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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SAVIOR

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Astrology, 21:the Path in Pisces as a world Victor and a world Savior. He then knows the significance of theAstrology, 41:eighth sphere. He refuses to become a Christ, a Savior and remains self-centered. We have dealtAstrology, 62:and eventually to become a functioning world savior in Pisces. He descends into the world of men toAstrology, 67:individual will into the divine will. The World Savior Leo and Aquarius, through the Sun andAstrology, 103:as man, the world worker, and man, the world savior - both of them with a universal mission. It isAstrology, 117:is finally learned which produces the world Savior in Pisces. Hence my constant emphasis uponAstrology, 121:and its return into the task of the world Savior. The great achievement is finished and the finalAstrology, 126:complete fusion of love and mind before a world savior can manifest and function efficiently, andAstrology, 151:- 2nd Aspect - expressed. - Emergence of a world savior. Death of all separate desire and love,Astrology, 168:the world Server in Aquarius, and the world Savior in Pisces, thus completing the round of theAstrology, 174:world server in Aquarius, and later a world savior in Pisces. Astrology, 182:the Christ Child. Gestation. Pisces - The world Savior. Mediatorship. Astrology, 204:- The Christ overcame death and became the world savior. These three constellations, therefore,Astrology, 205:is inspiration and the emergence of a world savior. Ponder upon the above and learn the lessons ofAstrology, 214:of these words with Christ, the present world Savior, is obvious in their implications, and yetAstrology, 230:by service in Aquarius and the work of a world savior in Pisces and final liberation. In this worldAstrology, 258:Gemini and Pisces. The emergence of the World Savior. The stage of Initiation. Throughout thisAstrology, 258:dedicated, trained and tested world Server or Savior. It has been said that Virgo "involves theAstrology, 262:Pisces - Birth - appearance of the world Savior. In the consideration of these points, anotherAstrology, 268:make him a world server in Aquarius and a world savior in Pisces. A hint is here conveyed to youAstrology, 281:Earth Water Fire Air Hidden Christ Hidden Savior Hidden Master Hidden Server In this sign, Virgo,Astrology, 290:Pisces - The group conscious soul. The world Savior Unity. You will note how consistently theAstrology, 315:of the Mutable Cross, as it was revealed to the Savior, looking at life from the angle of the soul.Astrology, 333:Keynote: Sagittarius, the disciple becomes the Savior in Pisces Self-centeredness One-pointednessAstrology, 333:responsability The medium The Mediator The Savior [334] Astrology, 339:reveals and releases the indwelling soul. The Savior of the world appears and nurtures the hiddenAstrology, 340:form control. The evolved man, initiate and Savior as he demonstrates soul control. The forcesAstrology, 346:appearance (symbolically speaking) of a world savior. This Mutable Cross is, therefore, peculiarlyAstrology, 346:Christ life and with the unfoldment of a world savior and is particularly potent during theAstrology, 437:and eventually enact the role of World Savior. Of this salvation, Pisces is the sign. Pisces isAstrology, 476:Cross which mark the way of an advancing world Savior. In connection with the five constellationsAstrology, 543:[543] it is also the sign of the coming world Savior and these higher aspects of the CapricornianAstrology, 565:He then "set His face" and trod the Path of the Savior, leading to the liberation of humanity. TheAstrology, 628:possible, and the Christ emerges as the world savior. All this has taken place through the willAutobiography, 238:work of the Christ, Who came as the teacher and savior recognized first by the occident, mustAutobiography, 251:This great group constitutes the world Savior at this time and will salvage the world andBethlehem, 11:the five major episodes in the life of the Savior, around which the entire Gospel narrative isBethlehem, 14:being the Teacher for the Orient, and Christ the Savior of the Occident. Whatever may be ourBethlehem, 17:us by the great Teacher of the East and by the Savior of the West, can be expressed as follows: TheBethlehem, 40:the beginning of the long way of tragedy of the Savior. It made Him "a man of sorrows, andBethlehem, 45:of divinity, and follows in the footsteps of the Savior, serving the race, sounding the neededBethlehem, 59:was Myrrha or Maia; the mother of the Siamese Savior - Sommona Cadom was called Maya Maria, i.e.Bethlehem, 59:as Mary, the name of the mother of the Christian Savior. The month of May was sacred to theseBethlehem, 60:sacrifice, thus qualifying for the task of world Savior. They brought light and revelation toBethlehem, 64:attained maturity, comes forth as the world Savior. One other astronomical fact is of interest inBethlehem, 67:journey to Bethlehem, there to give birth to the Savior. Finally there is Andromeda, the WomanBethlehem, 77:that He would never have functioned as the world Savior? He came to reveal to us our humanity as itBethlehem, 87:- moves on towards greatness. The mission of the Savior definitely starts at this time, but for theBethlehem, 111:that clear insight is developed which enable a Savior to emerge for the helping of the world. [112]Bethlehem, 151:the radiance and the light which shone from the Savior, and which enabled Him to say with truth "IBethlehem, 160:command to the world to hear the words of the Savior, or perhaps from the esoteric and spiritualBethlehem, 165:was leading Him. The via dolorosa of a World Savior stretched out before Him; the destiny of allBethlehem, 167:has grasped the wonder of what the World-Savior does, and voices it in words which I quote: "...theBethlehem, 178:by the names of Light-bringer, Healer, Mediator, Savior, Deliverer. They were, however, vanquishedBethlehem, 178:save the world; The Egyptian Osiris was called Savior, so was Horus; so was the Persian Mithra; soBethlehem, 178:heaven. So also was the Phrygian Attis called Savior, and the Syrian Tammuz or Adonis likewise -Bethlehem, 179:Even in far Mexico [179] Quetzalcoatl, the Savior, was born of a virgin, was tempted, and fastedBethlehem, 179:is what part Christ really played as the World Savior, and what constituted the uniqueness of HisBethlehem, 180:story of the birth and the death of the world Savior will not be of the utmost moment to man.Bethlehem, 183:when considering the fixed cross of the cosmic Savior. Scorpio is the serpent of illusion fromBethlehem, 187:today demands a living Christ rather than a dead Savior. It demands an ideal so universal in itsBethlehem, 188:a living Christ be its theme, and not a dying Savior. Christ has died. About that let there be noBethlehem, 190:Christ. The West has emphasized the crucified Savior. Eastern Christianity looks to theBethlehem, 190:in our consciousness that we have depicted a Savior Who gave His life for us as individuals,Bethlehem, 206:meet the world's need and to act the part of a savior to men. It is gloriously true that this basicBethlehem, 207:of death). He remains the eternal God-Man, the Savior of the world. In perfection He fulfiled theBethlehem, 209:that the emphasis accorded to Him as the Savior of the world would retard for centuries theBethlehem, 210:to see the vision, broke the heart of the Savior of the world - a Savior because He opened the doorBethlehem, 210:broke the heart of the Savior of the world - a Savior because He opened the door into the kingdom.Bethlehem, 212:son of God gives one the strength to follow the Savior's footsteps from Bethlehem to Calvary. ThatBethlehem, 216:understood, and in this demand of the crucified Savior we have the recognition of the Law ofBethlehem, 218:was in the consciousness of the crucified Savior that matter itself, being divine, was capable ofBethlehem, 222:He expressed the motivating power of every Savior. This was misinterpreted by the onlookers, whoBethlehem, 222:his willingness to undertake the task of Savior. It is characteristic of all who have attained thatBethlehem, 223:the meaning of God and His love. The way of the Savior becomes then our way. God's life and purposeBethlehem, 223:It is this thirst which we share with the Savior, and the world need (of which our own is a part,Bethlehem, 232:their conviction that death could not hold the Savior, and that after death He was present andBethlehem, 236:the divinity in Man and shown him the Way of a Savior. But in ancient times these mysteries wereBethlehem, 239:yet eternally alive; Christ, the historical Savior, the founder of Christianity, watching over HisBethlehem, 257:world today is for the recognition of a risen Savior. We have noted the fact that the uniqueness ofBethlehem, 282:of waiting for God to take action and send some Savior (Who would probably not be recognized anyDestiny, 23:Group unity. Ruler: The Christ, The World Savior. Planetary heart center. III. HUMANITY The city,Destiny, 75:France is essentially on the Path of a world Savior); this was aided by the brilliant clear visionDestiny, 76:so tread again more fully the Path of a World Savior? There are as yet no signs of this; when theDestiny, 80:whose soul is governed by Pisces, the world Savior, can do much to release the Piscean personalityDestiny, 149:from Bethlehem to Jerusalem, and from the infant Savior to the Risen Christ. Pisces has seen,Discipleship1, 668:valuable for you to distinguish between a World Savior and the world saviors. I have given you hereDiscipleship1, 783:This great group constitutes the World Savior at this time and will salvage the world andDiscipleship2, 173:and the complexity of his mission as World Savior. He then cried aloud: "Father, not my will butDiscipleship2, 286:by his "fixed determination" to function as the Savior of the planet, in the same sense as theDiscipleship2, 286:his tiny scale, must learn to function also as a savior, and thus express the Law of SacrificeDiscipleship2, 287:scale, has to learn to work as a nourisher and savior of the seeds of life within all forms withDiscipleship2, 464:units is ever the mode of developing a world Savior until the time comes when he can make a worldDiscipleship2, 465:with you, for those who tread the Way of a World Savior are left peculiarly free (owing to certainDiscipleship2, 466:On this too you must count. The path of a world Savior is, as you know, a hard one, but ofDiscipleship2, Esoter:Cross which mark the way of an advancing world Savior." Here again you have the four and the threeEducation, 67:entirely with the soul aspect - the aspect of Savior, Redeemer and Interpreter - and with theExternalisation, 107:Group Consciousness Ruler: The Christ. The World Savior. Love Wisdom. Unity. Planetary HeartExternalisation, 152:becoming gradually fitted for the post of world savior and to be absorbers of evil karma. You mightExternalisation, 163:humanity will become eventually the planetary savior. If you will have these thoughts in mind, the
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