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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SCHOOLS

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Autobiography, 279:curriculum which will be undertaken in the newer schools. The Arcane School is attempting to give aAutobiography, 281:it; but the underlying objective of all esoteric schools (including, therefore, the Arcane School)Autobiography, 283:can well be met in other groups and esoteric schools, and is thus being met. Running through allAutobiography, 285:alcohol, as is frequently the case in occult schools. We regard these matters as entirely his ownAutobiography, 294:no alliance. Much harm has been done by those schools of thought who regard the desire for moneyAutobiography, 301:to offset the crystallizations of the esoteric schools that had been produced in the Piscean era,Bethlehem, 25:It has nothing to do with societies, esoteric schools and organizations. All that they can do is toBethlehem, 41:is, ever and always, his own soul. Many esoteric schools and teachers direct their teaching andBethlehem, 42:speak of the Self or the Atman. The modern [42] schools of thought speak of the ego, or the higherBethlehem, 101:recognition. It is a false idea, current in many schools of the mysteries and of esotericism, thatBethlehem, 120:then, and being used today by many teachers and schools of thought. These are peculiarly theBethlehem, 145:Jesus Christ as the representative of all the schools of the Prophets which had for centuriesBethlehem, 275:initiations of the Orient and of the esoteric schools; secondly, the founding of the kingdom - aDestiny, 22:your attention and discussed these basic modern schools of thought because the potency of theirDestiny, 24:race. Old ideologies still persist; subsidiary schools of thought are everywhere to be found;Destiny, 122:past; hence the appearance of the fundamentalist schools, found in every field of thought -Discipleship1, XI:extant today among esotericists and in occult schools and too much theological separateness. It hasDiscipleship1, 5:as usually taught by the current occult schools. In the olden days in the East, the Master exactedDiscipleship1, 17:of the Masters. The foundation of these schools of the Mysteries which will later be restored toDiscipleship1, 32:Kingdom of God. The founding in embryo of those schools of esotericism which will embody theDiscipleship1, 32:in application. There are several of these schools and the Arcane School is one of the first. TheyDiscipleship1, 33:earth, through the medium of books, of esoteric schools and the educating of public opinion hasDiscipleship1, 89:a definite feature of the work in many esoteric schools) is simply an exercise to bring about theDiscipleship1, 226:(the Master M.) is the head of all esoteric schools in the world at this time. Hence you can seeDiscipleship1, 226:(incoming and outgoing) of the esoteric schools. The vibratory influence (incoming and outgoing) ofDiscipleship1, 447:concerned, and fanatical adherence to people or schools of thought. That is good. The transmuted,Discipleship1, 574:to come of all true aspirants in all esoteric schools. Their help is needed by us. I give you noDiscipleship1, 644:an understanding of the nature of the different schools (each of which emphasizes some one truth),Discipleship1, 686:the Master, no matter what many old style occult schools may say. The obedience which is asked ofDiscipleship1, 719:do not work upon the astral plane. Certain schools of occultism teach that they do, but such is notDiscipleship1, 761:of discipleship are naturally related to the six schools of Indian philosophy which were in realityDiscipleship1, 761:philosophy which were in reality the six "seed schools" for all philosophical surmise and work.Discipleship2, XIII:wisely called upon. Someday we shall have occult schools of meditation giving training forDiscipleship2, 83:never been. In view of the condition of esoteric schools (so called) in the world, when A.A.B.Discipleship2, 204:is not necessarily the set meditation of occult schools and churches; membership in the group,Discipleship2, 221:of human life by the scientists of all the many schools of thought; out of this meditative andDiscipleship2, 294:which disciples in every country and of all schools of thought and of religious persuasion areDiscipleship2, 309:philosophy and of many of the metaphysical schools. The Will is fundamentally an expression of theDiscipleship2, 429:to initiation than the devotees of the occult schools. These schools have, however, done one vitalDiscipleship2, 429:than the devotees of the occult schools. These schools have, however, done one vital and importantDiscipleship2, 503:the teaching of the other and older esoteric schools and groups entirely exoteric. There is littleDiscipleship2, 694:may and will lead him to sever connection with schools of thought and with social, political,Education, 23:be seen to perfection in the life in our public schools - but it is an undesirable perfection. ThisEducation, 35:will consequently be less emphasis in future schools upon the training of the memory. Interest willEducation, 48:part of the whole body of humanity. In the schools of today (grammar or primary schools, highEducation, 48:In the schools of today (grammar or primary schools, high schools or secondary schools,Education, 48:of today (grammar or primary schools, high schools or secondary schools, universities or colleges,Education, 48:or primary schools, high schools or secondary schools, universities or colleges, using terms inEducation, 48:Culture, Unification. The grammar or primary schools might be regarded as the custodians ofEducation, 48:truths, coordination and control. The high schools or the secondary schools should regardEducation, 48:and control. The high schools or the secondary schools should regard themselves as the custodiansEducation, 59:it will be found that what is now taught in the schools of the esotericists will be part of theEducation, 69:right development of the human unit. The various schools of [70] psychology, so numerous andEducation, 72:this line will become possible only in small schools of specially selected children or smallEducation, 72:At the same time, it is essential that such schools and colleges preserve as much of the ordinaryEducation, 83:have been undertaken by certain colleges and schools in an effort to ascertain the psychologicalEducation, 83:later grades, in what is equivalent to the high schools or the secondary schools, the intellectualEducation, 83:equivalent to the high schools or the secondary schools, the intellectual unfoldment and control ofEducation, 91:to be presented to the masses and taught in our schools, thereby guaranteeing the new and betterEducation, 96:dominate the new educational methods in schools and colleges. It is intended primarily to: ProduceEducation, 100:was organized, thousands of years ago. These schools were very small at first, educating only aEducation, 100:tuition which distinguishes the modern State schools, whose task it noticeably is to prepareEducation, 101:the school bias was religious (as in Church schools of any kind), he was taught that he mustEducation, 127:of souls is divided into various psychological schools, or is termed either occult or mystical. WeExternalisation, 10:new and glorious heritage? [10] How can esoteric schools or "disciplines," as they are sometimesExternalisation, 14:may progress with the least hindrance. Training schools and classes which seek to develop theExternalisation, 15:- Section I - Introductory Remarks II. Esoteric Schools and Disciplines Our second question relatesExternalisation, 15:question relates to the work of the esoteric schools or "disciplines," as they are sometimesExternalisation, 15:to the work of the majority of the esoteric schools at this time is their sense of separateness andExternalisation, 15:of separateness and their intolerance of other schools and methods. The leaders of these schoolsExternalisation, 15:other schools and methods. The leaders of these schools need to absorb the following fact. AllExternalisation, 15:schools need to absorb the following fact. All schools which recognize the influence of theExternalisation, 16:in any way functioning effectively - the various schools and presentations are regarded as a unity.Externalisation, 16:should recognize that all students in analogous schools and working under the same spiritualExternalisation, 17:of the pure light of truth. Aspirants in these schools present a different problem from that ofExternalisation, 17:fact should be realized by all workers in such schools and the problem carefully explained to theExternalisation, 17:the older students. The emphasis in all esoteric schools is necessarily, and rightly, laid uponExternalisation, 17:danger. Hence also the stress laid in such true schools upon the need of purity and truth.Externalisation, 18:too strongly upon aspirants in all occult schools that the yoga for this transition period is theExternalisation, 19:irretrievable harm. Let the students in esoteric schools settle down to steady, quiet, unemotionalExternalisation, 29:is to be found a powerful human reaction to schools of thought and a lessened reaction to theExternalisation, 29:develop the techniques and methods of the new schools of [30] thought which will determine the newExternalisation, 30:into the consciousness of the masses, so that schools of thought and world religions can be blendedExternalisation, 79:to lay the basis for the work of the esoteric schools of the future, that the members of all theExternalisation, 108:powerful personalities in all countries and all schools of thought have, nevertheless, been offsetExternalisation, 114:to clothe the ancient verities. Old political schools have been deemed inadequate and newExternalisation, 122:and the lines of demarcation between the two schools of life and thought were so clear, that aExternalisation, 149:as practiced in the realm of mysticism by many schools of thought. Note this, for it holds a clueExternalisation, 234:between labor and capital, and between great schools of economic thought; it is not to be found inExternalisation, 479:and earlier, it was the churches and the schools of philosophy which provided the major avenues forExternalisation, 516:resemblance to the modern methods of the mental schools. Preparation too must be given to theExternalisation, 517:the greatest Psychic of all time. Hospitals and schools will appear under the direct guidance ofExternalisation, 582:consciously in hierarchical effort; the Schools of the Mysteries (as outlined by me in Letters onExternalisation, 626:properly appreciated and taught in homes and schools, we would not have had the appallingExternalisation, 629:to give as they can. Thirdly, the metaphysical schools and the esoteric groups have given muchExternalisation, 630:equal importance. The large [630] metaphysical schools are focused on making a materialExternalisation, 666:correct sense, but they care not for labels, for schools of thought nor for academic, esotericExternalisation, 676:and the lack of freedom of the totalitarian schools of thought. This was inevitable, for the BlackExternalisation, 679:[679] mental chaos and the many conflicting schools and ideologies, with their attendant movementsFire, 239:expressed and viewed by thinkers of all schools of thought throughout the globe. Even this
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