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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SCHEME

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Psychology2, 696:part which humanity has to play in the great scheme or Plan of God, the law which will be theRays, 141:becomes revealed to him. Then the entire scheme of evolution and of the intention of the One inRays, 141:he has no more to learn within this planetary scheme; he has become universal in his attitude toRays, 170:to you a sense of the synthesis of the whole scheme and a recognition of the urge-to-good whichRays, 407:period serve in that capacity in some planetary scheme, before taking the control and guidance ofRays, 526:even though He has passed out of our planetary scheme millions of years ago. He opened a door intoRays, 528:comes a climaxing note. The whole evolutionary scheme is based upon a series of ascensions. TheseRays, 701:planet exists and its unique position in the scheme of things can here be noted. As I mentionedRays, 715:the will is the most potent energy in the whole scheme of planetary existence. It is called theRays, 727:place which that Lodge plays within the divine scheme of being, are all unknown to you in theirSoul, 65:just beginning to take its rightful place in the scheme of physics:... "Electric charges, composedSoul, 65:material occurs. A duality runs through the scheme of physics - matter and ether - . "All kineticSoul, 106:life principles is in the head. The whole scheme and technique of the Oriental teaching as to theSoul, 152:up at last To man - the consummation of this scheme Of being, the completion of this sphere OfTelepathy, 123:acutely the higher one progresses into the scheme of correspondences. Eventually, a point of fusionTelepathy, 126:now the case. The aim of the entire evolutionary scheme is to bring these three Centers into such aTelepathy, 131:(as far as our solar system and our planetary scheme are concerned) in the first solar system and
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