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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SAYING

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Healing, 229:die." This law could be better expressed by saying, "He that misuses that which he hath built willHealing, 311:of disease and suffering. But this is a hard saying. Healing, 330:answer your question, however, very briefly, by saying that there is no difference whatever in theHealing, 444:the work of the Destroyer," as an old esoteric saying expresses it. The lowest manifestation [445]Healing, 583:as on all the planes of divine expression; in saying this, I include not only the cosmic physicalHealing, 686:in its embryonic stage. This is a hard saying for those who are caught in the seemingly hopelessHercules, 28:on the Way to Diomedes. He called his friend, saying: "Abderis, come hither and drive these horsesHercules, 56:quickness they believe. He speaks fair words saying: "I am the teacher. To me is given knowledge ofHercules, 75:in himself, and he cannot make promises beyond saying to every aspirant: "These are the ancientHercules, 76:physical plane. She gives an apple to Hercules, saying, "The way to us is ever through deeds ofHercules, 86:making a most esoteric affirmation; we are saying to another human being: "You are, the bird out ofHercules, 113:o'er the problem, again a word went forth, saying that he was there, ahead of time, waiting withoutHercules, 118:reminds one again of the explanation of the saying in one of the Rules of the Road: "For each mustHercules, 129:the brawl, to which all had contributed, merely saying, "Ponder upon the lessons of the past"Hercules, 162:and to the right: to the right seeing Aquila and saying to himself, "I am spirit flying straightHercules, 162:with its four stars in the form of a cross and saying, "I am the soul crucified in matter fromHercules, 166:will be where I am", but from the standpoint of saying, "I have been just like that", or "I am justHercules, 201:that have in them the new vibration, they are saying things that are universal in their tone, theyInitiationwe are to believe when the writing, doctrine, or saying is corroborated by our own reason andIntellect, 122:Morgan in Emergent Evolution quotes Descartes as saying that "there are indeed (1) corporealIntellect, 163:Intuition, page 85. and he quotes Dr. Jung as saying that it is an extra-conscious mental processIntellect, 244:mistakes it for the real, and imagines it saying to him all the things he wants said. He wantsMagic, 9:it is realized that even the modern scientist is saying that light and matter are synonymous terms,Magic, 139:man can be used. One might almost express it by saying that They look for the perfecting of theMagic, 245:his feet are set." This is a symbolic way of saying that he needs to realize two things: ThatPatanjali, 405:mind. Again, we often hear more than one person saying that he has seen the same object as is seenPatanjali, 405:To attempt a solution of this difficulty by saying that eternal vasana of the form of externalProblems, 96:There is little usefulness, however, in saying that which will be acceptable or which agrees withProblems, 105:may take much time. There are Jews who today are saying what is said here. Problems, 153:the mass of men. This is for the church a hard saying. Great and good, holy and humble men are toPsychology1, 116:not nurse the personality. Seems this too hard a saying to you? If it is indeed so to you, it meansPsychology1, 181:race) the pattern ideas upon which to build. In saying this I realize that I may be accused ofPsychology1, 282:again be twofold in its effect. This is a hard saying for the unthinking and the illogical. BothPsychology1, 282:and fostered. Facts prove the truth of the saying that a heavily fertilized garden and a carefullyPsychology2, 311:upon the Path of Purification. Is this a hard saying? Humanity is under right direction, e'en if,Psychology2, 451:Hence the world wide appositeness of what I am saying and its opportuneness. I intend, however, toPsychology2, 489:It is the prodigal son speaking to himself and saying: "I will arise and go" - a point which ChristPsychology2, 727:of Masters (and this is only another way of saying, to humanity), is a widespread effort to get inRays, 42:significance of this in view of what I have been saying anent the "dark night," the midnight hour,Rays, 163:the work of the Destroyer," as an old esoteric saying expresses it. The lowest manifestation ofRays, 207:of equal importance to the human. This is a hard saying for humanity to accept. It is these greatRays, 213:for the same initiation. This is oft a hard saying for group members to accept. The significance ofRays, 316:has been trodden. This is a symbolical way of saying that the antahkarana has been constructed andRays, 531:in the higher consciousness. I am not here saying that the teachings given in the past by variousRays, 543:well-studied unfoldment I shall not deal, beyond saying that these five (in reality [544] seven)Rays, 619:of the love of God; this is another way of saying receptive to the consciousness of the Christ.Rays, 635:Jew seeking a home, wandering humanity, saying always, "I must arise and go to my Father." TheRays, 663:set their hands to the plow - another way of saying symbolically that they are toiling for andReappearance, 95:as the Unifier of East and West This is a hard saying for the orthodox and narrow ChristianReappearance, 114:minded people. Such people are constantly saying (as Christ did in the Garden of Gethsemane), "LetSoul, 43:soul, and Descartes is frequently quoted as [43] saying, "In man, soul and body touch each otherSoul, 52:mechanism? Was not St. Paul, in short, right in saying that man has a natural body and a spiritualSoul, 61:a structure in ether, there is every reason for saying that the ether must in some sense be farTelepathy, 169:the foundation for future investigation, but saying little which will be of immediate use to the
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