart. 5th month - The world must be saved by ideas. You will note, my brother, what isDiscipleship2, 231:every Sunday morning. Take what you have saved during the previous week and dedicate it to the workDiscipleship2, 479:all whom I seek to help. Thus will humanity be saved by me and all affiliated with the Hierarchy."Externalisation, 115:the end of the order, and the old order must be saved"; "This is the destruction of the old andExternalisation, 123:spoken of in the Bible as those who were saved in Noah's ark, and in the ancient writings it isExternalisation, 123:among them perished on their way. But most were saved." A close study of the tale as given in TheExternalisation, 124:and perception. [124] This nucleus which was saved, formed the basis of our present root race, theExternalisation, 218:[218] Do you believe that the world can be saved by a refusal to think and by the shirking ofExternalisation, 257:the new vision will come and the world will be saved; the Forces of Light will find potentExternalisation, 618:tell them what they must believe in order to be saved, or what government they must accept. I sayExternalisation, 635:function of World Teacher. People love to be saved, for it ignores their own immediateFire, 786:eventually in distant cycles will the world be "saved," and not just a unit here and there. Fire, 825:and a love that goes out to that which must be saved through sacrifice. In these three circles ofHealing, 211:"The blood is the life," and also of the words "saved by the blood of Christ." It is not by theHealing, 211:ago upon the cross in Palestine that man is saved, but by the livingness of the blood of those inHealing, 393:to humanity the fact of the soul and that we are saved by the livingness of that soul, and the onlyHealing, 610:expresses it: "the Mother (substance-matter) is saved by the birth of her Son (the Christ within,Hercules, 56:and false. Hark to my words; stay with me and be saved." And Hercules obeyed, and daily weakened onHercules, 198:the Buddha was on earth and it is said that he saved nine hundred. Now humanity, the human monster,Initiation, 96:be the recipients of those who are esoterically "saved" from among the other schemes. That is toInitiation, 96:next great cycle, or round), will be considered "saved," whilst the remainder will be held to beInitiation, 106:of men and devas until all have been occultly "saved." He it is who decides upon the "advancements"Magic, 200:the head center) and you have the number of the saved in the Book of Revelations, the one hundredMagic, 480:under two headings. The aspirant has to be saved from the thought-forms built daily during hisMagic, 480:life, and a soul in incarnation has also to be saved from the form attachments which during theProblems, 133:They know well that no man has ever been saved by theology but only by the living Christ andPsychology1, 104:by some inner monitor which have again and again saved man from death and disaster; there are thePsychology1, 174:Father, fed from the same source of Life, and saved by the same divine Christ principle. ThereforePsychology2, 51:manifested when the vehicles have been "occultly saved", and matter has thus been transformed,Rays, 218:"a burning ground," and much time would be saved and much unnecessary distress and pain andRays, 221:and still lives, and by His life are all souls saved. It is hard for esoteric students to realizeReappearance, 116:the individual. He told men that they could be saved by the life of the soul, and of the ChristReappearance, 162:order and rule which (over the centuries) has saved the world from little, and the lack of anyReappearance, 165:tell them what they must believe in order to be saved or what government they must accept. When theReappearance, 182:high point of development, and the world will be saved and reconstructed by groups far more than by
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