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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SCHEMES

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Fire, 414:moon chain in the same sense as certain of the schemes will merge until only three will apparentlyFire, 414:will flash into objectivity. Forget not that the schemes manifest as seven, as ten, as three fromFire, 415:that entire chains and globes, and eventually schemes, will apparently vanish from objectivity, andFire, 433:His is the synthesizing scheme for the five schemes of the five Kumaras Who are Brahma, when viewedFire, 433:He is not the synthesizing factor for the seven schemes which are the sum total of logoicFire, 434:chance. His was the power that acted via certain schemes, chains, and globes, and produced resultsFire, 435:of man to find out the enumeration of the schemes, chains, and globes, or to discover whether theyFire, 437:in the body logoic, pass it through Their schemes, circulate it through Their own centers (chains),Fire, 437:centers (chains), and transmit it on to other schemes, coloring it with Their Own peculiar shadeFire, 444:Dragon of Wisdom Seven Heavenly Men. Seven schemes. Seven rays. Seven types of deva and humanFire, 446:globe and extends throughout the chains and schemes which lie in the line of its path. It willFire, 451:the spheres of the synthesizing and neutral schemes. After the sixth Initiation his power extendsFire, 451:aspect as we visualize it as the totality of the schemes of the five Kumaras who are Brahma. At theFire, 451:the seven planes and within the entire number of schemes; all the Sacred Words are then his and heFire, 464:out of consideration its manifestation in other schemes) works in a magnetic manner, and in aFire, 485:said applies to all hierarchical efforts in all schemes and on all globes, for the unity of effortFire, 530:or system. This contains: The ten planetary schemes and all that is therein. All the lesserFire, 535:of manifestation in different globes, chains and schemes. Through six permanent atoms - physical,Fire, 535:themselves) are to be found within the various schemes. We have dealt only with those likewiseFire, 537:paralleled in the logoic centers, the planetary schemes, which also in due course of time pass intoFire, 537:and transmit their energy to the major three schemes. The three main centers in the Microcosm areFire, 554:and from the point of view of the planetary schemes in which man has his place. The work of man asFire, 564:construct and control the work of the planetary schemes. Men work through the builders of the lowerFire, 566:Wherein does it differ from other planetary schemes? What is the purpose lying back of the relationFire, 597:grip as a mental concept the fact that the rays, schemes, planets, chains, rounds, races and lawsFire, 607:Rays manifesting through the seven Planetary Schemes. Third Activity. Fire by Friction Activity inFire, 648:in the logoic manifestation one of the planetary schemes forms the center in the logoic body whichFire, 656:Men seeking manifestation will be seen in Their schemes, and therefore in the types of devasFire, 657:groups in lesser degree in all the systemic schemes. With the scheme which corresponds to the firstFire, 670:found wherever man is in incarnation in all the schemes, but in other schemes they differ somewhatFire, 670:in incarnation in all the schemes, but in other schemes they differ somewhat from ours, as theFire, 674:part of the Wisdom) the nature of the different schemes, as regards their watery aspect, forFire, 686:and separated existence. Thus the four great schemes in the solar system, which are the vehiclesFire, 686:and response comes already from all the schemes, as three spirillae are vibrating in all of them,Fire, 711:whatever methods may be pursued in the varying schemes and chains, this - at the middle stage - isFire, 720:the standpoint of our own scheme. In all the schemes whereon man is found at some period orFire, 724:until now: He will remain with us until all the schemes have entered upon their fifth round, andFire, 725:solar avatar, Who can be seen appearing in the schemes, has relation to the heart center of aFire, 726:Those effecting the transfer from the minor schemes or Ray manifestations on to the third Ray; TheyFire, 727:of the polar opposites in the four [727] lesser schemes until but one is left; and then with theFire, 734:cease to be. By an act of will the planetary schemes persist, by an act of will the system is; byFire, 740:aspect in connection with the planetary schemes, and marks the beginning of the [741] time when theFire, 741:the fully evolved planes, and of the planetary schemes thereon. The ensuing conflagration is theFire, 742:work, and in others - as in the Vulcan and Venus schemes - Their work is nearly completed. Venus isFire, 742:Their activity. They pass cyclically through the schemes and under Law - the Law of Karma for theFire, 743:They stand in relation to the totality of the schemes as the Occult Hierarchy of any particularFire, 744:ten planetary Logoi, manifest through Their ten schemes in time and space, the hour of TheirFire, 744:student nevertheless in the fact that two of the schemes cover their cyclic periods in five rounds,Fire, 747:differing results which work out in Their schemes, should be carefully borne in mind. Fire, 775:of maya. Macrocosmically - the seven planetary schemes. Planetary - the seven chains of a scheme.Fire, 777:and intricate, and differs also in the various schemes in certain particulars. Those who areFire, 777:and herein lies a hint. In the central list of schemes the middle and lower group of AgnishvattasFire, 777:expected as they are the synthesizing planetary schemes, and provide conditions suitable only forFire, 778:Earth, and has little to impart anent the other schemes, and their methods of evolvingFire, 778:transferred to one of the three synthesizing schemes, passing first to the scheme which is theFire, 786:plane is true of all forms in all systems and schemes, and is true of all thought-form. building.Fire, 788:Men, Who form the logoic Quaternary. In the schemes which concern the logoic Triad (or those of theFire, 792:of seven chains, where the seven planetary schemes are concerned. One week of Brahma - The periodFire, 793:effects in time. The three major planetary schemes (Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn) have not, as yet,Fire, 797:of Egos differ as to time, just as the planetary schemes are analogous in evolution but differFire, 835:Similarly it must be remembered that planetary schemes pass into obscuration and "die out," throughFire, 838:utilized freely by the planetary Logoi in Their schemes, and by the solar Logos in the system. 67Fire, 841:certain groups of Egos from certain planetary schemes, notably Jupiter and Venus, who are a gradeFire, 848:Rays, and associated with any of the various schemes. The other deals with the effect produced byFire, 849:[849] All the Logoi of the differing schemes are expressing Themselves upon this plane. There areFire, 849:Themselves upon this plane. There are certain schemes in the system which find their lowestFire, 850:of endeavor, between every one of the planetary schemes, within the solar ring-pass-not. Here, andFire, 851:from the inner round, or from other planetary schemes, or from subtler spheres where they have beenFire, 853:and filled. They usually come in from one of two schemes: From the scheme embodied by the polarFire, 854:Initiation. Certain rare Egos or lotuses from schemes not enumerated in the above triplicity. TheyFire, 855:on our earth scheme or their analogies on other schemes). The Master's group. These egoic lotusesFire, 898:the planetary Logos of one of the major three schemes is known upon our planet. Certain of HisFire, 923:and is keyed to their vibration. The planetary schemes, therefore, will fall into a similarFire, 923:in studying the solar system, the planes, the schemes, man and the atom, that the groupings of theFire, 944:forces must pass to the different planetary schemes. Fire, 987:way, and can be seen carrying out his schemes alone, or with the aid of subordinates. He brooksFire, 993:of the solar system, The planetary schemes, Three globes in the scheme. It should be rememberedFire, 1029:the effects of this motion: Within the planetary schemes, Their bodies. Upon the atoms or "Points"Fire, 1029:constellations. Interplanetary, or affecting the schemes. Interchain, or affecting the chains.Fire, 1042:and blending of the seven sacred planetary schemes which marks the achievement of the goal, andFire, 1056:brings it under the constant impression of other schemes, each of which produces effects upon theFire, 1069:body, and which emanate from other planetary schemes. All atoms become radioactive as the result ofFire, 1070:earth, and the Venusian and Martian planetary schemes. When this has been accomplished, astronomyFire, 1077:analogy to the functions of the four planetary schemes which (in their totality) form the logoicFire, 1092:of the egoic groups of the differing planetary schemes. The monadic planetary wheel, which concernsFire, 1113:the groups and emanations from those planetary schemes and streams of force which form the outerFire, 1143:agents of karma for each one of the seven schemes. These four groups correspond in manifestation toFire, 1153:of energy between the different planetary schemes, and thus bring to more rapid maturity the plansFire, 1153:essence and energies of the septenate of schemes as the negative basis for the reception ofFire, 1153:electric energy is able to circulate through the schemes owing to the bringing about of a cosmicFire, 1154:(and so destroys) the remaining three major schemes. In this we have a correspondence to theFire, 1154:"ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID," these three schemes are simultaneously stimulated and theFire, 1161:Logos uses for His energy centers the planetary schemes, each of which embodies a peculiar type ofFire, 1163:basis of maya or illusion. The various planetary schemes are not all alike and differ as to: TypeFire, 1163:be pointed out that there are three planetary schemes which [1164] hold a place analogous to thatFire, 1164:and the alta major center, but they are not the schemes referred to as centers, or known to us asFire, 1164:of these facts, for he will see. Many planetary schemes which are found only in etheric matter willFire, 1164:with the inner round. Each of these planetary schemes can be seen as a lotus having seven majorFire, 1165:[1165] Each of these solar lotuses, or planetary schemes, unfolds in three great stages ofFire, 1169:or the merging of the two final planetary schemes after their absorption of the other forces. The
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