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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SCIENTIFIC

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Problems, 7:people fail to appreciate its potency or its scientific and dynamic effect. One person sincerelyProblems, 10:from the angle of man, the unit. Owing to the scientific achievements of mankind (as a result ofProblems, 15:world picture and gain a new vision. There is a scientific basis for the old statement in the BibleProblems, 16:the brilliance of the intellect and keen scientific perception for the subjective realities. HasProblems, 33:and the newer aspects of mental training; no scientific bridging has been done and little attemptProblems, 54:is still amateurish in nature. When made more scientific it opens the door for training in theProblems, 78:masses has been present. With the steam age, the scientific age, the age of electricity and the ageProblems, 89:in us all". Let us regard that statement as a scientific one and not as a pious, religious hope.Problems, 100:these rules are kept - in a modern world where scientific methods are applied to purity in food.Problems, 109:their proved commercial benefits and their scientific knowledge to all that Africa has to offer ofProblems, 158:Approach; the method employed will be the scientific and intelligent use of Invocation andProblems, 176:and subjective; the Western is positive and scientific and, therefore, objective. This is furtherPsychology1, xxiii:make, will, I forecast, be demonstrated, in the scientific sense, during the coming Aquarian Age.Psychology1, 5:upon the form aspect (this latter being the true scientific method), and is therefore limited andPsychology1, 51:between scientists. In this the workers in the scientific field differ profoundly from those of thePsychology1, 69:seen. Take Christ from off the cross. Quality - scientific investigation. Let the two pathsPsychology1, 90:the emphasis and the important factor to the scientific mind, which is so different to that of itsPsychology1, 92:say the materialists and the upholders of proven scientific facts. Belief, verbal testimony, hope,Psychology1, 94:it not possible that the mechanically minded and scientific investigators are right in theirPsychology1, 96:symbolic statement, but will be regarded as a scientific pronouncement. Our universal brotherhoodPsychology1, 99:artists, the intuitive perception of great scientific investigators, the inspired imagination ofPsychology1, 100:demonstrates the type of the personality. Scientific investigation of the powers in man, withPsychology1, 100:of telepathic phenomena in a new light. The scientific training of clairvoyants and the intelligentPsychology1, 105:and respectable an investigation as any scientific problem, such as research into the nature of thePsychology1, 123:is composed of that matter, will be recognized scientific fact, and the scientists who workPsychology1, 177:Seven Creative Builders, the Seven Rays Third, Scientific The workers along this line havePsychology1, 182:a simple reply to your question, and yet one so scientific and so profound in meaning that onlyPsychology1, 183:long in the realm of science, as the result of scientific investigation. Certain scientists willPsychology1, 185:Through the stimulating and occultly scientific work of the department of religions, men will comePsychology1, 192:its phenomenal appearance? Here we can see the scientific value of the study of ideals, ofPsychology1, 195:and a Will. To this, science sets its seal, for scientific knowledge is the indication of man'sPsychology1, 196:contacts extends, and he passes (through scientific research) from an exoteric understanding of thePsychology1, 205:who can also bring his results down to practical scientific use. The literary style of the thirdPsychology1, 208:ray, the method of approaching the Path is by scientific research, pushed to ultimate conclusions,Psychology1, 221:intended for the reader who has no academic or scientific training, it will suffice to say that thePsychology1, 224:not come under our subject matter. This is not a scientific treatise, as usually understood, but aPsychology1, 253:This is a wide and general specification of no scientific import at all; but it covers adequatelyPsychology1, 280:today in the so-called cosmic rays indicates a scientific recognition of the new incoming seventhPsychology1, 294:and the newer educational systems, based on scientific psychology, will have completely supersededPsychology1, 301:The spreading of this doctrine of rebirth, its scientific recognition and proving, is fast goingPsychology1, 302:and recognized truths, and a truth is a scientific pronouncement. The molding of the life by thesePsychology1, 326:really an emotional attitude. It is not. It is a scientific process, governing evolution itself.Psychology1, 327:Aspiration is an activity of an occult and scientific nature, and is instinctual in substancePsychology1, 329:the sense of beauty and creative aspiration. The scientific type - full of the idea of cause andPsychology1, 340:be expressed scientifically and in terms of scientific formulas, if man were mentally equipped toPsychology1, 350:that stimulation which lies behind all the scientific approach to truth in all departments of humanPsychology1, 359:When the motive is transmuted from pure scientific interest to love of the divine revelation, andPsychology1, 362:the cosmic Christ, and to produce that future scientific religion of Light which will enable man toPsychology1, 362:souls from the nursery stage and inaugurate that scientific understanding of the divine purposePsychology1, 362:the separative instincts, - dogmatic religion, scientific factual accuracy, schools of thought withPsychology1, 362:but bar out uniformity; it will prepare for that scientific technique which will demonstrate thePsychology1, 364:in the various subhuman kingdoms. Heal through a scientific method of bringing together soul andPsychology1, 364:on the astral plane, and it will be through scientific rituals that this new development will bePsychology1, 370:fifth ray was not active as it now is. Therefore scientific knowledge of their activity was notPsychology1, 371:built. The animal body of man has received much scientific attention during the past one hundredPsychology1, 374:in the last analysis, to this concept, and the scientific basis of all meditation work is really toPsychology1, 374:the understanding of brotherhood and its really scientific basis. I referred to the fact that manPsychology1, 375:the difficulty of the present time. Through the scientific ritual of meditation (for that is whatPsychology1, 375:can be brought more rapidly about. Through the scientific culture of the ritual of service it canPsychology1, 379:a quite inadequate and sentimental phrase for a scientific expression of a great comingPsychology1, 383:and brilliant French intellect, with its scientific bent, is accounted for by the interplay of thePsychology1, 383:Ray of Active Intelligence with the fifth Ray of Scientific Understanding. Hence their amazingPsychology1, 389:(the fifth) is already being evidenced. The scientific interest shown in psychism and psychology isPsychology1, 428:This is a wide and general specification of no scientific import at all; but it covers adequatelyPsychology2, 20:the lowest or third aspect of life in the scientific laboratories so-called, but to reproduce orPsychology2, 86:responsibility, or coordinated civic life, of scientific economics and of human interrelations, thePsychology2, 90:are beautifully possible. An increasingly scientific control of the elements in which we live, andPsychology2, 124:or an ideal, but that it is an effect and a scientific procedure at the same time. Indicate thePsychology2, 131:This constitutes, therefore, a definitely scientific endeavor and warrants the attention of thePsychology2, 143:are on this ray and train them in the art of scientific investigation. From the sensed spiritualPsychology2, 144:with its correct evocation. Their technique is scientific because it is based upon a rightPsychology2, 197:humanitarian, artistic, literary, philosophic or scientific lines. All this involves personalityPsychology2, 206:in power as our educational processes and our scientific discoveries bring results, and expandPsychology2, 216:during the coming century, and certain lines of scientific and spiritual unfoldment must eventuatePsychology2, 237:of their search by many names - life-experience, scientific research, philosophic questionings,Psychology2, 261:dogmatism of the Church, the great and wonderful scientific developments of the immediate past, andPsychology2, 284:Ageless Wisdom into line with modern truth and scientific conclusions. Psychology2, 323:for the mechanism. There is, therefore, no scientific proof (as the word is understood at thisPsychology2, 335:switched the center of his life interest into scientific investigation, might be, therefore,Psychology2, 403:The assertion of the purely materialistic and scientific attitude which recognizes only thePsychology2, 404:the culture of the sense of divinity) and right scientific unfoldment (which is the correctPsychology2, 419:a treatise such as this. It is not easy for the scientific psychological investigator to accept thePsychology2, 433:in the minds of intelligent people and of the scientific investigator. Yet, in spite of this, realPsychology2, 433:and, therefore, moving on to popular and finally scientific recognition. In considering the innerPsychology2, 436:right expression in the political, religious, or scientific fields, and in other modes of divinePsychology2, 456:every church, religion, in political and scientific bodies and also in every esoteric and occultPsychology2, 475:stages of development, and I only use the three, scientific, racial nomenclatures as symbols ofPsychology2, 479:and when the present barriers are down and true scientific investigation is instituted along thesePsychology2, 572:every mystic and there is no one profound and scientific rule whereby he can guide his reactions.Psychology2, 589:stressed. I would remind you that service is a scientific method whereby the forces which awaken,Psychology2, 591:the mode of approach has to be more definitely scientific, for the trouble is more deep seatedPsychology2, 601:into disrepute, particularly in this modern scientific age. It is the materializing of the visionPsychology2, 613:ambition" until they learn that humility and scientific technique which will make them wisePsychology2, 669:fields of human endeavor (political, religious, scientific and economic), must be brought intoPsychology2, 680:international understanding, world education and scientific achievement. At the end of that periodPsychology2, 696:by the world aspirants is possible. This is a scientific program of work with which I havePsychology2, 705:have considered the possibility of there being a scientific acceptance of the hypothesis of theirPsychology2, 708:are at present little understood. What do modern scientific investigators know of the distinctionRays, 70:fundamentally deals, is primarily a great and scientific activity of which modern humanity knowsRays, 77:exercises and meditation processes have been a scientific preparation). Then, through the produced
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