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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SCOTLAND

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Autobiography, 1:life was a letter I had in 1941 from a friend in Scotland who said that he felt that I would reallyAutobiography, 18:Cardoness" (as the heir is sometimes called in Scotland), the eldest son of Sir William Maxwell,Autobiography, 18:and was president of the Y. W. C. A. in Scotland. If I have been of any service to my fellowmen andAutobiography, 21:last time, I tried to drown myself in a river in Scotland. But again the instinct toAutobiography, 28:we spent in another aunt's house in the south of Scotland, going back and forth from her home toAutobiography, 34:for six months of the year (when I was not in Scotland and under the influence of my aunt) to theAutobiography, 41:reality to me. I would go off on to the moors in Scotland or wander away alone in the orange grovesAutobiography, 80:there spent one week in Ireland, one week in Scotland, one week in England and then took the boatAutobiography, 81:ago, when I was in my early 'teens, my aunt in Scotland had a cook called Jessie Duncan. We wereAutobiography, 87:years. He even chased me home from India to Scotland to my horror and dismay and to the surprise ofAutobiography, 96:in Edinburgh to see the head of the Church of Scotland deaconesses. She was a sister of Sir WilliamAutobiography, 101:sent him the money to outfit himself and come to Scotland to fetch me. I was then living with myAutobiography, 155:first time who it was that had come to see me in Scotland when I was a girl of fifteen. I had beenDestiny, 68:present. Duality, triplicity (England, Scotland and Wales) and also differentiation are theMeditation, 298:are people in America, Australia, India, Russia, Scotland and Greece being dealt with. A few inMeditation, 307:At one of the magnetized spots in either Scotland or Wales, a branch for occult training will beMeditation, 308:West, USA California, USA Southern France Italy Scotland or Wales Ireland Sweden Russia New Zealand
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