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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SCIENTIFIC

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Hercules, 207:sometimes to interpret, the more material and scientific paralleling trends which can be seen. TheHercules, 207:work are being studied widely from both the scientific and religious angles, bringing definiteInitiation, 2:cycle must add the gain of further research and scientific endeavor, and subtract that which isInitiation, 5:of humanity (using the word "fact" in the scientific sense as that which has been demonstrated pastInitiation, 7:ultimately overwhelm him. Nevertheless, in the scientific study of this law of analogy will come aInitiation, 38:meditations, the wisdom of their plans, and the scientific knowledge of energy which is theirs,Initiation, 119:is no longer a theory but a proven [119] scientific fact, no more to be disputed than theInitiation, 119:of energy, and can begin to wield power with scientific accuracy and direction. He knows now whenceInitiation, 138:initiation the Rod is applied to the petals in a scientific manner, and regulated according to rayInitiation, 143:the power of the Planetary Logos, aided by the scientific knowledge of the Lodge, and theIntellectThoughts CHAPTER ONE Introductory Thoughts "The scientific method - apart from a narrowly agnosticIntellect, 5:and that of the western worker to creative scientific achievement, yet the world into which theyIntellect, 11:He must go forward, and the vast educational, scientific, philosophic and religious organizationsIntellect, 12:age was inaugurated and the wonders of the scientific achievements of our time are known by us all.Intellect, 21:teaching is almost entirely materialistic and scientific. In the past, both in the East and in theIntellect, 21:- individual and mass education - religious and scientific - that the way out will be found. LikeIntellect, 22:through education, of the masses. In an age of scientific achievement and of a synthesis [23] ofIntellect, 23:produce some good scholars and give a body of scientific facts to a great number. But there is aIntellect, 24:from the control of theologies (religious or scientific) are the war cries of the present, and muchIntellect, 29:educators to help in this work by applying the scientific method of ascertaining agreements amidstIntellect, 29:Dr. Wiggam tells us, lies outside the realm of scientific [30] training altogether. - Wiggam,Intellect, 43:and its many sciences. It has produced the scientific investigation of man, and (on the crest ofIntellect, 44:wisdom and the technique of meditation. This scientific and cultural system, when applied to ourIntellect, 45:to be achieved through the eastern system of scientific meditation. Our greatest need in the WestIntellect, 74:has been followed by countless thousands and a scientific process which has been formulated andIntellect, 78:to his present position of mental attainment, scientific achievement and divine unrest. SteadilyIntellect, 101:non-physical structure... capable of strict scientific study and liable to its own disorders." SomeIntellect, 148:for it entails careful control of the mind and a scientific approach to the subject; it is a resultIntellect, 232:will follow the bent of his own mind - artistic, scientific or philosophical - and for them thatIntellect, 266:work in all fields of human achievement - the scientific field, the political, the religious, theMagic, 5:necessary basis and a preliminary step for most scientific study, but in this book we will centerMagic, 14:practical application of the more specifically scientific method, and the utilization of test, theMagic, 14:of thought results. This discriminating and scientific process has enabled man to arrive at muchMagic, 14:much truth in relation to the three worlds. The scientific method is, in relation to the [15] mindMagic, 15:of the attention either upon a seed thought, a scientific problem, a philosophy or a worldMagic, 17:real place in the theories of the academic and scientific investigators. It is unproven andMagic, 25:save his face by some such statement. Just as a scientific treatise would prove meaningless and aMagic, 82:subjective consciousness is not recognized in a scientific sense. It is recognized [83] innately byMagic, 83:not this aspect of manifestation, nor do scientific men, as a whole, believe in a world ofMagic, 115:is used rightly if you employ it only in a scientific sense and mean the contrasting pole thatMagic, 134:The terrific power of thought. The need for scientific knowledge on these two matters. Magic, 263:or science or philosophy, the life religious, scientific, or artistic - to them he consecrates hisMagic, 290:kingdoms in nature. Here lies the secret of all scientific and occult healing. Healers areMagic, 302:except to raise the whole subject onto a more scientific level, and - in this scientific sense -Magic, 302:onto a more scientific level, and - in this scientific sense - teach people to die. There is aMagic, 327:though the western mind, with its genius for scientific technique and method, has elaborated theMagic, 332:has not been isolated. This the mystics in the scientific world will sense and work to demonstrateMagic, 336:it is the privilege of the coming generation of scientific investigators to bring about. Magic, 389:in the material world what we call our scientific civilization. Agni rules on the mental plane, andMagic, 401:their group members in all fields - political, scientific, religious, and economic - and give toMagic, 405:the manifestation of what I prefer to call "scientific brotherhood" in contradistinction to theMagic, 406:divisions; cultural, political, religious, and scientific. In more modern times three other groupsMagic, 410:the fifth and third ray impulses, groups of scientific investigators have arisen, working with theMagic, 410:counts. It is interesting to note that in the scientific group the underlying unity is particularlyMagic, 414:their line of service is cultural, political, scientific, religious, philosophical, psychologicalMagic, 419:upon traditional authority, whether religious, scientific, cultural or any other form of imposedMagic, 424:towards establishing the awareness on a really scientific basis. There is as yet no consciousMagic, 430:are there; political leaders and economists and scientific workers in the world's laboratories areMagic, 499:Death There is a big difference now between the scientific method of bringing people intoMagic, 499:the door in the occident to a newer and more scientific method of handling the process of dying,Magic, 506:Catholic Church. Extreme unction has an occult, scientific basis. The top of the [507] head of theMagic, 516:the contemplative realization but through a scientific utilization of the interludes, developed inMagic, 536:by man for men, and through the agency of scientific, religious and educational endeavor, the humanMagic, 536:of souls. It is interpenetrating, through scientific research, the world of [537] superhumanMagic, 627:and cultural systems and the entire structure of scientific investigation. Meditationattempted to supply the need of a brief yet scientific exposition of a rationale of meditation,Meditation, 12:the highest emotional aspiration, apart from the scientific application of the law, via the mentalMeditation, 14:the pupil. Later, when the teacher comes and the scientific application of the method to theMeditation, 21:incarnation) be given to the acquirement of scientific position and to the development of mind.Meditation, 47:this way. The life will be regulated and the scientific purification of the physical body will beMeditation, 80:work with the pupils, stimulating through scientific knowledge and methods the dormant or sluggishMeditation, 80:in the safe awakening of the inner fire, in its scientific culture and transmission, and instructMeditation, 123:ahead of the occult student is the study and the scientific observation of this matter. We haveMeditation, 142:point of view (I use The term "selfish" in the scientific sense and not as a belittling adjective)Meditation, 143:practice of meditation plays its part. The true scientific meditation provides [144] graded formsMeditation, 152:forms that shelter the divine life. Through the scientific study of the macrocosm, "the kingdom ofMeditation, 172:plan, some phase of beauty and of art, some scientific or racial problem, and by brooding over itMeditation, 192:contact can be made. The whole process is purely scientific and is based on vibration, and on aMeditation, 200:aligned with the egoic body, you will see the scientific application of the laws of sound andMeditation, 215:is meditation. When the intelligence grasps the scientific facts anent this subject, then comes theMeditation, 218:solar system; the force of orange (which is scientific apprehension by the intelligence) comes inMeditation, 242:trouble, the ordinary high class physical plane scientific methods will be applied at first, andMeditation, 244:you can see, necessarily involves either direct scientific knowledge, or else it involves theMeditation, 246:effect certain cures, and bring about, through scientific comprehension, the desired results. SomeMeditation, 274:is varied and interesting, and is based on a scientific comprehension of human nature. What is itMeditation, 276:of the Master to accomplish successfully the scientific definite work that [277] needs HisMeditation, 298:presence, able and equipped to teach the true scientific development which is the aim of trueMeditation, 298:any general acceptation of training, and of the scientific development of the vehicles. TheseMeditation, 326:and builds into his mental body a vast store of scientific data. During the six weeks' vacation heMeditation, 328:auras of the school group.) Secondly, a graded scientific study of the microcosm, including thePatanjali, 23:sleep of the yogi, the result of the conscious scientific withdrawal of the real man from his lowerPatanjali, 38:approach it by the correct stages and employ the scientific methods, will the true samadhi orPatanjali, 57:likewise represents the Word, and through the scientific use of this great sound He produces aPatanjali, 66:theological [66] dogma, whether religious or scientific. Only thus can the reality be found and thePatanjali, 78:of the law to the forces of nature and the scientific utilization of those forces by the man. ItPatanjali, 175:itself, which doubt urges him on to constant scientific investigation and finally, the mind itself.Patanjali, 178:practice of the means, leads the aspirant to a scientific understanding of the distinction existingPatanjali, 189:the human mechanism, that what may be called "scientific purification" is as yet in its infancy.Patanjali, 279:aspects of the records, but a definitely [279] scientific process, known only to the trainedPatanjali, 289:It should be remembered that this is a scientific textbook, having for its objective the following:
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