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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SCHOOL

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Meditation, 321:of this third point, the buildings of the school. Meditation, 321:Schools of Meditation The Buildings of the School October 17th, 1920 In dealing today with theMeditation, 321:likewise... The buildings for the preparatory school will differ not so much from those of anMeditation, 322:residing with the male students. The Head of the school will reside alone in a detached house whichMeditation, 322:to see. The main feature in the occult advanced school will be the central temple of circular shapeMeditation, 324:you somewhat concerning the preparatory occult school but little concerning the advanced. ThisMeditation, 325:teaching of the world, and necessitated the school being in close touch with the centers of modernMeditation, 325:a. The Times of Study All the work of the school will be based upon an occult knowledge of timesMeditation, 325:two things will be carefully adhered to: 1. The school year will be divided into two halves, oneMeditation, 326:the day there will be for every pupil in the school three periods of meditation - at sunrise, atMeditation, 326:earlier part of the pupil's attendance at the school these periods will be for [327] thirty minutesMeditation, 327:he will be able to pass on into the advanced school. It is the great test and mark of readiness.Meditation, 327:test and mark of readiness. The hours of the school will begin with sunrise and end with sunset.Meditation, 327:his record. The length of a pupil's stay in the school depends entirely upon the progress made, theMeditation, 327:the point in evolution at which he enters the school. Those just entering the Path of ProbationMeditation, 327:the younger brethren. A pupil passes out of the school, not as a result of an exoteric examinationMeditation, 327:simply on the notification of the Head of the School, who bases his decision upon esoteric resultsMeditation, 328:and as may be apportioned by the Head of the school. Once or twice a year the initiate Head of theMeditation, 328:Once or twice a year the initiate Head of the school to which the preparatory school is allied willMeditation, 328:Head of the school to which the preparatory school is allied will pass the pupils in review and inMeditation, 328:in review and in conference with the Head of the school will apportion specific meditation adjustedMeditation, 328:His official review of the united auras of the school group.) Secondly, a graded scientific studyMeditation, 330:be equipped and ready to pass into the advanced school, where he will be trained in using theMeditation, 331:he is permitted to pass on into the advanced school. I have indicated enough to provide much roomPatanjali, 204:worlds, having learnt the needed lessons in the school of life, form and rebirth become evil andPatanjali, 416:known by many and varied names, according to the school of thought. The appended list of synonymsPatanjali, xiii:he is regarded as the founder of the Raja Yoga School. The system, however, has been in use sincePatanjali, xiii:are the basic teaching of the Trans-Himalayan School to which many of the Masters of the WisdomPatanjali, xiii:were trained in the great Trans-Himalayan School. It should be stated here that the Sutras haveProblems, 50:whose memory is perpetuated in the Italian School, the Dutch and the Spanish groups. Finally, inProblems, 54:potentiality. In infancy and in the earlier school grades, [55] the development of rightProblems, 104:are increasing everywhere; the plight of Jewish school children in the U.S.A., for instance, whoProblems, 127:who interpret Him in terms of some particular school of theological thought, the symbolism of theProblems, 128:new age) that every man will pick a theological school to which he will choose to adhere. His ownProblems, 143:endorses the Law of Rebirth, and makes the school of life a constantly recurring experience untilPsychology1, xviii:indicate soul growth. For this, the training school of the world itself suffices. There should bePsychology1, 161:interest themselves in the hypotheses of the school of esoteric psychology. They may gain thereby,Psychology1, 220:no evil doing. Out of the great experimental school of human existence the kingdom of souls drawsPsychology1, 304:and undesirable. There is no better training school for a disciple and an initiate than familyPsychology2, 9:modern psychology of the extreme materialistic school erroneously supposes that man's quality isPsychology2, 63:links the conclusions of the materialistic school of psychologists with the introspectionist schoolPsychology2, 63:of psychologists with the introspectionist school and those schools which posit a self, a soul or aPsychology2, 179:with intuition, but who are governed by some school of thought, or because some central figure inPsychology2, 229:we call God, and do we therefore belong to that school of thought which we call thePsychology2, 238:it eludes them. Others - the theologians of any school of thought - have sought to define thePsychology2, 264:- without any thought or reasoning - to every school of thought (spiritual, occult, political,Psychology2, 294:(as it is expressed in the Behavioristic School, which is essentially sound where the densePsychology2, 432:the spiritual and mental gains acquired in the school of life upon this planet, from incarnation toPsychology2, 440:and mean different things according to the school of psychological thought to which the studentPsychology2, 457:to fade out, the moment a body of doctrines or a school of thought or an exponent of any theoryPsychology2, 467:must learn to recognize that his chosen [467] school of thought, his peculiar vocation, hisPsychology2, 481:Many analogous terms are used, according to the school of thought to which the man may belong, orPsychology2, 596:must find their way into an esoteric or mystery school still holds good. All I can do - as I havePsychology2, 596:the modern esoteric schools (such as the Arcane School and the Esoteric Section of the TheosophicalPsychology2, 631:is not essentially an effort on the part of some school of idealists to better world conditions, orPsychology2, 633:into a collective activity by leaders of any school of thought which is clever enough and emotionalPsychology2, 739:religious body, thus coloring every ideology or school of thought (economic, political andPsychology2, 739:does not look for cooperators in any one school of thought, political creed, or nationalRays, 122:some measure of real success. By that time the school of the Mysteries and the Halls of preparationRays, 250:monthly sets for reading and study in the Arcane School) or with the books published before theRays, 251:1925 of the Disciples [251] Degree of the Arcane School will prove this conclusively. Bear in mindRays, 254:the work of the advanced section in the Arcane School, a greater emphasis upon the Full MoonRays, 375:manifesting units, undergoing experience in the school of life, yet over-shadowed by the soul onRays, 643:Service Activities, associated with the Arcane School. The esoteric side is of course known to me,Reappearance, 117:constant return of the incarnating soul to the school of life on Earth, there to undergo theReappearance, 178:The question is often asked: Why do the Unity School of thought, the Christian Science Church, andSoul, 14:to prove the correctness of the mechanistic school, and the equally correct position of the schoolSoul, 14:school, and the equally correct position of the school of introspectionists, and I seek also toSoul, 14:Thus we may establish a third or composite school, [15] based upon the exact knowledge of theSoul, 15:is largely materialistic and the most popular school entirely so. A study of the latest books onSoul, 15:the mechanistic philosophy of the Behavioristic School. If they are not thus occupied they areSoul, 17:the field as a whole, and not a particular school alone, only by reserving opinion until more isSoul, 23:dissenting voices. There is the introspective school of psychology, more frequently called theSoul, 24:laboratories. [24] Furthermore, the subjective school is apt to be ultra-rational and systematic;Soul, 26:Grass, p. 10. In sharp contrast with the Western School is the Eastern one of which theSoul, 104:that all the schools of thought, except the school of crude Nihilism accept them. Man is a complex
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