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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SCIENTIFIC

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Education, 10:occult, which would include the intellectual, scientific and mental types. By the time a child isEducation, 34:education will primarily be concerned with the scientific and conscious bridging between theEducation, 38:geographical, literary, philosophical and scientific - are likewise added in many countries and forEducation, 62:discover worlds which will call for his scientific penetration. For the majority of aspirants, theEducation, 66:"esotericism," and to indicate the extremely scientific and practical nature of the enterprise uponEducation, 72:and the desired ideal; there has been no scientific bridging done; and no attempt has been made toEducation, 83:is still amateurish in nature. When made more scientific it opens the door for training in theEducation, 92:by the recognition that the Way of Service is a scientific technique for the achieving of thisEducation, 97:Service is the true science of creation and is a scientific method of establishing continuity.Education, 101:when his capacity to remember facts (historical, scientific, religious and other) had beenEducation, 106:the public welfare from the angle of mental and scientific interest, based upon a general materialEducation, 136:and physical perfection. The right form of scientific sex control, leading to those rightEducation, 137:unfoldment becomes possible. To impart the scientific procedure whereby. bodies "built in the dark"Education, 138:groups or bodies, through their close fusion and scientific interrelation, that form of divineExternalisation, 57:This is the thought contained in the words "scientific service" as used by me. The work of thisExternalisation, 57:next immediate steps forward in any particular scientific field will be founded. They will availExternalisation, 57:material, and the spiritual inferences and the scientific hypotheses, they will formulate thoseExternalisation, 57:present. They will release through this blend of scientific knowledge and intuitive idealism, thoseExternalisation, 58:such a group cannot be formed until a certain scientific discovery has been made of such momentExternalisation, 58:has been made of such moment that our present scientific inhibition in recognizing the fact of theExternalisation, 58:1975. Secondly, A.A.B. has not the necessary scientific knowledge to do more than grasp the broaderExternalisation, 96:Hierarchy stands also at a point of extreme and scientific tension - scientific because induced andExternalisation, 96:at a point of extreme and scientific tension - scientific because induced and directed; you can, ifExternalisation, 103:unity of purpose. It is for this reason (a truly scientific one in its nature) that I haveExternalisation, 104:must seek to develop is that of an organized, scientific activity. Esoterically, this involves anExternalisation, 104:result of its impact upon forces. This is the scientific aspect of the occult life. The world isExternalisation, 122:than that which today comes under the name of scientific discovery were known in old Atlantis, butExternalisation, 122:were everywhere to be found. Most of our modern scientific knowledge was possessed by theseExternalisation, 124:workers, plus those dim memories of ancient scientific achievement which lead the modern student toExternalisation, 125:- it would consecrate that knowledge and its scientific and mental attainment to group good or toExternalisation, 151:perception of the implications or the scientific nature of their procedure but is, for that veryExternalisation, 195:sense of fusion with other peoples. There is no scientific and hitherto unknown mode of solvingExternalisation, 198:there are deep students of human nature, scientific investigators with wide human sympathies, andExternalisation, 205:all the current ideologies and in political and scientific circles, among the world educators andExternalisation, 206:be, the glory of the vision and the spiritual, scientific and physical rebuilding of humanity beExternalisation, 207:service and action. These three practical and scientific truths embody the three basic facts andExternalisation, 223:It is already potent spiritually, owing to the scientific work of the occult Hierarchy and TheirExternalisation, 234:assembled her potent war machine, after years of scientific and planned preparation. Today theExternalisation, 408:new political ideology, or the principle of some scientific discovery of importance to the growthExternalisation, 418:understanding. There will also be the trained, scientific work of appeal and invocation asExternalisation, 491:Earth would be heralded by means of successful scientific investigation. By this first step in theExternalisation, 492:unconsciously. They become "impressed," and the scientific work is then started and carried throughExternalisation, 493:Axis Powers obtained possession of the needed scientific formulas, it would have led to a majorExternalisation, 495:enabled them to impress lesser disciples in the scientific field and helped them to surmount theExternalisation, 569:- in modern history, for instance, or the newest scientific procedures, or in the use of foreignExternalisation, 577:the work of preparation, for it is through the scientific use of energy that the world will beExternalisation, 605:of his triumph over nature. The glory of scientific attainment and the magnificent evidence ofExternalisation, 617:Modern esotericism and the success of scientific, spiritual living are now so widely recognizedExternalisation, 654:energies under what is called (esoterically) "scientific impression." These energies are: [655] 1.Externalisation, 659:increasing numbers, and this - combined with its scientific use by the Hierarchy - is very fruitfulExternalisation, 681:plus the unfoldment of the faculty of a scientific telepathic rapport. I have thereby laid theFire, viii:worlds a new capacity to take a more scientific position. Spiritual teaching will be increasinglyFire, xiii:and demonstrate the essential unity of the scientific and religious idea. The two are at presentFire, 7:and the Oversoul constitutes the basis for the scientific belief in Brotherhood. Brotherhood is aFire, 60:is the aim - perhaps unrealized - of all scientific endeavor at this time. That emanation of theFire, 86:on all planes during manifestation. When more scientific knowledge has been gained it will be foundFire, 128:to point the way to the next step onward for scientific investigators; that we may do so is butFire, 151:man at his present stage, and with his present scientific accessories, but (like all occultFire, 238:diverse names according to the trend (religious, scientific or philosophical) of their minds. God,Fire, 320:ether. It will eventually be brought under scientific formula, and some of its properties,Fire, 345:through his ability to produce through scientific knowledge, that which is called electric lightFire, 381:popular speculation, then of investigation, of scientific demonstration, and finally be known to beFire, 402:even though not as yet demonstrable to the scientific mind. We will, as usual, tabulate ourFire, 419:recognition of this essential duality, and the scientific appreciation of it is to be seen in theFire, 430:In these three lines of thought, therefore, - scientific, religious, and philosophic, - we have theFire, 433:in mind. His is the influence that leads to the scientific adaptation of matter to form, [434] andFire, 435:on the desire for harmony as on a desire for a scientific, intelligent manipulation of astralFire, 453:This will be due to two causes: First, the scientific recognition of the existence of the ethericFire, 453:of effort, and economy of force in the scientific, business, philosophic, educational, andFire, 454:mental forms. It will have for its basis the scientific recognition of the unseen world and its dueFire, 454:and apprehension by means of accurate scientific ceremonial. This ceremonial of the universalFire, 454:understood, as it will be the guarded, guided, scientific utilization of sound and color to bringFire, 454:many other objects which will grow out of the scientific comprehension of the constitution of man,Fire, 454:true spiritual devotee may become rare, and the scientific aspirant will take his place. [455] TheFire, 474:The center of attention of medical and scientific students will be focused on the etheric body, andFire, 475:substance. The unity of life will be a known and scientific fact, and life in matter will no longerFire, 477:It is interesting to note how in the scientific expression 'radioactivity', we have the easternFire, 499:of causal consciousness, and upon the scientific construction of the bridge which should unite theFire, 524:development of the psyche under law, with the scientific expansion of the consciousness, and willFire, 559:on the formulation of thought-forms in a scientific manner, and the dense physical aspect ofFire, 579:it demonstrates in business organization, in scientific development, in manufacture, or inFire, 606:be purified, developed and beautified through a scientific attention paid to the development of theFire, 640:words" by which they are controlled, the future scientific alchemists (I use this expression inFire, 674:by the initiate. This will lead eventually to a scientific consideration of the effect of thisFire, 678:in collaboration with certain adepts on the scientific line, who - through the desired union ofFire, 712:and with four in connection with the other. A scientific formula for the process ofFire, 714:purpose than to direct the attention of the scientific and philosophic students to the study ofFire, 714:the polarity of the subtler vehicles, and the scientific application of the laws of electricity toFire, 714:and polar relationships, and because the scientific laws were understood and the Knowers took [715]Fire, 755:of life - economic, religious, social and scientific. These groups will achieve results nowFire, 795:how to neutralize any remaining effects through scientific achievement and knowledge of theFire, 796:men are theoretically apprehended, but the true scientific realization of energy-radiationsFire, 809:a beautiful theory or belief, and not a proven scientific fact, nor is it universally held. [810]Fire, 813:about the protection of the family unit, and its scientific development; it will cause theFire, 814:apprehension of knowledge and those of scientific bent who are willing to accept these truths as aFire, 815:center, the Ego. This involves necessarily a scientific apprehension of the laws of being, and aFire, 842:may be seen in the purely intellectual selfish scientific type. They are responsible for much ofFire, 918:in the atom of the physicist or chemist. Scientific students who are interested in these mattersFire, 958:is everywhere seen as existing will have its scientific and occult explanation when it is studiedFire, 958:understand the process of creation with greater scientific accuracy. We will, therefore, consider
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