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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SCHEME

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Fire, 170:of the race can appraise a man's position in the scheme of things, and judge of his attainment. AtFire, 183:D., I, 186-189. 77 The chains of any planetary scheme are frequently called by the names of theFire, 191:create a seeming confusion, but in the great scheme as seen from above downwards, the work proceedsFire, 194:and enables a man to fix his place in the scheme, and to locate himself. Touch gives him an idea ofFire, 206:very carefully that the seven chains of a scheme are the expression of a planetary Logos. TheFire, 206:Heavenly Men are expressing Themselves through a scheme of seven chains and the emphasis has beenFire, 212:the place of the system within an even greater scheme. In all things cosmic, perfect law and orderFire, 224:and what is its place in the present scheme of things? [225] Is there a direct analogy between theFire, 232:of union and of fusion underlies the entire scheme of evolution; Man, the Heavenly Men, and theFire, 241:from the standpoint of their place in the cosmic scheme, and not from the point of view of our ownFire, 242:system holds an analogous place in the cosmic scheme. The cosmic man, the solar Arjuna, isFire, 243:What is Consciousness? What is its Place in the Scheme of Things? Consciousness might be defined asFire, 245:different factors play their part in the general scheme of things, and all are interrelated, andFire, 250:ring-pass-not comprises the entire planetary scheme; the dense physical globe of any one chainFire, 250:man, and to the atom on the physical plane. Each scheme of seven chains is the expression of theFire, 251:the vibratory capacity of an entire planetary scheme. He vibrates to a certain measure, which canFire, 251:the center of the sphere; the entire planetary scheme is tinctured by a certain color, is rotatingFire, 251:activity around His life wheel, a planetary scheme, and thus around His egoic pole. [252]Fire, 255:is feminine. A Heavenly Man in His planetary scheme creates in a similar manner. See S. D., II,Fire, 255:a planetary Logos sweeps seven times around His scheme of seven chains. Each chain holds a positionFire, 259:apprehension of the beauty of the entire solar scheme. Fire, 266:Man. A Heavenly Man The seven chains of a scheme. The two synthesizing chains. One ultimate chain.Fire, 268:objectively contacted on the seven chains of a scheme. In the case of individual man, theFire, 279:Man as He cycles successively through the scheme. Causal consciousness, or the successive expandingFire, 284:rebirth, matter within the particular sphere or scheme within which the Ego has place. So on downFire, 288:The seven sacred planets? The seven chains in a scheme ? The seven globes in a chain? The sevenFire, 290:within Their Own ring-pass-not, a planetary scheme. This covers a period in the scheme ofFire, 290:a planetary scheme. This covers a period in the scheme of involution, and of that period during theFire, 291:the control of the Heavenly Man, Whose body our scheme may be, is as yet but partial, and HisFire, 292:limited) of the Heavenly Man of our particular scheme, and that it is therefore circumscribed byFire, 294:Principle 1 cosmic plane. Period of 1 planetary scheme. Through each etheric center man is bringingFire, 294:life may express itself. Through each chain in a scheme a Heavenly Man is endeavoring to do theFire, 294:Man is endeavoring to do the same. Through each scheme in a system, a solar Logos working at theFire, 295:the place of the solar planes within the cosmic scheme is duly apprehended it will be recognizedFire, 296:will assume their rightful place in the ordered scheme. They will then be seen as enlightening andFire, 297:is at present demonstrating through the Earth scheme, has succeeded in vitalizing His middleFire, 298:in a chain, just as the names of a chain in a scheme, follow the planetary nomenclature. This hasFire, 299:correspondence between a chain of globes and a scheme of analogous number. The connection betweenFire, 299:between a globe, its corresponding chain and the scheme of allied number to effect the momentousFire, 300:the fourth. The fourth [300] chain in the Venus scheme and the fourth globe in that chain wereFire, 301:to those of the Logos: The period of a planetary scheme. The period of a planetary chain. TheFire, 302:to the 100 years of Brahma, and to a planetary scheme. The Egoic cycle. The Personality cycle. InFire, 306:number applies to the planetary Logos of our scheme and not so much to other schemes. Each HeavenlyFire, 315:seen in the body of a Heavenly Man, a planetary scheme, and so likewise in the body of the Logos, aFire, 320:place in the body of a Logos of a planetary scheme. The influence of the buddhic plane, and theFire, 322:to be attracted. The vortices in each planetary scheme will be, during evolution, seven. Later,Fire, 323:For instance, in connection with the earth scheme we have a positive polarity of a temporary natureFire, 329:are concerned in the building of the planetary scheme, pursue their work, and thus parallel theFire, 330:universe, whether solar system, planetary scheme, or human incarnation. In connection with theFire, 347:System - Sirius. Seven Heavenly Men - Planetary scheme - Pleiades. Heavenly Man - Earth chain -Fire, 349:results were seen when the Heavenly Man of our scheme took initiation eighteen million years ago.Fire, 352:Only as one grasps the fact that each planetary scheme, for instance, serves as the body of aFire, 352:a Heavenly Man Who is the directing Mind in that scheme, and the animating principle of manas orFire, 352:discriminating faculty which every atom in that scheme evinces; only when it is realized that aFire, 354:as follows: Who is the cosmic Entity in Whose scheme our Logos plays his little part? What is theFire, 355:and thus each is the originator of manas to His scheme; each is the animating fire of intelligenceFire, 355:with the life cycles of the Heavenly Man of our scheme, and particularly in relation to thatFire, 356:of an involutionary nature extant within the scheme, and the remainder of the active substance ofFire, 357:body of a solar Logos; therefore, the Logos of a scheme will embody some outstandingFire, 357:kind of electrical force which flows through His scheme as man's force flows through some one ofFire, 357:one of the etheric centers in his body. Each scheme, as each human center, will Vibrate to some oneFire, 357:and at another period a totally different scheme may be the object of vitalization. For some timeFire, 357:the Logos has turned His attention to the Earth Scheme and to Saturn, whilst Uranus is receivingFire, 358:is that of the logoic center which our scheme represents, and the type of electrical fire which isFire, 358:seven centers, and the One Who is animating our scheme stands revealed at the third Initiation. ItFire, 359:in all the schemes, on some [359] globe in the scheme, human beings or self-conscious units, are toFire, 359:in its astrological sense), so in a planetary scheme with its seven globes each is astrologicallyFire, 359:the influence of all the seven Heavenly Men. A scheme is but a replica of a system. Each of theFire, 359:little realized, and the psychic flow from one scheme to another is little utilized orFire, 359:of the force flowing through their particular scheme; The purpose and name of the center they standFire, 359:or Heavenly Man with Whom the Logos of their scheme is allied; Which two schemes form, with theirFire, 360:Systemic and Human Factor b. The Logos of our Scheme The Heavenly Man or planetary Logos of theFire, 360:The Heavenly Man or planetary Logos of the Earth scheme can be considered in various ways, and asFire, 361:the physical plane. The planetary Logos of this scheme is one of the four minor Logoi, or Lords ofFire, 361:in the Secret Doctrine. (S. D., I, 493.) This scheme is considered as the fourth and the one of theFire, 362:considered as of the fourth [362] order, and our scheme being the fourth in order, there isFire, 362:logoic kundalini fire towards this center, our scheme, and the subsequent results are in process ofFire, 362:are in process of working out. Within the scheme the chain that concerns us the most, and which isFire, 363:A solar system of the fourth order. The fourth scheme in the system. The fourth chain in theFire, 363:scheme in the system. The fourth chain in the scheme. The fourth globe in the chain. The fourthFire, 363:of a channel direct from the heart of our scheme through every ring-pass-not to the cosmicFire, 364:with these various statements anent our scheme and its Ruler we have seen that this particularFire, 364:the entire system. The planetary Logos of this scheme is primarily occupied with a particular groupFire, 364:Logoi, and all are found at some time in each scheme. This does not mean that every human unitFire, 364:unit passes a period of incarnation in each scheme. It means that on some one globe in everyFire, 364:scheme. It means that on some one globe in every scheme, human units will be found either prior toFire, 364:the planetary influence of another Logos of a scheme, and were occupied during that immense periodFire, 365:incarnation on the particular globe of their scheme, which numerically coincides with theFire, 365:numerically coincides with the particular other scheme whose influence is desired, either fromFire, 365:with the chain of its own number, and with the scheme of a similar number. For instance: Globe 2,Fire, 365:number. For instance: Globe 2, Chain 2, and scheme 2 during round 2 axe specially linked andFire, 365:attention on the part of the Logos of that scheme. Similarly (again in illustration) globe 2, chainFire, 365:globe 2, chain 2 during round 2 in any scheme such as the fifth, for instance, are aligned orFire, 365:or connected esoterically with the second scheme. This gives opportunity for the units in the bodyFire, 365:transference of the units in incarnation in any scheme (during an interlude) to some globe inFire, 365:(during an interlude) to some globe in another scheme where they are subjected to the stimulationFire, 365:the stimulation and vibration peculiar to that scheme. These two methods are the most usual. ThisFire, 366:the initiate, [366] through initiation, from one scheme to another. This is frequently done, andFire, 366:confused the globes of their own chain with the scheme of the same number, or have mistaken anotherFire, 366:or have mistaken another chain within the scheme for another scheme. Fourth, the fourth method of
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