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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SCALE

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Healing, 223:which in the world war can be noted on a large scale. The armies of the world are everywhere andHealing, 224:as yet no precedent will appear upon a large scale. Healing, 224:have always happened upon a small and individual scale; they are now happening on a large scale.Healing, 224:scale; they are now happening on a large scale. For the results of this due preparation must beHealing, 230:happening today. The family unit, on a worldwide scale, is being broken up, owing to the fortunesHealing, 230:owing to the fortunes of war and - on a smaller scale - owing to the more modern views concerningHealing, 244:not alone death, upon a temporary and passing scale, but the complete cessation of vitality withinHealing, 250:which are present upon our planet on a large scale, and consequently my emphasis will not be uponHealing, 270:in the human consciousness, not only on a large scale but in relation to individual lives. Of thisHealing, 291:where consequences can be meted out on a large scale and with justice. Very little suffering isHealing, 291:however, so developed mentally and on a large scale that karma is truly horrible and agonizing andHealing, 298:are greater and more advanced in the spiritual scale than are those great Lives who form theHealing, 305:mind that you must see the picture upon a large scale, as large a scale as possible, if there is toHealing, 305:see the picture upon a large scale, as large a scale as possible, if there is to be a trueHealing, 310:which is the subjective reality (on a tiny scale), and the outer physical condition, manifesting asHealing, 330:other curative methods, carried out on a large scale, ancient diseases (inherited from oldHealing, 378:will fill in some of the existing gaps in the scale of light vibration, carrying on from the highHealing, 399:at this time, is now emerging upon a large scale. This means the recognition, alongside of theHealing, 421:holds good. We have a correspondence on a tiny scale in the fact that each human life period sees aHealing, 425:to the fact that humanity - on a much larger scale than ever known before - is achieving a neededHealing, 436:of God," call back the souls of men on a large scale in line with His loving intention. When evilHealing, 439:so doing, the soul is recapitulating on a small scale what the solar Logos and the planetary LogosHealing, 467:experience. It connotes a repetition on a tiny scale of the great planetary processes of involutionHealing, 537:see take place, for adjustments on such a large scale take centuries to effect. What I have,Healing, 551:that when a man is so low in the evolutionary scale that he must be ethically reached via theHealing, 553:human being and low down in the evolutionary scale, he will be controlled psychologically by theHealing, 587:present (as is the case today, though on a small scale) and the numbers of those expressing it areHealing, 607:men, for the first time and on any substantial scale, to take advantage of these laws and rules. InHercules, 3:now. The day of empirical experience on a large scale is now with us, and men and women everywhereHercules, 22:stage is curiously exemplified for us on a large scale in the fanatical sacrifices made in theHercules, 183:linked by a band. This consciousness, on a large scale, began to make its impact upon [184] theHercules, 192:wholes. The breaking down of barriers on a large scale has to be brought about by public opinion,Hercules, 205:The period of empirical experience on a large scale is with us. Men and women everywhere areInitiation, 12:of evolutionary development, viewed on a large scale, and not from the standpoint of theInitiation, 61:the preparation of the world on a large scale for the coming of the World Teacher, and the takingInitiation, 118:aspects (which that Monad embodies) on a wider scale, and the Planetary Logos, who ensouls all theInitiation, 122:handling, therefore, of solar energy on a tiny scale, is now his privilege, and he is admitted notInitiation, 126:in trifling measure, for they are on so vast a scale that the average human mind cannot as yetInitiation, 132:initiate a movement on a relatively tiny scale, the Master with whom they work can similarly assistInitiation, 151:to reproduce on an infinitesimally small scale the cosmic triple sound whereby creation was madeInitiation, 151:with the Planetary Logos, and thus on down the scale. The Words of Power, or the permutations ofInitiation, 171:of the same forces on a vastly larger scale in the planetary scheme and in the solar system. TheInitiation, 173:Logos with that constellation. On a lesser scale, and in relation to the microcosm, the followingIntellect, 3:of meditation, and with its use on a large scale in the West. It is suggested that it mayIntellect, 5:of the East was a deed of violence on a great scale, and it has left us the duty - noblesse obligeIntellect, 127:and knowledge is being demonstrated on a large scale at this time, and the sequence of theMagic, 337:and duly adjust them to each other. On a larger scale this is working out in the fusing of occidentMagic, 389:must not be forgotten, however, that, on a lower scale of the evolutionary ladder, are other groupsMagic, 402:to do: To view the divine plan on as large a scale as possible, and refresh Their minds with theMagic, 515:are those men and women who are on the opposite scale, and have climbed relatively high on theMagic, 520:[520] this activity embraces mankind on a large scale in the entire three aspects of theMagic, 528:awakened disciple, only on so much vaster a scale, and with such an adequate inner alignment thatMagic, 556:inadequate. The same recognitions, on a lesser scale, govern the activities of the solar Angel asMagic, 588:and bringing about world purification on a large scale. This is the first stage of the work andMeditation, 58:I have pictured this for you on the systemic scale. Now let me apply it to meditation and see howMeditation, 108:The Ego on his own plane and on a tiny scale, repeats the action of the Logos. For certain ends heMeditation, 134:of his own ends. This then, on a small scale, is the mark of those who are being used by themMeditation, 164:planet, is known to the adepts as well. So the scale is mounted, and the Words are sounded forth,Meditation, 175:can play. It is a replica on a tiny miniature scale of what the third Logos did in world making.Meditation, 182:shut off from each other. Temporarily the whole scale of vibration was slowed down, for theMeditation, 182:in ignorance. This separation on a threefold scale of the evolving and the involving lives hasMeditation, 212:serpent of wisdom. If correctly drawn to scale some interesting geometrical patterns will be foundMeditation, 265:is mastered here must be repeated on a vaster scale in the cosmos itself. In this thought liesMeditation, 284:of what sort it is, so the microcosm on a lesser scale has to do the same. Just as the LogosMeditation, 284:of separation, so the microcosm on his lesser scale does the same in the last and fifth period ofPatanjali, 87:and of the Buddhas, and so on up the scale of hierarchical life till that great Dreamer is known,Patanjali, 349:the rainbow, the seven colors of the chromatic scale. His personality is here called by the samePatanjali, 378:the three worlds, and which cover the entire scale of man's evolution, human and superhuman. ThePatanjali, 407:condition of awareness becomes apparent. In this scale of development [408] three outstanding typesProblems, 21:and her ability to impose her will on a large scale upon the entire world outstrips that of anyProblems, 93:Racial Minorities Today - on an international scale - the battle of the minorities is going on;Problems, 103:harmoniously their complex problem on any large scale with due psychological understanding orProblems, 105:the past two hundred years) begun to rise in the scale of human endeavor and have, in that time,Problems, 117:a few people here and there but on a large [117] scale throughout the world. People are lookingProblems, 117:is that for the first time, and on a planetary scale, men are aware of the evil which must beProblems, 117:expression of what is needed on a worldwide scale is offered to the [118] inhabitants; differencesProblems, 138:people. There is no indication on any large scale within the churches of a basic change of attitudeProblems, 147:recognition of divinity. Men on a large scale will then pass through the Bethlehem experience, theProblems, 150:it has, however, not yet unfolded on any large scale its latent beauty of wisdom; love today isProblems, 161:time in history can be organized on a worldwide scale and consciously undertaken. This indicatesPsychology1, 54:degree as has a Master, and so on up or down the scale. Through the interaction between thePsychology1, 149:greater Life. Thus eventually we have that great scale of lives, manifesting in greater expressionPsychology1, 153:(synonymous terms in occultism) on a large scale can be seen today in the constellation Gemini,Psychology1, 154:with an individual human being, for the scale is so minute, relatively, and the detail to bePsychology1, 198:initiatory processes are working out on a large scale in the shedding of blood through thePsychology1, 236:in mind, and how the relationships, on a larger scale than the simply human, become clear: The bodyPsychology1, 256:out. The question must be viewed from a larger scale than has hitherto been the case, and its truePsychology1, 275:by legal marriage, and find (on a large scale) nothing but unhappiness, legalized prostitution,Psychology1, 285:here noted is true. There is today, on a wide scale, a true "lifting up of the heart unto thePsychology1, 313:is but the symbol) will be enacted on a large scale in the life of the modern aspirant during thePsychology1, 325:salvation of the world. The final group in this scale of adaptation is that of the higherPsychology1, 338:one experience to another in an ever widening scale of contacts. It is this Ray of IntelligentPsychology1, 340:revolution is happening now, on such a universal scale in the lives of individuals in the world,Psychology1, 341:the world illusion has been going on on a large scale ever since; in every country, through thePsychology1, 348:knowledge. What is proven true on the small scale opens the door for the understanding of thatPsychology1, 348:understanding of that which exists on a larger scale. "Man, know thyself" is a potent key to thePsychology1, 372:existing between the lowest kingdom in the scale of nature and the highest, between that whichPsychology1, 381:This can be seen going on today on a large scale everywhere, and it accounts for the tremendousPsychology2, 26:of the mind-body; this is to be found in a large scale in our Western civilization. The energy ofPsychology2, 90:of conscious activity, on a developing scale of rapid living, that tends constantly to transcend
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