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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SCIENTIFICALLY

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Astrology, 5:will be grasped, and we shall then begin to live scientifically. It is this scientific living whichAstrology, 124:It would be of interest to find out two things scientifically: Whether the majority of the lowestAstrology, 198:process which astrology will eventually prove scientifically and past all controversy. This is theAstrology, 237:psychic and physical training and experiment, scientifically applied and mystically motivated. WhenAstrology, 278:is so the control of the personality will be scientifically carried forward; full use will be madeAstrology, 292:I have not attempted in this Treatise to prove - scientifically and in the modern exoteric sense -Atom, 45:for the wise student. If each one of us would scientifically regard ourselves as centers of force,Atom, 48:we recognize that fact, and deal rightly and scientifically with those forms and their atoms. ThisAutobiography, 76:very good at the game, not because I play it Scientifically, but because I had an uncanny way ofAutobiography, 197:in the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet is scientifically taught, not as a doctrine but as anAutobiography, 287:true, then the existence of this kingdom can be scientifically considered as an integral part ofAutobiography, 288:the appeal of these truths must be mental and scientifically based and not simply emotional andDestiny, 19:nations is something which remains to be studied scientifically and is a phase which leadsDestiny, 117:be affected, must be consequently gradually and scientifically developed. This, as you may wellDestiny, 124:lines of force will be better understood and scientifically studied and the lines of relatedDestiny, 126:will meet his requirements and does this more scientifically than do disciples on other rays. TheDiscipleship1, X:into the fifth can be brought about consciously, scientifically and with the full consent andDiscipleship1, 29:because their responsiveness has been scientifically trained and developed. Their power to work inDiscipleship1, 40:with the task of relating - factually and scientifically - the other nine types of groups so thatDiscipleship1, 434:the entire month, working with deliberation and scientifically each day with the thought in yourDiscipleship1, 766:and study of the spirally and atoms would be scientifically and technically interesting andDiscipleship2, 48:control and not the inner knowledge. To put it scientifically and from the esoteric angle:Discipleship2, 87:is a school wherein belief in the Hierarchy is scientifically taught, not as a doctrine but as anDiscipleship2, 169:mind that light and matter are synonymous terms scientifically, [170] and that the network of lightDiscipleship2, 193:of the antahkarana could be systematically and scientifically carried out by you. I shall not,Discipleship2, 213:far as humanity is concerned) the Christ spoke scientifically and also in a planetary sense when heEducation, 26:and nature of any individual etheric body can be scientifically discovered. This development is notEducation, 67:as such, and esotericism is not an effort scientifically to awaken the centers, as many studentsEducation, 134:of the etheric body with its force centers is scientifically established, the above prophecy willEducation, 139:by an increasing number of people, will be scientifically related to the embryonic light in theExternalisation, 196:"a little child shall lead them" will be proven scientifically true. In the new world order thisExternalisation, 290:the recognition of new laws and facts in nature, scientifically grasped and used; it may be theExternalisation, 327:an acute fear of what the future may hold (scientifically developed by the Axis powers), and aExternalisation, 348:clue to all healing processes, and - using light scientifically - govern all techniques forExternalisation, 389:Who are working strenuously - and, I might add, scientifically - to meet the present dire need.Externalisation, 517:The faculty of the intuition must be developed scientifically. Finally, Church members and membersExternalisation, 654:have, therefore, to apply such stimulation scientifically, working first in one direction and thenExternalisation, 657:directed and their resultant impact be most scientifically considered if over-stimulation is to beExternalisation, 662:the line of least resistance. There, it is scientifically stepped down or broken down, prior toFire, 88:sense of the term "living"; which, if studied scientifically, religiously and philosophically, mayFire, 90:and its assimilative processes are comprehended scientifically, man will then be immune fromFire, 397:of investigation which might (if strenuously and scientifically followed) yield to the student aFire, 504:in the causal body, comes the ability to work scientifically with the problem of one's ownFire, 548:the physical plane, and this knowledge will be scientifically utilized to produce specific resultsFire, 559:upon when the functions of the etheric body are scientifically grasped and understood and the lawsFire, 680:and before he can duly develop must comprehend scientifically the laws of his own nature, and theFire, 708:a working hypothesis is provided whereby man can scientifically undertake his own unfoldment. TheseFire, 715:(who are themselves centers of energy) which - scientifically viewed - indicates a man'sFire, 757:true inspiration and mediumship, and to do this scientifically. In fifty years time, the need forFire, 803:hidden in the Universal Mind. All that we can scientifically ascertain is the nature of that whichFire, 959:the power has been acquired of automatically and scientifically utilizing the sutratma (or channel)Glamour, 187:for instance, of material substance (scientifically proven) as essentially only a form of energyGlamour, 197:then be recognized for what it is and will be scientifically dissipated by the use of the illuminedGlamour, 201:it into themselves and then consciously and scientifically project it into the world of glamor. TheGlamour, 210:His work will be experimental at first, and scientifically applied eventually. It will be basedGlamour, 211:unfoldment which prepares the aspirant to work scientifically; it is not a process of "killing outGlamour, 211:of understanding and can work wisely and also scientifically. Glamour, 246:his higher self, and to produce, consciously and scientifically, those effects which - in hisHealing, 61:not only symbolically but also technically and scientifically. This again will later be seen. InHealing, 83:can, when fully awakened and consciously and scientifically employed, serve as an open door throughHealing, 201:regulation are recognized and carefully and scientifically studied. Then we shall see the scienceHealing, 206:that, as far as he is concerned, he must work scientifically; he must apply knowledge and - afterHealing, 253:accumulated by medicine and by those who work scientifically with the human body is as God-given asHealing, 273:of advanced research. The new medicine cannot be scientifically formulated or intelligentlyHealing, 280:as yet to be trustworthy, and are not yet scientifically proved. They are pioneering groups, andHealing, 442:plane will be so firmly established and so scientifically controlled that the work of the tranceHealing, 458:recognized and its relation to the body has been scientifically demonstrated. Mantric phrases willHealing, 483:however, that the moment that true death is scientifically established (by the orthodox doctor inHealing, 503:of the atom is split in two. (This wording is scientifically incorrect.) This event in the lifeHealing, 528:kept properly certified records which would be scientifically accurate (and practically none ofHealing, 561:the fact of the etheric body, and works scientifically and intelligently with it and itsHealing, 622:under control of the soul, are correctly and scientifically energized and brought to a condition ofHealing, 710:ray mode of healing is that the healer, working scientifically and largely on concrete levels,Initiation, 73:the previous solar system. He has also to work scientifically, if it may be so expressed, at theInitiation, 91:until the time comes when he is in a position scientifically to wield planetary force. The lengthInitiation, 134:The action of the Rod is most carefully and scientifically regulated, and at each succeedingInitiation, 169:by the Bodhisattva. Electrical phenomena are scientifically recognized as dual in nature, but theInitiation, 195:psychology occultly understood, and to become, scientifically aware of the real nature of the Ego,Initiation, 198:by two predominant factors, powerful will, scientifically applied, right motive, purified in theIntellect, 31:the inner and the outer world. Since we can scientifically determine what are our real intentions,Intellect, 180:of the spiritual realm, so-called, remain to be scientifically discovered and utilized. A few haveMagic, 66:then people will control their bodies scientifically, synchronizing the laws of vibration and ofMagic, 301:plane will be so firmly established and so scientifically controlled that the work of the tranceMagic, 477:principles of which are not yet understood nor scientifically applied. But they do point the way,Magic, 506:recognized and its relation to the body has been scientifically demonstrated. Mantric phrases willMagic, 577:knowledge is therefore required in order to work scientifically. I have no time to take up inMagic, 588:period of purification and later of energizing scientifically, is the one employed by the guidingMeditation, 60:condition, will he find the use of the Word scientifically and experimentally of value. His lack ofMeditation, 68:much facilitated. Groups that are definitely and scientifically working on the laws of the rays,Meditation, 82:Each center has to be gradually, carefully and scientifically awakened, its revolutions have to beMeditation, 109:not here to the mystic meditation but to the scientifically occult meditation. The dangers are,Meditation, 119:meditation is more comprehended and the matter scientifically studied, students will prepare theMeditation, 197:the methods, procedure and results have not been scientifically comprehended or tabulated, exceptMeditation, 199:effect on the matter of those bodies will be scientifically tabulated and all knowledge gained willMeditation, 258:is love, and therein lies the merging. To put scientifically what is oft a nebulous sentiment, weMeditation, 283:more quickly. The body of the emotions will be scientifically studied and the laws of waterMeditation, 330:already acquired, where his centers will be scientifically developed so that he will become aMeditation, 346:and facts, to train it intellectually and scientifically so that it may prove as time goes on aProblems, 7:control and not the inner knowledge. To put it scientifically and from the esoteric angle:Problems, 158:of a divine Plan, historically proved. Scientifically applied discipline and training will enable
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