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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SCRUTINY

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Astrology, 451:and that there is also a close and careful scrutiny and control of the personality life. TheDiscipleship2, 95:will lead you eventually to a careful scrutiny of your thinking, of your emotional reactions and ofDiscipleship2, 447:practice of a constant and oft bewildering inner scrutiny of motive and purpose. You have facedFire, 282:Section Two - Introductory Questions By a close scrutiny of chart V, it will be apparent whereinFire, 498:to all occult investigators the close study and scrutiny of the following manifestations in timeFire, 916:and of the Grand Man of the Heavens. By a close scrutiny of these conditions in the macrocosm andFire, 1141:specified in terms of energy formulas and by a scrutiny of these records the approximate increaseFire, 1225:to disciples, may be given, and from the close scrutiny of these some knowledge as to the essentialGlamour, 145:the situation and subject it to a calm, cold scrutiny. Glamor and emotion play into each other'sGlamour, 149:women would bring their lives under a closer scrutiny by the true inner or spiritual man and couldInitiation, 105:Shamballa. This is mentioned to show the close scrutiny given to everything concerning the affairsMagic, 573:used in verbal expression, for instance, to the scrutiny of the Inner Ruler and who - after talkingPatanjali, 190:which words convey. It is developed by a close scrutiny of the causes which lie back of allPsychology1, 390:and their rays are subjected to a careful scrutiny. The ray of attraction or inclusiveness (RayRays, 210:This statement may surprise you until a close scrutiny of your own heart is undergone, and then I
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