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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SECONDARY

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Psychology2, 721:(Betelgeuse) and the head center (Sirius). The secondary effect of these energies is upon theRays, 11:In the right elimination of that which is secondary, and in a sense of rightly adjusted proportionRays, 17:realm of soul experience and soul awareness. The secondary effect can be noted in the humanRays, 184:related to the personality via the antahkarana. Secondary interpretations and tertiaryRays, 298:which they move is that of soul contact, with a secondary goal of hierarchical position, and aRays, 298:recognition of a universal inclusiveness; the secondary goal is the ability to reveal the nature ofRays, 306:carefully. This type of destruction has only a secondary relation to the destruction of form lifeRays, 306:three worlds, but that is an effect and only a secondary destruction; something else has beenRays, 335:the consciousness of men is, in reality, quite secondary in relation to the hierarchical crisisRays, 347:based on wishful thinking and is of quite secondary importance. The Door of Initiation The realRays, 362:as a whole, or to realize that this relation is secondary to the Master Whose primary preoccupationRays, 379:is formed of seven major Ashrams and forty-two secondary Ashrams which are gradually forming. TheRays, 387:through their respective Ashrams. The secondary ray quality will not die out or in any way beRays, 400:world cycle), he will find himself faced with a secondary decision as to which of the four kingdomsRays, 550:attained by mankind; this attainment is only a secondary reason or cause. It is due to the will ofRays, 576:nature. Above all, he becomes aware of a secondary relation, involving a most difficult problem andRays, 676:nature; nevertheless they are fundamentally secondary [677] in their nature, and are effectual inRays, 681:by the expediency policy of the U.S.A. and, in a secondary degree, by Great Britain, under theRays, 754:is to close the door upon this worst and yet secondary evil and shut it in its own place. There isReappearance, 50:seek that Kingdom first and let all things be of secondary importance for its sake. That KingdomSoul, 79:perhaps not entirely wrong but is dealing with a secondary demonstration of the vital soul. Dr.Telepathy, 92:of men he can impress. He has to master also the secondary lesson of adapting his environment inTelepathy, 128:(with exceeding rapidity at this time) a secondary science, that of Invocation [129] and Evocation.Telepathy, 131:mental plane; this energy was paralleled by a secondary energy from the sun Sirius, thus accountingTelepathy, 172:unfoldment, whereas that is of relatively secondary importance. The centers are, in reality, focalTelepathy, 182:in the solar system. We shall also study its secondary expression through the medium of three majorTelepathy, 185:intelligent creation; but it has nevertheless a secondary activity which is to relate the secondTelepathy, 185:kingdoms and relate them to each other. This secondary function is only now assuming proportions
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