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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SECONDARY

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Fire, 1164:petal, but having also subsidiary petals of a secondary color according to the nature and karma ofFire, 1164:of a peculiar hue, but there are three of a secondary color, and nine of a tertiary nature. (ToFire, 1182:the other more differentiated and [1182] secondary. These streams of energy, judged by theirFire, 1189:numerous other aspects of what we might term "secondary centers of fire," generated and makingGlamour, 19:and learn to work this way, but regard it as a secondary issue for you at this time. One of theGlamour, 39:varying aspects of glamor, and usually by the secondary glamor and maya. Illusion does not yetGlamour, 135:Love, through the imposed control of some secondary and temporary principle; they can thusGlamour, 183:This basic technique underlies both primary and secondary revelations. In the case of the first,Glamour, 183:of this process is demonstrated by one of the secondary points of revelation in connection with theGlamour, 183:emanated from the Hierarchy (the Custodian of secondary revelations, as Shamballa is of primary)Glamour, 183:conveyed followed the accustomed routine of all secondary revelation from the Source to the outerHealing, 15:along in our studies, we shall be dealing with secondary causes and their effects, with theHealing, 28:with the subjective aspect of man, and with the secondary causes which have their roots in man'sHealing, 30:shortly be in search. Our laws today are but secondary laws. They are the laws of group life andHealing, 32:karmic. Remember, however, that these are the secondary causes and with the first of these we willHealing, 65:sentient body and its power to initiate those secondary causes which, in this life, demonstrate asHealing, 82:subtler impulses. Here is found the cause (the secondary cause, as I pointed out above) of the bulkHealing, 173:of this center is the pancreas, with a secondary externalization in the stomach. There is, inHealing, 189:is itself subject to the influence of the secondary world of conscious life, which in its turn isHealing, 190:expression of the incarnated individual. It is a secondary truism that this etheric body is theHealing, 195:This involves a process of differentiation into secondary energies of the primary energy involved,Healing, 267:also that just as the Kabalah and the Talmud are secondary lines of esoteric approach to truth, andHealing, 267:grade), so the Old Testament is emphatically a secondary Scripture, and spiritually does not rankHealing, 354:though modern investigation is occupied with secondary causes and effects of this etheric weakness.Healing, 356:force. All energy is from the soul in the secondary instance, but in the primary sense all energyHealing, 416:that we may do so is but incidental and purely secondary. What we seek mainly is to giveHealing, 432:recognition of isolationism leads to all the secondary causes of war: greed, producing economicHealing, 460:death is not yet complete; it still awaits a secondary activity of the will of the soul. ThisHealing, 460:secondary activity of the will of the soul. This secondary activity will result in all the ethericHealing, 566:and disciples. This "friction" produces then a secondary reaction and leads to those psychologicalHealing, 586:It should be remembered that the soul is a secondary energy, which proves the existence of theHealing, 593:of its mechanism in the three worlds. These secondary difficulties, due to the interplay betweenHealing, 613:Any changes wrought in the physical body are secondary to the goal of conscious response to theHealing, 630:the pathology of disease, about the primary or secondary symptoms, to determine the nature of theHealing, 697:solar plexus center. Within the etheric body, a secondary triangle is formed for the circulation ofHealing, 697:whichever of the seven rays that may be. This secondary triangle is related to the primary triangleHealing, 698:the former. Process two. He will next create the secondary triangle by focusing his attention inHealing, 699:when in possession of this knowledge, can use a secondary technique as an aid to the basic method,Healing, 699:or that of the patient) through which to pour a secondary stream of healing energy, thus enhancingHealing, 699:work of the primary stream. The addition of this secondary stream implies quite advanced knowledgeHealing, 700:work and whether you are in a position to use a secondary technique. Then, having through the useHealing, 701:note then what happens. Avoid the use [701] of a secondary technique, for you are more liable to beHercules, 6:of this Study Astrological Connotations A secondary object of this study is to present an aspect ofHercules, 184:the emotional nature and the mentality will be secondary, and the soul, the consciousness aspect,Initiation, 126:Sirius, and was received by our Logos during the secondary period of creation, from the hands ofIntellect, 28:classify education under three heads - primary, secondary and higher. To these three I should likeMagic, 40:expression of will with love and intelligence as secondary principles, and the body nature, theMagic, 111:gives him his coloring for this life. It is his secondary hue. Forget not, the primary ray of theMagic, 114:two principles are involved, one of which is secondary. The difficulty lies in the fact that (bothMagic, 114:out) call for the play of the intuition whilst secondary principles are more purely mental. TheMagic, 115:your brothers, e'en if on an opposing side. In secondary principles, which all opposing forces areMagic, 159:engrossing work of thought-form building. A secondary and less important thought is that as egos,Magic, 244:right back to the soul itself, and there was no secondary ebb and flow on the astral or mentalMagic, 328:that that which is basic will be seen and the secondary and unimportant beliefs therefore rejected,Magic, 413:and for evil. As long as the form remains of secondary importance and relatively negligible, weMagic, 457:print. It is not the formula itself, but the secondary process. According to the strength, theMagic, 601:points; then they can proceed to fill in the secondary teachings, and finally arrange the detailedMeditation, 4:of the primary color of the Higher Self with the secondary hue of the Lower Self until beauty isMeditation, 78:twelve major petals of white and gold, and 960 secondary petals are arranged around the centralMeditation, 153:whole - matter of the emotional plane will be of secondary importance. The colors employed may beMeditation, 184:heat, so the lower generative organs are the secondary center in the majority of cases for theMeditation, 186:to their natural, geometrical progression. A secondary branch of these mantrams deals with theMeditation, 344:the aim of personal progress remains secondary. Patanjali, 51:the solar system, to the macrocosmic soul. The secondary meaning has reference also to the divinePatanjali, 137:that plane and withdrawal becomes possible. Very secondary meanings are given by the ordinaryPatanjali, 144:the three worlds is the ego itself, and that the secondary causes are the aggregate of thosePatanjali, 161:to him, and the world of effects assumes a secondary position. He perceives first the forms in thePatanjali, 209:The soul then "inspires" the lower man. The secondary meaning has of course direct reference to thePatanjali, 311:Yoga is not concerned, regarding them as the secondary effects of soul development. He knows themProblems, 37:major importance and that every other nation is secondary; it has fed pride and fostered the beliefProblems, 55:in what is equivalent to the high schools or the secondary schools, the intellectual unfoldment andProblems, 55:schools (grammar or primary schools, high or secondary schools, colleges or universities) there canProblems, 55:plus the inculcation of self-control. The secondary schools will regard themselves as theProblems, 56:Primary education - Civilization - ages: 4-12 Secondary education - Culture - ages: 12-18 HigherProblems, 91:other powers, such as France and Spain, who are secondary in influence, but resent it greatly, andProblems, 100:and that the Jew considers his citizenship as secondary to his racial obligations. He regards theProblems, 127:religion are truly necessary to salvation. The secondary and controversial line of [128] presentedProblems, 128:controversy emerges, the concept is usually secondary in importance and consists largely of men'sPsychology1, 21:he issued forth, but it will include also in a secondary measure the six other ray types. Let usPsychology1, 22:outward phenomenal appearance, they swept into a secondary activity and became the seven Builders,Psychology1, 127:being who is on the blue and yellow rays, with a secondary resemblance to the yellow, there may bePsychology1, 127:or dissociation is better understood, the secondary colors will be made to act as the meetingPsychology1, 162:Appearance Idols Personality. They find their secondary expression in the three bodies which formPsychology1, 169:Besant the monadic ray), the other being the secondary or individual ray, since the manasic atom isPsychology1, 169:outpouring for each soul. The influence of this secondary or individual ray constitutes the mainPsychology1, 205:If influenced by the fifth ray as the secondary ray, this character is entirely changed. The thirdPsychology1, 208:unless the fourth or seventh be the influencing secondary ray; even then his coloring will be dull,Psychology1, 249:through which that Consciousness works, are of secondary importance, and are in the nature of anPsychology1, 355:was made. It is interesting to note that the secondary ray influence in the Aryan race at this timePsychology1, 355:These points will be further elucidated. The secondary influence which is leading the Aryan racePsychology1, 356:Deity begin to take shape in men's minds. The secondary effects of this development are the powerPsychology1, 422:Idols The Personality. [422] They find their secondary expression in the three bodies which formPsychology2, 57:latter evolution is implicit in the other and of secondary importance from the occult angle.Psychology2, 109:it, the many techniques and methods and ways are secondary to the major world need. There are manyPsychology2, 133:be found to have produced a number of creative secondary causes. These are, primarily, a change inPsychology2, 146:He can still do good work, but it will be secondary work, and more closely affiliated with the oldPsychology2, 181:and spiritual satisfaction is relegated to a secondary place. This contemplated group unity willPsychology2, 381:duality of spirit and matter and not with the secondary duality of soul and body. This point is ofPsychology2, 555:is always found in every individual being. This secondary aspect of the evolutionary principlePsychology2, 652:must refrain from dissipating their efforts in secondary activities. For these latter, there will
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