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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SCALE

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Astrology, 33:exist, but it will be on a general or mass scale, and much of it pours through to us from theseAstrology, 43:of the Hierarchy is similar, only on a cosmic scale, to the condition of the seeds of human lifeAstrology, 59:two charts. These charts are drawn on a large scale and on a transparent material of which humanityAstrology, 115:been developed in the human family on any large scale and is only achieving some measure ofAstrology, 158:despair and death before a fresh attempt to scale the heights takes place. The attempt today toAstrology, 215:of the soul for service upon an universal scale. Christ, in Pisces, exemplified the substitution ofAstrology, 240:this is on a somewhat vast and incomprehensible scale as far as the human understanding isAstrology, 255:distinguish the Self and the Not-self on a tiny scale in connection with our own unfoldment. It isAstrology, 362:planetary mind. The Earth itself is, on a small scale, also an intermediary or a relating planet,Astrology, 388:is committed. The individual enacts on a tiny scale what humanity - as a whole - will enact when itAstrology, 419:[419] overlap and touch, presenting on a tiny scale a condition analogous to the contacting andAstrology, 484:so that individual self-consciousness on a large scale will be the result and the more rapidAstrology, 485:leading them to world service on a large scale, producing group activity and that living usefulnessAstrology, 490:so prevalent today on a world scale. Ray VI - Sagittarius: This sign produces the focusedAstrology, 491:and through Capricorn, on a much smaller scale, in relation to the world disciples. CapricornAstrology, 500:have they become upon the so-called high scale of living. But these attitudes will serve asAstrology, 506:system, and the planetary Logos on a far larger scale within His range of influence and control. InAstrology, 520:and to this humanity will respond on a large scale. Thus the evil which is now being spread abroadAstrology, 539:for the use of mental power on a vast scale, notably in the material sense as at present and forAstrology, 632:opinion is an unknown thing on a world wide scale, though enlightened groups are rapidly appearing.Astrology, 647:seen as a vast blue lotus and so on down the scale; even the tiny atom of substance can be soAstrology, 682:The planetary wheel of life turns on its lesser scale the wheel of life of the little pilgrim weAtom, 38:be applied to a human being also. On a small scale I have attempted this, and found it veryAtom, 69:just as does the Logos, only on a tiny scale; he controls his little system by the great law ofAtom, 115:is increased, it is an initiation on a tiny scale. Every time [116] our horizon widens, and weAtom, 124:makes His experiments with life. On His vaster scale, and on His own high level, this planetaryAtom, 133:moment group consciousness becomes, on a larger scale, the conscious objective of man, what willAutobiography, 42:but seemed quite unable to save them on a large scale and had, therefore, to stand by and see themAutobiography, 122:that unless you could keep hens on a very large scale (which involves capital) you don't make muchAutobiography, 153:kingdom. The animal kingdom, on a very large scale, draws its sustenance out of the vegetableAutobiography, 231:world disciples whose work is on such a large scale that it is definitely international in scope.Autobiography, 231:new and more definite lines and on a much larger scale than heretofore is made possible by theAutobiography, 234:nation and, eventually, on an international scale. Autobiography, 239:of return. This has taken place on such a large scale that it now appears possible that within theBethlehem, 98:as a means of transportation on a worldwide scale became possible. The use of water in our homes isBethlehem, 142:relations or as to the place of humanity in the scale of being. He is easily swayed by the mass orBethlehem, 170:unfoldment of man is the emergence on a large scale of this tendency to serve. We are justBethlehem, 259:of integration and coordination. This, on a scale so immense, was unique. There had been isolatedBethlehem, 261:developed to profit by their teaching on a large scale until that time. In these respects ChristBethlehem, 271:state of consciousness on a universal and human scale which will make out of the human being [272]Destiny, 5:history of humanity - being invoked on a large scale. This statement is definitely encouraging, ifDestiny, 6:of the future will emerge on a relatively large scale in the realm of creative living and not soDestiny, 41:to merge Themselves in a still higher process or scale of evolution; it will be obvious to you thatDestiny, 45:race, this antagonism is now upon a worldwide scale. Hence much of the present conflict of ideas,Destiny, 48:This can be seen going on today on a large scale everywhere and it accounts for the tremendousDestiny, 131:Something of this process on a tiny human scale will be seen happening in the coming age. AtDiscipleship1, 26:the world glamor. This has to happen on a world scale just as it happens in the life of everyDiscipleship1, 32:Meditation. The recognition on a fairly large scale of the New Group of World Servers and theirDiscipleship1, 54:- a thing which has never yet been upon the scale which we now contemplate. [55] Discipleship1, 58:attempted to do for you, at present on a lesser scale and later, in other lives, as I now do it.Discipleship1, 97:service upon the inner planes and on a large scale and yet there may be no evidence of this uponDiscipleship1, 397:world illusion. How can you destroy (on a large scale) that which you do not understand, handle andDiscipleship1, 397:not understand, handle and disperse (on a small scale) in your own lives? This future work shouldDiscipleship1, 470:dharma. The world cannot be helped on a large scale by any one individual unless there has beenDiscipleship1, 568:of a greater spirit of service and upon a wider scale. Your service at present is vertical andDiscipleship1, 613:They are ever those of no great account in the scale of spiritual usefulness and ever aspirants ofDiscipleship1, 661:you would be more magnetic and this on a wider scale, for, as yet, you are only magnetic to thoseDiscipleship1, 680:service. It is planned to do this on a large scale because of world need and the willingness of theDiscipleship1, 737:disciples to work on a larger and more generous scale in connection with his work in the world ofDiscipleship2, 80:Christ, and that message was sent out on a large scale to the general public. Since then I haveDiscipleship2, 150:widely; they will do this on a relatively larger scale than the intuitional, the spiritually mindedDiscipleship2, 162:These now available energies are - on a larger scale and of a higher nature - similar to thoseDiscipleship2, 197:group. No matter how high you may go in the scale of Being, you will find - from the fourth kingdomDiscipleship2, 204:of the general public, [204] and on a worldwide scale, the factual nature of the New Group of WorldDiscipleship2, 286:of all world saviors. The initiate, on his tiny scale, must learn to function also as a savior, andDiscipleship2, 287:aeons it may take. The initiate, on his tiny scale, has to learn to work as a nourisher and saviorDiscipleship2, 287:the personality. The initiate, on his tiny scale, achieves a paralleling [288] expression of theDiscipleship2, 288:the Lord of the World. The initiate, on his tiny scale, likewise has to learn to work behind theDiscipleship2, 296:modern educational systems upon a planetary scale, and then man the reorienting aspirant, willDiscipleship2, 325:a shifting of the hierarchical personnel on a scale hitherto unknown. Needless to say, thisDiscipleship2, 327:that of the absorption of light - on a worldwide scale - by humanity, with a subsequent reflexDiscipleship2, 409:forth to contact humanity on any large or group scale; many of their senior disciples have,Discipleship2, 503:(as I am yours), is given the task, on a large scale, of world education along new lines. ThroughDiscipleship2, 588:involve on a small and relatively unimportant scale the same processes, the same eliminations andDiscipleship2, 657:is a time of interlude in service on a large scale and it is not easy for you to accept it. TheDiscipleship2, 673:you must transmute on a large and general scale. You can transmute for individuals you love or forDiscipleship2, 700:being (note that phrase). The soul on its tiny scale can create "the new man" by the power also ofDiscipleship2, 752:radiating centers of light on a relatively large scale. With you this potency of radiation isEducation, 5:work can go forward on a relatively large scale. On this I need not enlarge, for it concerns theEducation, 39:upon the past, for if this were done on a large scale it would prove disastrous; it would put aEducation, 94:will be the primary step (made on a racial scale) to the building of the antahkarana or the bridgeEducation, 104:and how far am I able to mount in the social scale and so better myself? From childhood I have beenEducation, 105:states it is not permitted on the same scale, as the youth in those states are forced to shoulderEducation, 126:is found immediately above the human in the scale of being, that of the fifth or spiritual kingdom,Education, 126:In the earlier stages this is effected on a mass scale by [127] means of the influence of theExternalisation, 7:of the higher faculties (and this on a large scale) is now possible, and the coordination of theExternalisation, 21:This would at first be necessarily on a small scale, and the recognition will be confined to theExternalisation, 80:in all of you, is - on its present large scale - relatively new and is one of the factorsExternalisation, 94:that a network of them may be started on a large scale everywhere - groups which will beExternalisation, 105:first is that humanity is today and on a large scale aware that what is happening is entirely itsExternalisation, 116:are going on in every country on a large scale with varying results, based on differences ofExternalisation, 121:and of selfish control on an increasingly large scale as the urban existence developed. It isExternalisation, 134:Jews indicate a breaking down, upon a worldwide scale, of all outer boundaries and the institutionExternalisation, 155:either on an individual or a personality scale (for nations as well as individuals haveExternalisation, 155:the ever present Christ consciousness on a large scale in humanity. Jupiter also, exoterically andExternalisation, 167:values which are next upon the evolutionary scale and essential to the general good. The wording ofExternalisation, 169:for the first time, truly possible on a large scale. For aeons, the Hierarchy has struggled aloneExternalisation, 174:their own people, and to do this on as large a scale as possible - as large, at least, as that ofExternalisation, 219:of a steady group cooperation on a world scale. This is true of individuals, of nations and ofExternalisation, 234:yet present in the world on a sufficiently wide scale. Against these emerging conditions Germany
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