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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SCHOOLS

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Fire, 288:Knowledge, is the seventh Principle, the six schools of Indian philosophy are the six principles -Fire, 288:the six principles - S. D., I, 299. These six schools are: The school of Logic - Proof of rightFire, 430:will endeavor simultaneously to link these two schools of thought, and to demonstrate the factor ofFire, 453:and religious worlds. The foundation of schools of medicine along new lines, whose purpose will beFire, 490:clearly the difference of method between the two schools. In the transmutative process as carriedFire, 555:of evolution is recognized and studied by many schools of thought, esoteric or exoteric. TheFire, 746:the emphasis laid in the East and in all occult schools of development upon meditation, for it isFire, 815:been somewhat dealt with by thinkers of many schools of thought, and hence do not require anyFire, 882:Knowledge, is the seventh Principle, the six schools of Indian philosophy are the six principles. -Fire, 882:the six principles. - S. D., I, 299. These six schools are: The school of Logic - Proof of rightFire, 979:at Crotona, and many other of the esoteric schools in Europe and Asia had a rule that all neophytesFire, 1173:F - The Law of Attraction 11. The Law of the Schools. (The Law of Love and Light.) This is aFire, 1173:to the thoughtful student that this Law of the Schools is primarily applicable to all units ofFire, 1174:the fifth or spiritual kingdom. This Law of the Schools does not specifically apply to the devaFire, 1175:law, only in manners diverse. These planetary schools are necessarily governed by certain factorsFire, 1175:planets, called sometimes (when this Law of the Schools is under consideration) the "seven gradesFire, 1176:This term is applied to the evolutionary schools found located in the three major [1177] planets ofFire, 1177:regard the presiding lives in these departmental schools as the custodians of the Path, andFire, 1177:It is not possible to give fully the types of schools and teaching which is given on the differentFire, 1177:- Division F - The Law of Attraction Planetary Schools URANUS - The School of Magic of the tenthFire, 1178:is sometimes called in the parlance of the schools, the "College of Quadruple Force units," for itsFire, 1179:grades for soldiers. Four of these planetary schools are responsible for the energy flowing throughFire, 1179:permissible to touch upon the other planetary schools, nor would it profit. Certain further factsFire, 1245:as the seven groups are recognized and known, schools of development for the filling of posts inFire, 1255:planetary Logos has, in His own special planet, schools for the development of subordinate Logoi,Fire, 1257:adept the name of one or other of the planetary Schools in which this particular line of study isFire, 1257:There are, as has been already said, seven such schools and candidates for this Path from ourFire, 1257:of the logoic Lotuses of solar Logoi. The schools which prepare for this work are called in theGlamour, 30:general division of the human race into varying schools of thought (philosophy, science, religion,Glamour, 39:Path of Discipleship, which is called by some schools of esotericism the Dweller on the Threshold.Glamour, 80:they are. Study the effect that the affirmation schools which emphasize divinity (materiallyGlamour, 178:of work, for which much of the training given in schools of true meditation and in the Raja YogaGlamour, 211:is not a process of "killing out desire" as some schools of thought teach, but is a process ofGlamour, 259:be taught, to start with, in the new and coming schools of esotericism. Inspiration is a process ofHealing, 3:truth that the constant reiteration by certain schools of healers that the mind is the cause of allHealing, 10:do they really mean? The affirmations of many schools of healing as to ultimate divine perfection,Healing, 16:these methods the allopathic and the homeopathic schools and the various osteopathic andHealing, 16:and chiropractic and other therapeutic schools are good exponents. They have done much good andHealing, 32:the application of the methods of the many schools of medicine and surgery, and allied groups.Healing, 33:at high speed and colored (according to some schools of occultism) by certain definite hues; theyHealing, 73:This is most potent and is regarded by some schools of occultism as a major center; it is not inHealing, 135:its propositions and methods, to the modern schools of therapy. The two are gradually approachingHealing, 158:taught in all the newer and sounder esoteric schools, and has been emphasized in the Arcane SchoolHealing, 205:profession but to the multitude of the many schools of thought) have not yet got back to the basicHealing, 220:disease will be overcome. The various mental schools of thought, Unity and Christian Science, haveHealing, 255:enough, to be found fostered by the newer schools of thought. Orthodox medicine is slow, andHealing, 256:to disease. The approach of the mental schools and cults, as they erroneously call themselves, hasHealing, 256:so helpfully. This is largely their fault. Schools of thought such as Mental Science, New Thought,Healing, 256:centuries of experimentation) of the academic schools of medicine and surgery. They forget thatHealing, 257:but in an effort to prove that the many schools of thought - orthodox, academic, ancient, materialHealing, 272:premises of Christian Science and the Unity Schools. All that I can do (if you are to profit by myHealing, 272:will be engineered between the fundamentalist schools and the speculators and the investigators ofHealing, 278:laid by the adherents of new and untried schools upon the failures to cure, which they attribute toHealing, 280:the collaboration of the new experimental schools and the older and proven methods that theHealing, 372:IV - Some Questions Answered On the Future Schools of Healing These schools of healing are not toHealing, 372:Answered On the Future Schools of Healing These schools of healing are not to be developed in theHealing, 372:be a growing synthesis of the techniques of such schools, which embody: Psychological adjustmentsHealing, 373:to the healing art. Some of the more ancient schools, such as the allopathic, call for a process ofHealing, 373:recedes and the Piscean Age passes out), the new schools cannot exist as they should; there must beHealing, 373:the underlying and fundamental good in all the schools and a better grasp of the principles whichHealing, 373:which underlie the true healing art, before the schools, referred to in Letters on OccultHealing, 373:it will not be possible to establish the true schools. [374] The period is coming in which we willHealing, 401:certain fundamentalist and theologically narrow schools of thought and also by a few of theHealing, 401:as given by the orthodox and the fundamentalist schools proves untenable when submitted to clearHealing, 466:This is most potent and is regarded by some schools of occultism as a major center; it is not inHealing, 481:science such as Christian Science or those schools of thought which trace all disease to the powerHealing, 482:specialized medicine must come down, and the new schools must be sought, instructed andHealing, 482:be included in the orthodox ranks. The new schools, such as those concerned with electro-therapy,Healing, 482:concerned with electro-therapy, the chiropractic schools, the dieticians who claim to cure allHealing, 482:eccentric naturopaths, plus many other cults and schools, must not be so arrogantly sure that theyHealing, 482:to recognize what is good and right in the newer schools; it has been antagonized by their clamorHealing, 483:as formulated by [483] the many emerging schools of thought, of practice and experiment, theHealing, 491:of those spiritual [491] marriages which certain schools of thought in the movement teach andHealing, 524:of any patient under any of the current healing schools. There has been what I might callHealing, 531:of the majority of those who belong to these schools of thought is unquestioned; their motives areHealing, 546:will be emphasized, particularly in the higher schools of learning, thereby laying a soundHealing, 546:laying a sound foundation for the esoteric schools which will be slowly emerging. A new perspectiveHealing, 558:Scientist, of Mental Science, and of all those schools of thought which deal with healing from theHealing, 714:in the teachings of the modern medical schools, though the fact has been discussed; the explosiveHercules, 66:tells us: "Mercury in the outer world signifies schools, colleges, and all places where teachingInitiation, vii:that has a great fascination for thinkers of all schools of thought, and even those who remainInitiation, 46:who direct the activities of these different schools of thought. In illustration: The Master Jesus,Initiation, 47:oriental faiths, and the various occidental schools of thought. In the department of the MahachohanInitiation, 52:controversy the reality of their work. Certain schools of occultism and of theosophical endeavorInitiation, 52:their disciples, and it is this. All the various schools of thought which are fostered by theInitiation, 186:as the seven groups are recognized and known, schools of development for the filling of posts inInitiation, 187:Planetary Logos has, in his own special planet, schools for the development of subordinate Logoi,Initiation, 206:subject will be revealed to students in occult schools who will gather together all that can beInitiation, 220:exists, feels, and knows. It is divided in some schools into two parts, higher or abstract mind,Initiation, 225:with the work of our planet. Yoga One of the six schools of India, said to be founded by Patanjali,Intellect, 5:H.A., The Enduring Quest, page 271. Both schools have hitherto tended to antagonize each other, yetIntellect, 5:Freedom, page 75. Those who have studied in both schools tell us that the mystical imagery of theIntellect, 8:results from the fact that the follower of both schools finds he is standing at the portal of aIntellect, 43:universities, colleges and public and private schools. These set their mark upon tens of thousandsIntellect, 75:form. Education is not only purveyed in our schools and universities. The greatest school of all isIntellect, 97:mysteriously behind the scenes, as so many [97] schools of esotericism claim. It is much simplerIntellect, 99:Meditation I. The Stage of Concentration In all schools of advanced or intellectual mysticism, theIntellect, 121:thinkers and most of them - belonging to other schools than the purely materialistic - positIntellect, 180:psychologists everywhere. Amongst them are many schools of thought, holding widely opposing views,Intellect, 182:the blue prints. Fourth: In the words of all schools of mystics in both hemispheres, these results
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