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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SCHOOLS

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Astrology, 108:training in one or other of the planetary schools (according to his ray type) and the path ofAstrology, 236:it come through legislation, inspired by various schools of thought in any community or nation. ItAstrology, 237:is being regarded as desirable and taught in our schools, so it is beginning to dawn upon theAstrology, 242:be and in this connection there were several schools of thought, but mainly two of importance. OneAstrology, 246:imagination. It is for this reason that so many schools of thought prove so successful inAstrology, 246:that which is required and why other schools of thought so signally fail. They work from too high aAstrology, 251:again dual in their presentation by different schools of astrologers. Sepharial gives us the Moon,Astrology, 366:which is the stated objective of many schools of mental healing. These are as you know (withoutAstrology, 694:is sometimes called in the parlance of the Schools, the 'College of Quadruple Force Units', for itsAstrology, 694:grades for soldiers. Four of these planetary schools are responsible for the energy flowing throughAstrology, 695:the 'Sons of Vishnu.' (C. F. 1177-1179) The Schools on Saturn, the Sun, the Moon and on Pluto areAtom, 6:up some of its secrets if investigators of all schools pursue their search with determination. TheAtom, 22:choice. There are, in the textbooks of different schools, many words which are used to [23] conveyAtom, 24:scientific terms, and link them with the three schools of thought earlier referred to, studyingAtom, 66:mission upon which it was sent. In the different schools of thought everywhere the same thing canAtom, 112:here to sound a word of warning. Avoid those schools and methods which combine forms of breathingAutobiography, 2:one fails to extract the meaning out of events, schools of thought and circumstance, and when oneAutobiography, 38:nonsense put out by many esoteric (so-called) schools of thought. The claim of discipleship is everAutobiography, 151:of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter IV There are schools of thought which teach that fear, if indulged in,Autobiography, 151:this same argument applies to many things. Those schools of thought which tell the public thatAutobiography, 186:Park. I had to send my children to the public schools in New Jersey. I was accustomed to the ideaAutobiography, 194:are fundamental and should govern all esoteric schools and because after I am dead and gone I wantAutobiography, 195:of the Wisdom. There are in the world today many schools for probationers and they are doing greatAutobiography, 195:in the world today for hundreds of true esoteric schools and that they all should be able to workAutobiography, 202:will come through right education in our schools and the right attitude of the parents in the worldAutobiography, 220:though they were only the product of the public schools of America. Given ability, a home whereAutobiography, 262:A. Bailey There are many so-called esoteric schools today. All of them are relatively modern andAutobiography, 262:frequently little real understanding. Esoteric schools are occupied with promoting the growth ofAutobiography, 263:yet come into existence. The emergence of these schools remains as yet a hope, but one which hasAutobiography, 263:service. Students must recognize that the schools with which they are familiar are only preparatoryAutobiography, 263:ripe for the manifestation of the true esoteric schools. Humanity has not been ready. Today,Autobiography, 263:to warrant the forming of the more advanced schools of training. These will lay the foundation ofAutobiography, 263:These will lay the foundation of those future schools which will - under the Law of Evolution -Autobiography, 263:of Evolution - make their appearance. Esoteric schools are no exception to the evolutionary processAutobiography, 263:seventy years will see the founding of the new schools. Those now functioning can begin to cleanAutobiography, 263:Of these dogmatic utterances, the many occult schools, the [264] inner schools and the variousAutobiography, 264:the many occult schools, the [264] inner schools and the various esoteric sections have beenAutobiography, 264:the aspirant and the Master. These preparatory schools are already in process of forming and theAutobiography, 264:of this spiritual effort. From these proposed schools will emerge, early in the next century, theAutobiography, 264:early in the next century, the first of the true Schools of Initiation. Up to date, the so-calledAutobiography, 264:Initiation. Up to date, the so-called esoteric schools have dealt with aspirants upon the Path ofAutobiography, 264:the Path of Probation or of Purification. The schools now forming, such as the Arcane School, areAutobiography, 264:- into direct contact with the Masters. The new schools which will appear in the next century willAutobiography, 264:for which the Masters are responsible. The schools now forming to train disciples are intermediateAutobiography, 264:intended to bridge the gap between the esoteric schools of the past and the true schools which willAutobiography, 264:the esoteric schools of the past and the true schools which will later appear. These facts might beAutobiography, 264:- What is an Esoteric School 1. Esoteric Schools in the Past These are the schools with which weAutobiography, 264:1. Esoteric Schools in the Past These are the schools with which we are most familiar, such as theAutobiography, 264:which we are most familiar, such as the inner schools of the many Theosophical groups, theAutobiography, 265:if haply man may find Him. [265] 2. Esoteric Schools of the Present These schools, now forming,Autobiography, 265:[265] 2. Esoteric Schools of the Present These schools, now forming, have more esoteric knowledge;Autobiography, 265:but theory must ever precede practice. These schools will advance the teaching beyond the pointAutobiography, 265:teaching beyond the point reached in the earlier schools, carrying it out of the three worlds intoAutobiography, 265:after a sensed divinity. At their best, the old schools brought about the integration of theAutobiography, 265:essential dualism of the mystic factual. The new schools aim at a higher fusion - that between theAutobiography, 265:fact of identity with the divine. 3. Esoteric Schools in the Future These schools will be trulyAutobiography, 265:divine. 3. Esoteric Schools in the Future These schools will be truly esoteric for humanity willAutobiography, 265:like to divide what I have to say about the schools into the following divisions: Some definitionsAutobiography, 265:formed. The fundamental truths taught in the new schools. A study of these themes will help us toAutobiography, 265:and teachers in the present so-called esoteric schools must face the facts - hard as they [266] mayAutobiography, 266:their work at its true value, will find their schools in the discard - and this can be seenAutobiography, 266:purity has been enormously emphasized in the old schools and concerns the cleansing of the formsAutobiography, 266:and useful, and must find their place in all schools for beginners; by their means the neophyteAutobiography, 266:in its own world, the Kingdom of God. The new schools are occupied with more esoteric values. TheyAutobiography, 266:group as a pledged disciple. Most of the schools, which belong to the old order, have ignored theAutobiography, 267:of discipleship or its responsibilities. The new schools, now forming, convey very different ideasAutobiography, 267:use all of his equipment. In the true spiritual schools, as approved and endorsed by the Masters,Autobiography, 267:as is the case in the majority of esoteric schools of the old order. Contact with the Master isAutobiography, 268:and upon individual perfection. The new schools, now forming, are preoccupied with training men toAutobiography, 270:the Path of Initiation with which the esoteric schools of the future will familiarize the generalAutobiography, 270:to meet these seven requirements of all esoteric schools, that the Arcane School is occupied. It isAutobiography, 272:before the vision becomes a reality. Esoteric schools can be divided into different categories,Autobiography, 272:school. The Masters are not responsible for the schools now in existence or in process of forming.Autobiography, 272:the basic occult principles. We could divide the schools in the world today into three groups: 1.Autobiography, 272:There are a large number of so-called esoteric schools which are started by aspirants. They want toAutobiography, 273:is spiritual and essential. They advertise their schools in some way or another, and frequentlyAutobiography, 273:and look with disfavor and criticism on other schools, teaching exclusive adherence to the leaderAutobiography, 273:plan of the Hierarchy but they are not esoteric schools and their leaders are not disciples; theyAutobiography, 273:2. There are also a certain number of esoteric schools, started by disciples, who are learning,Autobiography, 273:aid their group, how to teach and serve. These schools are few in number, compared to those in theAutobiography, 273:3. Then we now have appearing the newer esoteric schools. These are being started by more advancedAutobiography, 273:and will evoke antagonism from the old schools. These more advanced disciples have a more potentAutobiography, 274:and force them out of their groups. The new schools begin to take shape by means of this rejectionAutobiography, 274:with the difficult work of launching the new schools, are technically known as world disciples.Autobiography, 274:direction, disrupting and disturbing the old schools and so releasing those who are ready for theAutobiography, 274:are ready for the newer teachings; creating new schools which are intermediate between the old andAutobiography, 274:are intermediate between the old and the future Schools of Initiation; making an impression uponAutobiography, 274:effort. There are also certain spurious schools, well-known and spectacular, which attract theAutobiography, 274:is practically nil. The other three types of schools are doing good work and meeting the need ofAutobiography, 274:need of those who respond to their note. The old schools are, however, dying out; those in theAutobiography, 275:the disciples of the New Age for the future Schools of Initiation. Autobiography, 275:III. The Truths Taught in the True Esoteric Schools It should be noted that many of the truths,Autobiography, 275:The nature of man as taught in the mystery schools of the past has - under other names - becomeAutobiography, 275:the best minds in the spiritual field. In the schools now forming, the emphasis is upon soulAutobiography, 276:School being one of the newer intermediate schools deals with the ordinary fundamentals of theAutobiography, 276:instruction in the nature of meditation, the new schools will teach the following subjects. 1. TheAutobiography, 277:to profit from the teaching to be given in the Schools for Initiation. The nature of initiation, asAutobiography, 278:from the more material presentation of the old schools of esotericism, with their emphasis uponAutobiography, 278:and the constitution of the forms. In the new schools, the emphasis will be upon the nature of theAutobiography, 279:must know something prior to entering the future Schools of Initiation but the above will indicate
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