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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SCIENCE

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Magic, 506:will be found helpful and effective. A definite science of death will inevitably later beMagic, 517:sense of [517] the term. This is the true science and objective of pranayama. The brainMagic, 519:an intense application and a knowledge of the science of the centers they have been enabled to workMagic, 552:in its many and varied forms, enunciations of science and of philosophy, and the driving inner urgeMagic, 576:the Hands It will be apparent therefore that the Science of the Hands is a very real one and theMagic, 585:to the prudential considerations of worldly science and sagacity. If the aspirant has need toMagic, 595:be safely given. The intricate nature of this science of the centers is too great for generalMagic, 596:his soul, when he has grasped the theory of the science of the centers, and has mastered andMagic, 615:the knower and the known are one. The secret science of the Master of the Wisdom is the secret ofMagic, 628:of the divine inner Ruler, and out of our newest science, psychology, will emerge a knowledge ofMeditation, 17:way. When the fifth ray, the Ray of Concrete Science or Knowledge is a man's ray, the method isMeditation, 43:of the world. The minor Rays of Harmony and Science respond quickly to this seventh influence; byMeditation, 51:through the study of psychology and mental science. The other three fundamentals will emerge duringMeditation, 109:of the student; to teach him concrete facts and science and thus to enlarge the content of hisMeditation, 110:statement, that in days to come when the science of meditation is more comprehended, two factorsMeditation, 117:such as the Theosophical Society, the Christian Science movement, the New Thought workers and theMeditation, 172:of mind or intelligence, of knowledge and of science. It is the line of abstract mind, and ofMeditation, 173:through their devotion to the ideals of work or science or even of business organization, be justMeditation, 194:leaders of the people who - being versed in the science of sound and having studied its destructiveMeditation, 194:effects, - knew just the moment to apply that science and effect the desired end. Meditation, 220:Ray and that of Concrete Knowledge or Science, just as it does between the third plane of atma andMeditation, 230:If a man, for instance, is on the Ray of Science, and comes under the influence of the incoming RayMeditation, 242:the subtle bodies are more known, physical plane science will be superseded by the preventiveMeditation, 242:science will be superseded by the preventive science of the subtler planes, that science which aimsMeditation, 242:preventive science of the subtler planes, that science which aims at the provision of rightMeditation, 244:body has reached the point where modern science has placed the physical. The healing of theMeditation, 245:will come the next step ahead in medical science. The link between the body of the emotions andMeditation, 248:upon which the newer schools of medicine or science will base the continuance of their work. WeMeditation, 249:owing to the reticence of the true psychic. The science of numbers, being in reality the science ofMeditation, 249:The science of numbers, being in reality the science of color and sound, will also somewhat changeMeditation, 250:two thoughts lie hid the next step ahead for the science of the immediate future. The laws ofMeditation, 272:matter and can be expressed in terms of esoteric science. A man can take initiation and yet not beMeditation, 301:as aforesaid, of the various schools, and mental science also has its place. It will go forward asMeditation, 316:acquirement of the rudiments of occult lore and science, and their development in the higherMeditation, 316:other departments of the pupils' lives. Exoteric science will be taught and practiced by proficientMeditation, 324:and will have the latest appliances of science for the study of the planets and of microcosmicMeditation, 328:of the history of man and the development of science. Study of the laws of the microcosmic body.Meditation, 337:be until that etheric vehicle is recognized by science, and definitely included in the trainingMeditation, 353:Latin root meaning the first principles of any science. One who is penetrating into the mysteriesMeditation, 353:One who is penetrating into the mysteries of the science of the Self and of the one self in allMeditation, 359:Art, or Unity. The Ray of Concrete Knowledge or Science. The Ray of Abstract Idealism or Devotion.Patanjali1. AUM. The following instruction concerneth the Science of Union. 2. This Union (or Yoga) isPatanjaliAUM. (OM) The following instruction concerns the Science of Union. AUM. is the Word of Glory; itPatanjalithe sons of God." (Rom. VIII.) Raja Yoga, or the science of Union, gives the rules and the meansPatanjali, 15:a hint to the more advanced students of this science as to the esoteric problem of the Makara,Patanjali, 17:will he arrive at a right understanding of this science. The process to be followed in relation toPatanjali, 38:brain via the sixth sense, the mind. The science of yoga is a real science and only as studentsPatanjali, 38:sense, the mind. The science of yoga is a real science and only as students approach it by thePatanjali, 59:(or word) vibrates. Students of the esoteric science have to recognize the technique of thePatanjali, 64:used can more quickly be trained in this sacred science. For the majority of people, the awakeningPatanjali, 64:by the great schools of thought we call Mental Science, Christian Science, New Thought and otherPatanjali, 64:of thought we call Mental Science, Christian Science, New Thought and other groups which lay thePatanjali, 77:note that Patanjali includes Pranayama (or the science of the breath or of pranic energy) amongPatanjali, 77:processes, all interrelated and allied. The science of rhythmic living, or the regulation of thePatanjali, 77:as they demonstrate in cyclic evolution. The science of the breath, or the vitalization of thePatanjali, 78:a fact in nature and not a sublime theory. The science of the centers, or laya yoga; this is thePatanjali, 120:Raja Yoga stands by itself and is the king science of them all; it is the summation of all thePatanjali, 120:of development in the human kingdom. It is the science of the mind and of the purposeful will, andPatanjali, 120:under the subjection of the Inner Ruler. This science coordinates the entire lower threefold man,Patanjali, 121:the love of God. It was the "kingly" or crowning science of the last root-race, the Atlantean, justPatanjali, 121:the last root-race, the Atlantean, just as the science of Raja Yoga is the great science of ourPatanjali, 121:just as the science of Raja Yoga is the great science of our Aryan civilization. Bhakti Yoga madePatanjali, 124:which is the objective of the kingly science. Devotion involves certain factors which it isPatanjali, 124:of the will is never taught in the true science of yoga. Subjugation of the lower man to the willPatanjali, 141:to Spirit and its needs. Guyha vidya - The science of mantrams. The secret knowledge of mysticPatanjali, 146:of some future life. The beginner in this science of yoga can begin dealing with his active karma,Patanjali, 160:in the book, and gives the clue to the entire science of yoga. Certain thoughts lie hid in itsPatanjali, 160:formulation which cover the whole ground of this science and students would do well to give muchPatanjali, 164:free. This sutra holds the germ of the entire science of thought. Its premise is based upon thePatanjali, 164:whether he be God or man. When a man through the science of yoga (that science which deals with thePatanjali, 164:When a man through the science of yoga (that science which deals with the "suppression of thePatanjali, 166:of the kingdom of God. The object of this science of yoga is to reveal to man the mode of thisPatanjali, 168:the determination of the Hierarchy to give this science to the critical discriminating West. ItPatanjali, 190:be thrown upon the opposite side." The entire science of the balancing of the pairs of opposites isPatanjali, 196:of the magician and is the basis for the great science of mantras or of words of power which arePatanjali, 196:an understanding of, The law of vibration, The science of sound, The purpose of evolution, ThePatanjali, 214:the occidental aspirant. In the East there is a science of postures and about eighty-four differentPatanjali, 214:most intricate and painful, are listed. This science is a branch of hatha yoga and is not to bePatanjali, 222:be left for direct teaching by a master in this science to his pupil. There is extreme dangerPatanjali, 225:and has his being. This is the basis of the science of astrology or the relationship of the planet,Patanjali, 225:and this "illuminating process" is an exact science for which these four means of yoga havePatanjali, 228:to master the technique and terminology of this science of the soul which the East has held inPatanjali, 233:complete nature. It is the text book of an exact science and within its few short pages arePatanjali, 255:know. Hence the need for Raja Yoga or the [255] science of union through mind control andPatanjali, 256:time he is willing (as in the acquirement of any science) to learn the A.B.C. and graduate in thePatanjali, 273:in every form. This is the basis of the whole science of the soul and leads a man to know his ownPatanjali, 273:divine life. It is the foundation for the entire science of psychism, both in its higher and lowerPatanjali, 283:difference between this philosophy and modern science is here indicated. The schools of today layPatanjali, 290:goal of Raja Yoga. Will the students of this science remember here, [291] however, that these formsPatanjali, 293:the "auric egg" of the occultist. In the science of yoga, which has to be wrought out and masteredPatanjali, 318:the intuition for solution, that the truths of science are reached, the flashes of discovery andPatanjali, 327:(or chitta) can enter another body. This entire science of Raja Yoga is based upon an understandingPatanjali, 327:and function of the mind. The basic law of this science can be summed up in the words "energyPatanjali, 354:utilization of the sense of touch is an esoteric science. The sublimation of the sense of hearingPatanjali, 354:and those adepts who have specialized in the science of sight, and the science of sound are some ofPatanjali, 354:specialized in the science of sight, and the science of sound are some of the most erudite andPatanjali, 362:which underlies the great systems of mental science and Christian Science in the occident, and manyPatanjali, 362:great systems of mental science and Christian Science in the occident, and many of the [363]Patanjali, 407:minds, from the mind of the atom (recognized by science) to the mind of God Himself, through allPatanjali, 415:regard it as the one important factor. Eastern science comes to our rescue and says to us that back
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