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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEARCH

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Hercules, 40:One, He sent me on the Way, and with long search and many pains, I found the bull. Helped by itsHercules, 54:sacred tree. Let Hercules unfold the power to search without discouragement, deception or too greatHercules, 55:thing that I would say to thee is that thy search will carry thee where five great tests will meetHercules, 55:But time alone will show; God speed thee in thy search." With confidence, because success norHercules, 55:and in the place of darkness continued with his search. At first he dreamed of quick success, butHercules, 56:on, sure of himself and with new courage for the search. Now to the west he turned himself and,Hercules, 57:questioning relief, Hercules continued with his search and wandered far. The year, spent prone uponHercules, 58:words spoken to him since he entered on his search: "The fourth stage on the way unto the sacredHercules, 58:Continue with the tests." Upon all ways the search went on, and north and south and east and west,Hercules, 58:a bright and sunny day, he saw the object of his search and hastened then his steps. "Now I shallHercules, 58:of the load and pain. He forgot about his search. [58] The sacred tree and apples faded from mind;Hercules, 58:offering them, with love, to Hercules. The search was o'er. The sisters three held still moreHercules, Known:earth, his mother, he was invincible.] In his search for the golden apples on the physical plane,Hercules, Known:that stood in his way, Hercules passed on in his search. His next encounter was with glamor inHercules, 63:eventually freed himself and resumed his search, binding Busiris to the altar whereon he himselfHercules, 63:Hercules could bear and he turned aside from his search to release Prometheus, thus putting him inHercules, 63:the weight of the world, that he gives up his search for the golden apples. He forgets what heHercules, 65:problem that created the devious and prolonged search that Hercules undertook, for he was at lengthHercules, 65:symbolically, undertook, is the third labor. The search upon which he was engaged was for the soul,Hercules, 65:soul, and this has ever been the unrecognized search of the human being [66] until the time comesHercules, 66:be Hercules and starts to concentrate upon the search for the golden apples of instruction andHercules, 66:wisdom. So we have in the Masonic tradition the search of the human family typified, the search forHercules, 66:the search of the human family typified, the search for light, the search for unity, the search forHercules, 66:human family typified, the search for light, the search for unity, the search for divinity. And soHercules, 66:the search for light, the search for unity, the search for divinity. And so the two pillars, BoazHercules, 66:revelation and in the five stages of his search his education is steadily carried forward. TheHercules, 70:So they, as Hercules did start on the fivefold search. [71] The first stage of that search is fullHercules, 71:fivefold search. [71] The first stage of that search is full of encouragement for them, had theyHercules, 71:contacted, especially in the early stages of the search, the higher self will manifest as a flashHercules, 72:burden that They carry. At the beginning of his search, Hercules met Nereus; but he was notHercules, 72:of his aspiration. At the close of his search he meets Atlas, bearing the burden of the world, andHercules, 72:that he forgets all about the goal and his search for the golden apples and endeavors to lift theHercules, 74:well-trained mind. The next stage of the search of Hercules is equally applicable to humanity as aHercules, 75:both Prometheus and Atlas. Having, given up his search in order to help the world, Atlas went forHercules, 79:And Artemis and fair Diana both looked on. "The search is o'er", he chanted loud. "Into theHercules, 79:O Teacher wise? The doe is mine; mine by long search and travel, and mine likewise because I holdHercules, 80:possessed and used. The doe was his by right of search. The doe was his by right of skill and theHercules, 80:was, except for length of time and wariness of search. I listened not to those who made theirHercules, 81:from the nature of the doe, frequent must be the search. Forget this not, but ponder on the lessonHercules, 92:of the carrying of a vast crowd of pilgrims in search of golden treasure or a new and freer home.Hercules, 93:doe, the intellect, that was the object of his search. It was something else, and for this he spentHercules, 114:the red tunnel of his throat rushed Hercules, in search of Hesione; finding her deep within theHercules, 125:and for a time Hercules forgot the object of his search. And Pholos called to Hercules, invitingHercules, 126:into the mountains high, and again renewed his search. Up to the limits of the snow he went,Hercules, 131:are but fractional parts of greater wholes. The search for these more inclusive concepts is of moreHercules, 146:keen blade of spiritual striving. The will to search, the impelling drive to solve the mystery inHercules, 168:love, love. If humanity is mistreating you, search yourself and find out where you are at fault. AnHercules, 180:Forth went Hercules through Gate the eleventh in search of Augeas the king. When HerculesHercules, 195:of man who was also the Son of God departed. In search of Geryon he went. Within a temple HerculesHercules, 196:strayed, and Hercules would leave the herd in search of errant wanderers. Across the Alps he droveInitiation, 26:are seeking; let us, therefore, seek. If by our search we find that all these statements are butInitiation, 26:have ascertained where not to look. If by our search, on the other hand, corroboration comes littleInitiation, 90:system. It will be apparent that, should he search these subjects with application, the studentInitiation, 192:the first initiation. Rule 1 Let the disciple search within the heart's deep cave. If there theIntellect, 36:and the perseverance displayed in the mystical search for reality, and the similarity of theirIntellect, 37:penetrate beneath the surface and to carry their search within the outer form of nature to thatIntellect, 37:to confuse the religious spirit with the mystic search. All clear thinking about life and about theIntellect, 37:God as the ultimate goal, the symbol of man's search for Reality. It is no longer a sign ofIntellect, 97:(John 7, 17.) These three factors - obedience, a search for truth in every form, and a fieryIntellect, 109:to some spiritual work, or in some phase of the search for wisdom. If the process is successful,Intellect, 127:seem able to give. This can be called the search for certainty, an endeavor after the mysticIntellect, 149:their way to conclusions, although reason - the search for truth - apparently played a [150] partIntellect, 152:and the way of the Soul. Through beauty and the search for the reality which has produced it, theIntellect, 157:directing of the intellect to the object of its search; his is the way of the mind, and itsIntellect, 202:use of human ingenuity and intelligence in search of truth in order to control nature and transformIntellect, 265:of endless rest and beatitude? God forbid! The search in the world goes on; the cry of humanityMagic, 6:agnostic, but willing temporarily, in their search for truth, to try out the methods and follow theMagic, 76:- a thing aspirants must avoid in their search for the essential and Real. I have sought in theMagic, 129:Master K. H., that part of my work is the steady search for aspirants of strong heart, ferventMagic, 263:concrete. He bends all his energies to the search for the satisfaction of that concrete form andMagic, 289:- Let all desire cease. Let aspiration end. The search is over. Let the soul realize that it hasMagic, 409:past which is completed in the present, and its search for the roots of man's equipment in theMagic, 459:the needed personnel. Among Their disciples They search until They find the one most suited to beMagic, 521:utmost of your ability (ponder those words and search out their significance) all world servers,Magic, 558:unit, man, is urged to be vital in his search and to cultivate his aspiration. When that aspirationMeditation, 57:finds for itself (after lives of stress and search) its spiritual note with the right key andMeditation, 204:value, if you continue to apply yourself to the search for the right answer. Certain definite lawsMeditation, 231:be your best guides in the early days of your search. Many have, through meditation and aMeditation, 254:of this access on the three planes. [254] The Search for the Goal Today it may be possible to touchMeditation, 257:But the human mind is so constituted that the search for light and for the ideal is necessarilyMeditation, 332:this period cast Their eyes over the race in the search for such instruments They see few as yetPatanjali, 55:initiate of the third degree can truly begin the search for this word for only the freed soul canPatanjali, 65:then to find the answer for themselves through a search for that source of all knowledge, latent atPatanjali, 71:solace, a constant running hither and thither in search of peace. It is the main characteristic atPatanjali, 125:the idea which his brother's form veils; he can search for God behind the body of any and everyPatanjali, 162:himself, he uses the mind as his medium of search, of explanation and of interpretation, for thePatanjali, 169:it is seeking, there comes the stage when the search takes on a different form and the soul itselfPatanjali, 169:Hall of Ignorance. Satiety, restlessness and a search for the knowledge of the self or soulPatanjali, 174:joy or peace. He has exhausted himself in the search for joy for himself. Now he begins to widenPatanjali, 174:Now he begins to widen his horizon and to search where (in the group and in his environment), whatPatanjali, 174:him forward with increasing activity in his search. His response to outer contacts is ever morePatanjali, 267:upon here. Students will find it of interest to search for information given in the differentPatanjali, 314:is too strong an inclination among students to search for the Masters or some Guru or Teacher whoPatanjali, 409:of the mysteries of existence to bring to his search his full equipment, and hence the necessityProblems, 36:unknown, to believe in the unproveable, to seek, search and demand the revelation of that which isProblems, 128:to adhere. His own God-illumined mind will search for truth and he will interpret it for himself.Problems, 168:Therefore, in handling these problems, we should search out the wrong conditions which have broughtPsychology1, 46:life through the range of forms in that basic search or urge for the attainment of bliss throughPsychology1, 66:- radiance. Draw to thyself the object of thy search. Pull forth into the light of day from out thePsychology1, 69:civilization, with its material emphasis, its search as to the nature of time and space, and that
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