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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SCHEME

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Fire, 413:that was the fate of the Moon chain in our scheme has greatly handicapped Their work, and made itFire, 414:In due course of time another merging in the scheme will eventuate and then Uranus (the chain ofFire, 414:and then Uranus (the chain of that name in our scheme) will flash into objectivity. Forget not thatFire, 415:here dealing with the Neptune chain of the earth scheme. The Moon chain has in itself a curiousFire, 415:differentiates it from the other chains in the scheme and even from any other chain in any scheme.Fire, 415:the scheme and even from any other chain in any scheme. An analogous situation or correspondenceFire, 415:will be found in another planetary scheme within the solar system. All this is hidden in theFire, 415:of yet enlarging upon it. Each Heavenly Man of a scheme is a focal point for the force and powerFire, 416:planet are found in no such degree in any other scheme. [417] The misuse of the vibratory power ofFire, 420:concerns his realization of his position in the scheme. When the initiate can say "I am That I am,"Fire, 430:as the planetary Logoi, pours [430] through our scheme from the fourth cosmic plane, the cosmicFire, 430:lower levels. Lines of force, extending from our scheme extra-systemically, will be a recognizedFire, 431:out of and into another race, globe, chain, or scheme. We have on the fourth subplane of the fifthFire, 432:importance in this fourth chain of the earth scheme, and on the fourth globe, our earthly planet.Fire, 432:according to their numerical relationship to the scheme of which He is the vitalizing Life.Fire, 433:systemic Ray holds a peculiar position in the scheme of things. He is the embodiment of the fifthFire, 433:principle of manas. His is the synthesizing scheme for the five schemes of the five Kumaras Who areFire, 435:Logoi - when pouring Their influence through a scheme or other septenary - work through TheirFire, 437:of view it is the qualitative faculty. From scheme to scheme, from chain to chain, and from globeFire, 437:it is the qualitative faculty. From scheme to scheme, from chain to chain, and from globe to globe,Fire, 438:Logos Human group units. Deva Builders. A scheme. 3. A Man Seven etheric centers. ElementalFire, 439:[439] a plane just as a Heavenly Man ensouls His scheme. The idea can be extended likewise toFire, 439:influence passes away from a race or a planet, a scheme or a solar system, it must not be supposedFire, 440:exception of the first Kumara, the Logos of our scheme, Who - being the synthesizing point for allFire, 440:obscuration or manifestation of a system, and a scheme with all that is included in theseFire, 441:coherency in our chain, the fourth of the fourth scheme, and on our physical globe, the Earth. TheFire, 442:upon His character and His place in the logoic scheme, calling attention to the need of refrainingFire, 442:and externalization. The Heavenly Man of the scheme in which the Ray of Ceremonial Magic isFire, 443:through His own activities within His own scheme. The effect of the same as it influences HisFire, 445:transference of the life from System to system, Scheme to scheme, Chain to chain, this cosmic DeityFire, 445:of the life from System to system, Scheme to scheme, Chain to chain, this cosmic Deity pours forthFire, 446:(members of the occult Hierarchy) to another scheme altogether. Certain units also - from among theFire, 449:- sweeps into evolutionary objectivity His scheme and all that is therein. The Monad, whoseFire, 457:and one that is of vast importance in the scheme of things. Let us take up first this seventh RayFire, 459:Logos circulating through the seven chains in a scheme. It is of peculiar interest at this timeFire, 459:as well as in the fourth round as regards the scheme of seven chains. It has led to evolutionaryFire, 469:in the same sense as a Heavenly Man within His scheme is a center in the body of the solar Logos.Fire, 470:of the Moon, and her place in the planetary scheme. The Karma of the Human Hierarchy 54, 55, 56 inFire, 493:This triple statement can be applied to a scheme, a chain, or a globe also, remembering ever thatFire, 497:else the globe of human evolution in this scheme; it gives also the clue to the mystery of theFire, 498:Creative Hierarchy - The human. The fourth scheme - Our earth scheme. The fourth chain - The earthFire, 498:- The human. The fourth scheme - Our earth scheme. The fourth chain - The earth chain. The fourthFire, 503:of the manifestation of the Logos of our Earth scheme is already in process and began in LemurianFire, 512:system of love, and the planetary Logos within a scheme, the Dragon of Wisdom-Love. This force whenFire, 535:force of a plane, of a planet, of a chain, of a scheme, or of a system. This should ever be borneFire, 558:about that of a Heavenly Man, and a planetary scheme. As His cosmic polarization becomes moreFire, 558:not for long. In due course of time the entire scheme will be obscured, and He will function onlyFire, 566:may perhaps be working out in our own planetary scheme and what is the basic plan of our planetaryFire, 569:becoming the seven as elsewhere in the logoic scheme. In each of these seven laws we find anFire, 577:the line of least resistance, of the logoic scheme. During manifestation we have most to do withFire, 588:synthesizer of the lower four in our planetary scheme) have a correspondence with the merging ofFire, 593:problem of the place love plays in the evolving scheme of things as understood by three-dimensionalFire, 595:and that of the Ego. 85 In the sixth Scheme, that of Venus, this can be seen clearly; it is theFire, 595:of Venus, this can be seen clearly; it is the scheme of love. Viewed from one angle, the VenusianFire, 595:of love. Viewed from one angle, the Venusian Scheme is the second, and from another it is theFire, 596:viewed from another. In the sixth chain of each scheme, this sixth law and the sixth Ray have aFire, 596:significance, whilst the seventh chain of each scheme is always synthetic - Love and Activity in aFire, 596:sixth Round of the present chain of the Earth scheme, the sixth law will demonstrate with greatFire, 597:life. This law governs the seventh chain in each scheme; each chain having achieved the fullestFire, 597:achieved the fullest expression possible in the scheme, comes under the Law of Death, andFire, 598:For instance, Ray I may pass around a scheme (if it is the paramount Ray of the scheme) with itsFire, 598:a scheme (if it is the paramount Ray of the scheme) with its first subray manifesting in a chain,Fire, 599:it also demonstrates the divine magnitude of the scheme, with its magnificent intricacies. TheFire, 605:of the manasaputras achieve. The 5th scheme - The Lord of concrete science. The 5th MahamanvantaraFire, 605:and sixth. The fourth Hierarchy in the larger scheme is literally the ninth, for five hierarchiesFire, 608:display of logoic life through the planetary scheme, and the ninefold nature of egoic unfoldment.Fire, 613:of groups, of races, and of the life of the scheme, the manifestation of one of the Heavenly Men.Fire, 613:an analogous position in relation to a planetary scheme. He is the central germ of positive life orFire, 613:due course of time, demonstrates as a planetary scheme, or an incarnation of the planetary Logos. AFire, 617:hint as to the place of the physical body in the scheme of things. The solar Pitris and devas findFire, 634:in the: Solar system. (Physical Sun) Planetary scheme. (Dense Planet) Human physical body. (DenseFire, 648:in the logoic body which harbors kundalini. This scheme, whose name must not as yet be revealed, isFire, 648:physical vehicle. Later, as the third major scheme assimilates the life-activity of the lower four,Fire, 652:fourth round on the fourth globe in this fourth scheme, a tremendous push onward along theFire, 652:up at last To man - the consummation of this scheme Of being, the completion of this sphere OfFire, 656:plane. But it must be remembered that in each scheme the creative impulse or will is the planetaryFire, 656:impulse or will is the planetary Logos of the scheme, Who as truly creates His body ofFire, 656:which He requires to build His body or scheme. It will, therefore, be recognized that the devas ofFire, 656:of the atomic levels of all the planes in our scheme work in close affiliation: [657] With eachFire, 657:groups who constitute the atomic matter of that scheme which is the polar opposite of ours. WithFire, 657:of ours. With that particular group in that scheme which is one of the points in a systemicFire, 657:the points in a systemic triangle of which our scheme and our opposite scheme are the other two.Fire, 657:triangle of which our scheme and our opposite scheme are the other two. With corresponding groupsFire, 657:degree in all the systemic schemes. With the scheme which corresponds to the first aspect, or theFire, 657:Sisters, or a Pleiad. The Heavenly Man of our scheme. This interplay will be threefold and as farFire, 664:works through a triangle formed by the Venusian scheme, the Earth and the sun. That anotherFire, 664:the law, and the triangles vary according to the scheme involved. Fire, 665:altogether, through a particular planetary scheme, and thus through the astral body of a planetaryFire, 670:pitris are those functioning in our particular scheme, and are closely allied to our planetaryFire, 671:Logos as they form His body of manifestation, a scheme. The standpoint of the human kingdom. WhenFire, 676:substance of the astral plane of our planetary scheme. He is Himself an outpost of theFire, 686:lunar Pitris have to carry on their work in our scheme and system before the solar angels,Fire, 687:in terms of the Heavenly Men. In the Earth scheme, the analogy is hidden in the advent of the EgosFire, 691:upon that occurrence which concerns our own scheme, the Stanzas on the coming of the Lords of FlameFire, 703:this fifth Hierarchy will be utilizing our Earth scheme in this way, and we shall then see manas inFire, 705:35 is hidden here, just as the third major scheme can be viewed as systemic avitchi, and the moonFire, 705:an analogous position in connection with our scheme. This must be interpreted in terms ofFire, 706:pursue the natural course of evolution on this scheme. The mystery of Capricorn is hidden in theseFire, 706:it is yet in process of evolution within another scheme, the fifth, so it is waste of our time toFire, 706:units of energy will "come in" from another scheme on a stream of cosmic energy which will swing
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