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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SCHOOLS

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Intellect, 184:in the following terms: "The three chief Tibetan schools, to my mind, mark three stages on the PathIntellect, 194:pages 338, 144, 66, 101. Thus, the great schools of intellectual meditation (devoid in the finalIntellect, 195:in [195] Three. This is the objective of all the schools wherein the mystic transcends feeling, andIntellect, 212:and - as we have been told by certain reputable schools of psychologists and endocrinologists -Intellect, 221:to put this too strongly. There are many schools giving breathing instruction at this time, andIntellect, 225:the Eastern Scriptures, the "lifeline" of other schools of thought. Still others prefer to preserveMagic, 15:The foremost thinkers in any of the great schools of thought are simply exponents of occultMagic, 20:it is the urge to wisdom, the interrelated schools of thought, and the outer presentation of theMagic, 86:men and races and of which the vast system of schools, colleges, and universities indicate theMagic, 180:necessary to wait until the work of the esoteric schools has reached a more definite phase ofMagic, 193:the intuition and of spiritual perception. Many schools are simply forcing schools, prematurelyMagic, 193:perception. Many schools are simply forcing schools, prematurely developing the higher facultiesMagic, 219:a growing tendency towards magical work. Schools of affirmation are cropping up on all sides, whoseMagic, 252:learnt and hence the emphasis laid in all true schools of esoteric training upon a focused mind, aMagic, 285:here enumerated, and it is here that many of the schools go astray. The heading "vital life" is aMagic, 315:be long before the psychologists of the academic schools will recognize these four factors. It isMagic, 320:of the entering degrees. All true esoteric [320] schools begin with the control of the astral body,Magic, 327:ideas as to God, the soul, man and his destiny. Schools of thought have ever existed differing inMagic, 327:differing in their ideas and methods and the six Schools of Indian Philosophy have embodied inMagic, 327:added by the occident to these six speculative schools, though the western mind, with its geniusMagic, 338:The truth which is safeguarded in all these schools is one truth and each aspect of it isMagic, 338:he can learn to use and adapt. The three present schools are therefore, in embryo, custodians ofMagic, 338:system of quarrel and separation, these three schools are occupied largely with disproving eachMagic, 339:The Present Age and the Future One of the great schools of thought or trend of ideas which isMagic, 339:and become epochally wiser, but the present schools of philosophy have nearly served their purpose.Magic, 339:The last great gestures of the philosophical schools remain yet to be made. Their place will beMagic, 340:the opposition to the theory called forth by the schools of thought which emphasize the dominanceMagic, 376:consideration and are valuable, for there are schools of thought (such as the Vedanta and otherMagic, 376:life aspect and appear to negate duality. Other schools (such as the Theosophical, in spite ofMagic, 376:consciousness. Thus it will be found that both schools are right, and that the dualistic concept isMagic, 381:ready for them until we have the marvelous Schools of the Mysteries of Chaldea, Egypt, Greece andMagic, 396:and sacrifice. This is why the emphasis in all schools of true esotericism is laid on motive.Magic, 396:in some life, find their way into esoteric schools and have to be guided in such a manner that theMagic, 401:with its myriads of warring groups, or the many schools of philosophy in the orient or theMagic, 406:the most part isolated units who have founded schools characterized by partisanship andMagic, 408:are likewise to be found, giving us the famous schools which are the glory of Europe. Two famousMagic, 411:powerfully molding thought, whilst the ancient schools of Asiatic philosophers are just beginningMagic, 423:out of the old and be a blend of the mechanical schools, the introspective and the more purelyMagic, 423:position, plus the conclusions of two new schools which will shortly arise but which are as yet tooMagic, 423:one-sided but the contributions of the various schools will some day be unified into one syntheticMagic, 427:there may emerge certain esoteric groups and schools for development in order more rapidly to equipMagic, 427:to equip them for world service. In these schools [428] modes of meditation, the intensification ofMagic, 428:of service and the uplift of humanity. Also the schools referred to in Letters on Occult MeditationMagic, 429:supersede that of the raja yoga and bhakti yoga schools. The method of training will only be givenMagic, 517:and who (to use the ancient formula of the schools of meditation) have kept the five commandmentsMagic, 559:technique of meditation (and with this certain schools in existence at present are concerned) heMagic, 629:Our great educational centers will become schools for the development of intuitive perception andMagic, 638:the exoteric and esoteric linking of the outer schools and inner school or rank of knowers of truthMeditation, 9:Access to the Masters through Meditation. Future Schools of Meditation. Purification of theMeditation, 46:When more is known along these lines, and when schools of meditation are founded and conducted onMeditation, 46:orient and the occident will each have their own schools, subject to the same basic rules and underMeditation, 46:different routes. You will later see these schools founded in each nation; admission into them willMeditation, 46:may further expand the future of the meditation schools for your edification, but I seek nowMeditation, 47:importance than perhaps you think. In the coming schools of meditation there will be records keptMeditation, 48:attempted. Incidentally (in speaking of these schools) I would like to urge that you picture notMeditation, 105:move among men and openly teach in specific schools, many forms of brain trouble and of nervousMeditation, 248:prove to be the postulates upon which the newer schools of medicine or science will base theMeditation, 249:of the type of work done both by the schools of medicine and by chairs of psychology. CertainMeditation, 249:anent the Future The phraseology of the medical schools will more and more become based onMeditation, 295:five out of these many. Later, when the [295] Schools are organized and watched over by a Master inMeditation, 296:on Occult Meditation - Letter IX - Future Schools of Meditation FUTURE SCHOOLS OF MEDITATIONMeditation, 296:Letter IX - Future Schools of Meditation FUTURE SCHOOLS OF MEDITATION September 26th, 1920 The oneMeditation, 297:on occult meditation, that dealing with "Future Schools of Meditation". In this letter I shallMeditation, 297:of meditation is becoming everywhere admitted. Schools for concentration and methods of mentalMeditation, 299:on Occult Meditation - Letter IX - Future Schools of Meditation Future Schools of Meditation InMeditation, 299:Letter IX - Future Schools of Meditation Future Schools of Meditation In handling this matter weMeditation, 300:the coming of the Great Lord, to start these schools (in a small inconspicuous way at first) andMeditation, 300:has already been made... through the various schools at present extant... All these are theMeditation, 300:school. By that I mean that if the earlier schools and colleges do their work satisfactorily theyMeditation, 300:permit of the founding of a chain of inner schools... [301] that will be publicly recognized. ThisMeditation, 301:goal. They will be prepared for and entered from schools that definitely undertake, under expertMeditation, 301:to train novitiates for the mysteries. Such schools have existed before and in the turning of theMeditation, 301:in the founding, as aforesaid, of the various schools, and mental science also has its place. ItMeditation, 301:the world. Then will come the day of the occult schools that will definitely train men forMeditation, 301:on Occult Meditation - Letter IX - Future Schools of Meditation September 27th, 1920 We must todayMeditation, 302:take pupils, and the Heads of the various occult schools are directly responsible. All proceedsMeditation, 303:Their united auras, and wander not out to other schools. All true occult schools demand this ofMeditation, 303:wander not out to other schools. All true occult schools demand this of their pupils, and all trueMeditation, 303:so to do he is perfectly free to seek out other schools and teachers, but he must first break hisMeditation, 304:faculty of one stupendous university, the four schools being like the [305] various majorMeditation, 305:and types dealt with, and the fact that certain schools work paramountly with one ray and othersMeditation, 305:on Occult Meditation - Letter IX - Future Schools of Meditation September 28th, 1920 Today ourMeditation, 306:will it be possible to found and institute these schools. Only as the educational work of theMeditation, 306:during the earlier stages, permitted national schools. The exceptions are: Great Britain. CanadaMeditation, 306:It will be found later on, when the Occult Schools are founded, that they will be situated whereMeditation, 307:countries: Egypt. This will be one of the later schools founded and will be profoundly occult andMeditation, 308:or in Syria. You have, therefore, the following schools as planned, and must bear in mind that theMeditation, 308:as planned, and must bear in mind that the schools wherein the preparatory work and earlier gradesMeditation, 309:China. This makes the seventh in the group of schools outlined. It is not purposed as yet to haveMeditation, 309:would earnestly call to your attention that the schools will make but small beginnings and will beMeditation, 309:be made with members of the different occult schools, such as the esoteric sections of theMeditation, 310:on Occult Meditation - Letter IX - Future Schools of Meditation October 2nd, 1920 In the rigidMeditation, 311:occult law. In the establishment of these occult schools in their two divisions, preparatory andMeditation, 311:on Occult Meditation - Letter IX - Future Schools of Meditation The Location This is a matter ofMeditation, 312:other contacts than the human. In both these schools, the basic instruction is meditation in allMeditation, 312:in all its grades. Why? Because in occult schools information, clear instructions, or aMeditation, 314:on Occult Meditation - Letter IX - Future Schools of Meditation Personnel of the School OctoberMeditation, 314:of our third point in the letter on "Future Schools of Meditation," which deals with the PersonnelMeditation, 314:As said in the earlier parts of this letter, the schools will be in two divisions whereverMeditation, 314:you will consequently see, the personnel of both schools will necessarily differ, as will the
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