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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEARCH

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Astrology, 152:prior to another circling of the Great Wheel in search of personality satisfaction. The ProdigalAstrology, 153:worldly ambition or of spiritual aspiration in search of what he realizes (at any particular time)Astrology, 157:The Bull leads into the places of desire in search of "wrathful satisfaction." This is the red ofAstrology, 157:The Goat leads us into arid ways in search of food and water. This is the "need for green," but theAstrology, 235:judicial and legal-minded men of the world, the search for a balanced and desirable point of viewAstrology, 379:aspect of men and of nations - A.A.B.). The search for gold, the search for golden light divine,Astrology, 379:of nations - A.A.B.). The search for gold, the search for golden light divine, directs the Bull ofAstrology, 528:hidden in my various statements if due search is made and the material is gathered together into aAstrology, 528:would ask you to study and compare, to read and search topically and to extract all that I haveAtom, 6:if investigators of all schools pursue their search with determination. The problems with which weAtom, 33:will go to the textbooks of the last century, or search the old dictionaries, seeking for theAtom, 151:all atoms of every kind in which they feel and search for their place within the group, and fromAutobiography, 22:found. Thus I began consciously the age old search for the world of meaning which must be found, ifAutobiography, 137:another, takes up a third at length and - if you search - you will find her returning to herAutobiography, 148:door. I was never the least nervous and the search of my quarters was a precaution on the man'sBethlehem, 27:door, between the two great pillars, in their search for light; they have no conscious knowledge ofBethlehem, 35:is therefore the history of this individual search for divine expression and light, and for theBethlehem, 51:- a process symbolic of an inner condition of search and movement towards a preordained goal.Bethlehem, 102:into the wilderness. The urge to solitude, the search for that quiet where reflection andBethlehem, 244:and holds firmly to the belief that the search and the goal, the values [245] perceived and forDestiny, 118:appearance of alchemy in its many forms plus its search for the Philosopher's Stone and theDestiny, 118:and from the subjective side of life to search for that which could unify the three lower physicalDestiny, 149:welfare, the perseverance they show in their search for light and their longing and desire for aDiscipleship1, 174:in this connection, I am going to ask you to search for all that I may have said regardingDiscipleship1, 247:study for the coming months, I suggest that you search out all references to the Plan in my books,Discipleship1, 262:or for non-appreciation. Ponder on this and search your heart more closely. You are on the verge ofDiscipleship1, 311:your meditation life, and not through an outer search for such contacts; it will come through theDiscipleship1, 355:cease in no way to be preoccupied with the search for truth and for the occult significance ofDiscipleship1, 437:Hence also your keen mind, your untiring search for truth and your power to achieve light on manyDiscipleship1, 516:remember this? You have never wavered in your search for light and for a field in which to serveDiscipleship1, 643:my brother. I seek not to deter you from your search for academic knowledge. A measure of that isDiscipleship2, 75:Why not aid me where I have asked for aid? Why search for something unique and special andDiscipleship2, 225:furs, the millions which go in the violent search for excitement and for ceaseless nightly pleasureDiscipleship2, 225:possible, which will aid humanity in its search for the new, spiritual and free way, and which willDiscipleship2, 307:for which the one who is being enlightened must search. [308] The effect which the revelation isDiscipleship2, 319:upon his disciple the necessity to withdraw and search for the true meaning until he found it;Discipleship2, 341:it is only discoverable after most persistent search. Such is not the case. A hint is usually quiteDiscipleship2, 354:fact, could provide the theme of a book, and the search for their meaning will take all that youDiscipleship2, 354:But the deeper meaning (for which you must search) is not so easily seen and is concerned withDiscipleship2, 411:truth, and it is for this that the disciple must search. This is, curiously enough, a part of theDiscipleship2, 412:intensified the strength of the mind, the mental search light, or the soul. Such hints are nowDiscipleship2, 434:the mystic because of his struggles and his deep search for God. Then, suddenly, God is revealed toDiscipleship2, 435:[435] suddenly the Angel speaks; suddenly his search seems ended and reward in the form ofDiscipleship2, 530:cycle of spiritual life if understanding and a search for meaning begins to parallel your reactionDiscipleship2, 540:the meeting of deep seated desire. Therefore, search your motives and the nature of your desires.Discipleship2, 571:of a practical nature. I take not the time to search into your daily activities. There is a symbolDiscipleship2, 630:of loneliness" which is to be found if due search is made. There the desired truth and revelationDiscipleship2, 645:in the Way of Initiation. Your response and your search lies, however, in the field of esotericDiscipleship2, 662:mode of service. I tell you therefore, Write. Search for the younger members of my group whom yetDiscipleship2, 665:and a wide open door for impersonal service. Search for those who are not yet in my Ashram, who areDiscipleship2, 680:Also the cleaning up of your country by ardent search for undesirable citizens can well be carriedDiscipleship2, 685:in your case, need not deter you from further search for liberation, based on a plannedDiscipleship2, 694:drive which all units of life express and the search of all of them for identification with theDiscipleship2, 755:Your major life theme in this coming year is: Search freedom. Ponder on this. It is the goal forDiscipleship2, 758:of a desirable divine loneliness, and of a search for a note that could bring freedom was aEducation, vii:to the West. We Westerners went into the East in search of markets - outlets for the products ofEducation, xii:the students and faculty will be encouraged to search for vision - 'seeing life steadily and as aEducation, 12:of the life. Response to the innate need to search. This leads to experiment on the physical plane,Education, 25:by the teacher into the position of inward search, not outer demand for a reply which can beEducation, 113:and persistence which enable man to seek, search for and demand that unknown reality. It is theEducation, 117:forward to higher achievement, to enquire and to search for that which is better, remains potent.Externalisation, 110:that the initiating events of which we are in search and which are working out as effects in theExternalisation, 201:and accepted, for He is more interested that the search for truth and for subjective spiritualExternalisation, 288:faculties and the required persistence of search, plus the unfolding of the inner light of theExternalisation, 405:history of the human soul is the history of the search for that Way and its discovery by theExternalisation, 654:the occult way. It is occult students for whom search is now being made, and not mystics; it is forExternalisation, 696:factor of the unseen worlds, is the man for whom search is at this time being made. When these menFire, 219:every trinity in Nature and I request you will search for further information in the much abusedFire, 237:upon one and all?"; by scientists in their search for the ultimate truth and in their endeavor toFire, 237:life; by philosophers in their equally diligent search for that animating subjectivity that isFire, 237:the biologist in his persistent application to search for the discovery of the source of life, andFire, 280:The duration of the interplay, the period of the search of Spirit for Spirit, and [281] theFire, 513:the logoic demonstration of the sex appeal, His search for His polar opposite, and their mysticFire, 669:kingdom of nature, and are the basis of that search for balance, of that aspiration towardsFire, 1221:guards the treasure, and drives man forth in search of another way of entrance, thus forcing himFire, 1237:this causal unity then becomes the goal of his search. This is the mystery lying behind allFire, 1237:One" and the words ring in the adepts' ears: "Search for that which is the responsible Cause, andFire, 1240:known the [1240] soul, and its expression, form, search for THAT which the soul reveals." Here isFire, 1240:reveals." Here is to be found the clue to the search which the adept or perfected man undertakesFire, 1244:him to enable him to set forth with ardor on the search for its secret. 35 Students must be carefulFire, 1251:dealt with. Those sons of men who at this time search for the "heat of the love nature" of theFire, 1251:nature" of the human unit and who add to that search a cultivation of a vivid imagination and anGlamour, 34:the much misunderstood subject of the aura: search out what is said in my books and in the writingsGlamour, 99:feeling abroad in the world; hence also the search for illumination, through education, throughHealing, 30:and of these we shall shortly be in search. Our laws today are but secondary laws. They are theHealing, 116:ever conscious of duality. He is the seeker in search of light, of the soul, of the beloved, ofHealing, 117:to be transmuted into unity and the sense of search to be transformed into the effort to becomeHealing, 323:rifling of the vegetable and mineral kingdoms in search of their ingredients, and the injection ofHealing, 368:with ideas. Every theory they form in their search for truth, every book they write, and everyHealing, 368:You would find it interesting and helpful to search out such passages. Science, however, gives noHealing, 371:by inference or defined, and these you might search for, and upon them you might meditate. If IHealing, 398:tenant? [398] Human history records the endless search for assurance upon this subject; this searchHealing, 398:search for assurance upon this subject; this search culminates today in the numerous societiesHealing, 398:The incentive of fear lies behind this frantic search; it is an unfortunate fact that the majorityHealing, 509:forget that an occult student is one who is in search of that which is hidden - in their case ofHealing, 531:and indicate the ability of the human mind to search, to record, to discover and to formulateHercules, 2:the circle. Then will he find the object of his search. Watch o'er his steps and, when he has anHercules, 11:is the mystic realization and the object of the search that humanity has carried on down the ages.Hercules, 11:embodied in their teaching one aspect of the search, accepting the fact of God as a basic premise,Hercules, 14:me in the past. I killed my teachers, and in my search for liberty, I now stand free. I seek to
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