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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SAVIORS

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Astrology, 46:of the At-one-ment." Esoterically, they are the "Saviors of the Race" and from Them emanates thatAstrology, 117:of consciousness. Of this process, all the world Saviors - past, present and to come - are theAstrology, 141:Crosses in the sign Pisces, and so become world saviors. They know then, and only then, the highestAstrology, 163:the mass through Pisces, the sign of all world saviors. Seven constellations are, therefore,Astrology, 169:wheel. This is obvious. Esoterically, all world Saviors and Sun Gods are born in Capricorn but alsoAstrology, 200:manifestations and of this all divine world Saviors are the eternal symbols. This coming process ofAstrology, 243:and individual. Taurus and Pisces - The world Saviors; i.e., Buddha and Christ. Leo and Aquarius -Astrology, 315:the Christ from all preceding world Saviors was the fact that He was the first of our humanity Who,Astrology, 622:energy are the two best known world Teachers and Saviors from the human point of view in both theAstrology, 678:symbol of the past, present and future spiritual Saviors." (Vol. I, 717) "Kepler states as aAutobiography, XI:her chosen path is on the line of the World Saviors. She has gone back to her own Master K.H. forAutobiography, 238:forth as the two greatest world teachers and saviors. One has guided the Orient and the other hasBethlehem, 46:of eventual success. The voice of all the world Saviors and the example of the Christ indicate toBethlehem, 47:Old truths enunciated by the world Teachers and Saviors are in process of reinterpretation, to meetBethlehem, 51:world; he reads and knows the story of the world Saviors; at the same time he himself has toBethlehem, 56:and lives of the past world teachers and saviors, for there is a curious identity in events andBethlehem, 64:the sign Virgo, and is the sign of all world Saviors. We have already seen that the age ofBethlehem, 126:of the mystics and saints, the seers and the Saviors of all time is historical and verifiable - asBethlehem, 178:to trace the growth of the doctrine of world Saviors in world idealism. Edward Carpenter goes on toBethlehem, 183:Mysteries. Upon this fixed cross all the world Saviors, not excepting the Christ of the West, haveBethlehem, 186:of a cross, through the sequence of crucified Saviors, telling us again and again what God had doneBethlehem, 200:at-one-ment, for which the many crucified world Saviors prepared the way for Christ. Men areBethlehem, 201:the life of humanity and become, in their turn, saviors of their fellowmen. How then shall weBethlehem, 209:His stand beside all the previous crucified Saviors, embodied in Himself the immediate and theBethlehem, 235:of the Mysteries, from the dawn of time. The Saviors of the past were all [236] subjected to theDestiny, 147:(as He assuredly did), along with all world Saviors and Sun-Gods, that He was [148] the Light ofDestiny, 148:the lower; it is the sign of many of the world Saviors and of those Revealers of divinity WhoDiscipleship1, 147:on all that is around you. The path of the World Saviors is ever a hard one; the way of the DivineDiscipleship1, 149:last [149] communication, the path of the World Saviors is a hard one, owing primarily to the powerDiscipleship1, 149:The great psychologists always become World Saviors, because the psychological problem withDiscipleship1, 668:after initiation, the difficult way of all world saviors. It is valuable for you to distinguishDiscipleship1, 668:distinguish between a World Savior and the world saviors. I have given you here a deeply esotericDiscipleship2, 224:of Redemption are furthered, to which all World Saviors (in relation to humanity) are the symbol,Discipleship2, 286:of the planet, in the same sense as the world Saviors come forth for the salvaging of humanity.Discipleship2, 286:Sanat Kumara is the prototype of all world saviors. The initiate, on his tiny scale, must learn toDiscipleship2, 288:as perfect men and, in their turn, become the saviors of humanity. Then they know him to exist.Discipleship2, 464:for a definite assignment upon the Path of World Saviors. Assignment after assignment in connectionDiscipleship2, 518:the various paths, primarily that of the World Saviors; they become the divine Psychologists andEducation, 65:the science of redemption, and of this all World Saviors are the everlasting symbol and exponents.Education, 90:has produced the dramatic emergence of national saviors (so-called), world prophets and worldEducation, 109:and the dramatic emergence of the national saviors, world prophets and workers, idealists,Externalisation, 28:embodied in an ideal life. Thus the work of the Saviors of the world came into expression, and thisExternalisation, 156:and also Pisces, the sign of the world saviors. The implications will, therefore, be obvious toExternalisation, 286:of the Sun Gods of the ancient myths, the World Saviors and the Avatars bear witness and are theExternalisation, 406:to the human of which all world Teachers and Saviors were the symbol and the guarantee. At certainExternalisation, 408:We need to remember that the work of all World Saviors and Teachers is to act primarily asExternalisation, 408:development. Those who come forth as Teachers, Saviors or Founders of a new religion come forthExternalisation, 410:have been the results of the work of the world Saviors and Teachers down the ages, culminating inExternalisation, 610:which have come all Those Teachers and World Saviors Who have stood before men and said, as didExternalisation, 618:times in human affairs, and to many world Saviors - of Whom the Christ was the greatest. The rightFire, 743:center, or from the will aspect), are the true Saviors who give Their lives for the good of theFire, 1204:of the At-one-ment." Esoterically, they are the "Saviors of the Race" and from Them emanates thatFire, 1211:directed by Him, and who are, therefore, the Saviors of the lowest. Glamour, 123:lower pairs of opposites. The glamor of World Saviors and Teachers. The glamor of the narrowGlamour, 136:of the intuition: Those on the line of the world saviors. These touch and sense the divine plan andGlamour, 136:life) to those great Intuitives and world Saviors, such as the Christ. The former is motivated inHealing, 260:service of the whole. There had been other World Saviors, but the issues involved had not soHercules, 175:the Christ, the nearest to us of the great world saviors, a man of sorrows and acquainted withHercules, 185:master. We shall take up the subject of world saviors in Pisces. In Aquarius the man is a servingHercules, 187:This sign inaugurates the school of world saviors. It is almost a "John the Baptist" sign, a signHercules, 190:in connection with Aquarius the coming world saviors. Note that here, in the culmination of Pisces,Hercules, 199:had lifted up humanity. That is what all world saviors have done. They all did what, to a greaterHercules, 199:the mechanism is sufficiently tuned up. World saviors have to work slowly, but time means nothingHercules, 200:we come to the third sign Pisces, that of world saviors. The first constellation in Pisces is thatHercules, 222:This cross is the cross of all world saviors, and the cardinal cross is that of Deity, crucified inIntellect, 42:and for the coming [42] forth of all the world Saviors - the Buddha, Zoroaster, Shri Krishna, theMagic, 100:itself is the world Savior, of which all world Saviors have been but the symbol and the guarantee.Magic, 329:save the world. In the past we have had world Saviors - Sons of God who have enunciated a worldMagic, 329:be the effect of the mission of a group of world Saviors, not as Christs, but all knowers of God inMagic, 428:of those who belong to the group of world Saviors - this is the immediate work to be done and thisMeditation, 116:love, becoming, as time elapses, one of the saviors of men, spending his life and giving of his allProblems, 64:has produced the dramatic emergence of national saviors (so-called), world prophets and worldProblems, 149:of the divine to the human; of these all world Saviors and Teachers are the symbol and thePsychology2, 88:process of universal creation, and of the world Saviors, by Their death and sacrifice as a means ofPsychology2, 94:From these two imprisoning factors all World Saviors are free. They are not deceived. It is well,Psychology2, 95:even if distressing in experience. But the World Saviors must be recognized as coming forth toPsychology2, 198:Plane Unity - The Masses. 1. Sacrifice World Saviors The Christ Deliberate death "I die daily" LovePsychology2, 200:of God went forth. But only one returned. Four Saviors merged themselves in two, and then the twoPsychology2, 224:recognized by humanity under the name of World Saviors. These are the Founders of those formsPsychology2, 278:founded through the work of the various World Saviors. These stations of power must be contacted byRays, 160:it - with the doctrine of Avatars or of World Saviors. It is in this connection that the words IRays, 368:right down the ages, to the so-called World Saviors successively; Their life expression embodied inRays, 398:Them Avatars or Great Enlighteners or Planetary Saviors or Spiritual Regents; They act at theRays, 526:second, and that the task of all the great World Saviors (emerging from the Secret Place, from theRays, 527:fostered by several preceding lesser World Saviors, of Whom Shri Krishna was the greatest. TheRays, 736:and stay upon the planet with Those World Saviors Who have chosen the Path of Earth Service. ThisReappearance, 7:Sanskrit Dictionary.) All the world Avatars or Saviors, however, express two basic incentives: theReappearance, 10:divine Messengers, divine Appearances and Saviors. To Them all, history unmistakenly testifies. ItReappearance, 58:which have come all those Teachers and World Saviors Who have stood before men and said, as didReappearance, 61:of the coming of Avatars or World Teachers or Saviors underlies all the world religions. ThroughReappearance, 165:times in human affairs, and to the many world Saviors - of Whom the Christ was the greatest. AReappearance, 182:by individuals. In the past we have had world saviors - Sons of God Who have given to men a messageReappearance, 183:be the effect of the mission of a group of world Saviors, all Knowers of God in some degree, who
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