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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SECONDLY

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Initiation, 180:He is simply an adept of a lesser degree. Secondly, initiations in which a man transfers hisInitiation, 181:on which the Mahachohan is blending his work. Secondly, that the first three initiations are takenInitiation, 195:in ever increasing degree their essential value. Secondly, to study the constitution of man, toInitiation, 197:exists likewise, many dangers will be avoided. Secondly, a recognition of time, and an ability toIntellect, 14:before the beauty that he has sensed, and secondly, the knowers, who have added to the emotionalIntellect, 51:this is complete, we have a divine incarnation. Secondly: The sum total of these lower aspects,Intellect, 102:in reference to some Activity, for us God; secondly, as a quality emergent at a high level ofIntellect, 128:enter in as dominating factors in the life. Secondly, the mind [129] begins to demonstrate a newIntellect, 160:a definite effect upon the nervous system, and secondly, there is frequently the appearance of aIntellect, 206:the thought life at all times everywhere, and, secondly, the practice of concentration, regularly,Intellect, 219:of the process and not upon the goal, and, secondly, they frequently lead to a delightful sense ofIntellect, 250:the exclusive terms of the anointed and select. Secondly, these writings can indicate a process ofMagic, 12:of the former group in its highest presentation. Secondly, there is that psychic force which is theMagic, 14:mind, and that is the average mind. Then, secondly, we have discriminative knowledge, which has inMagic, 19:human being, first, within itself as a unit, and secondly, its responsiveness and sensitiveMagic, 27:it might be called planetary consciousness. Secondly, he begins to merge that planetary awarenessMagic, 54:the method of a constant review of the life.[54] Secondly, I am acting upon the assumption that allMagic, 69:by the results without foreboding or regrets. Secondly, he can wait, resting back upon an innerMagic, 71:"greater light" which illuminates the three and, secondly, to the throwing upward of the "lowerMagic, 77:at an understanding of etheric forms or bodies. Secondly, the etheric body is composed of forceMagic, 83:and this is a portent of much encouragement. Secondly, the masses of the people are suffering fromMagic, 131:employed as a stepping-stone to higher things. Secondly: In this sensing of the plan and its laterMagic, 179:vivification in the mental body counterparts. Secondly, we have telepathic communication. This isMagic, 191:the lower centers into that of the higher, and secondly by the awakening of the head center by theMagic, 199:and raised from the centers below the diaphragm. Secondly, the center between the eyebrows alsoMagic, 222:Seven - The Battleground of the Astral Plane Secondly, the astral plane is the plane of illusion,Magic, 251:the time element or spatial concepts at all. Secondly, the mind responds to the soul (callingMagic, 319:the understanding of one's fellow men. There is secondly, a later stage wherein the disciple learnsMagic, 341:in balance - to be either discarded or vivified. Secondly, remember that all personalities (yourMagic, 347:worker: - Fear of what the future holds, and, secondly, doubt as to the outcome of any effort. WithMagic, 347:synchronous high vibrations are stimulated and, secondly, all that we term "evil" is likewiseMagic, 348:of vibration, of recreation and of amusement. Secondly, it results frequently in a profoundMagic, 405:intelligence must be raised. It was necessary, secondly, that something should be done to breakMagic, 407:are against all modern innovations and progress. Secondly, those who vision a unified world whereinMagic, 418:time and the law to correct their attitude. Secondly, be receptive towards those who seek you outMagic, 429:intuition and of true spiritual perception, and secondly, the trained utilization of the mind as anMagic, 433:column, but nearer the heart than the throat. Secondly, there are energies which emanate from whatMagic, 484:either good or bad, either selfish or unselfish. Secondly, it should be borne in mind that theMagic, 490:it is not a negative and fluidic tolerance. Secondly, by a daily guarding of the doors of thoughtMagic, 493:with his subjective apparatus or energy aspects. Secondly, this salvation is brought about throughMagic, 524:unmeaning phrase "atomic substance," and pass on secondly to a consideration of those prisoners ofMagic, 584:must carefully bear this distinction in mind. Secondly, the true enquirer is one whose courage isMagic, 588:must remain engaged for a long time to come. Secondly, there is the stage wherein the centers,Magic, 604:to work without attachment. They are also, secondly, those students of world affairs in one orMeditation, 31:to beautify, build and expand the causal body; secondly to withdraw within it the life of theMeditation, 117:should such a debt have been incurred; and secondly to test out his powers to influence for goodMeditation, 150:build the forms, and hence to learn their value. Secondly, to develop appreciation of the concrete,Meditation, 178:countries the art is still known and practiced. Secondly, the average man, even if he knows theMeditation, 260:to discover the notes of the monadic chord and secondly to use those notes in constructive buildingMeditation, 328:review of the united auras of the school group.) Secondly, a graded scientific study of thePatanjali, 59:the Spirit in man, with the physical brain. Secondly, there is the earnest reflection of the man inPatanjali, 150:desires old "pains" are impossible. It infers secondly that life will be so lived in the presentPatanjali, 268:through the medium of the form contemplated, and secondly, the latent possibilities capable ofPatanjali, 316:aspirant becomes aware of the light in the head. Secondly, discriminative knowledge is the nextPatanjali, 396:perception which are found within himself, and secondly the task of insulating himself or isolatingPatanjali, 403:by refusing to identify himself with them, and secondly, by stimulating them. Through the bringingPatanjali, 412:by the thinker, the soul on its own plane, and secondly, it can be seen and known as a vehicle ofProblems, 51:years of age, and the younger the better and, secondly, we must begin with what we have, even whileProblems, 53:of our present educational systems. It is, secondly, a process of learning wisdom as an outgrowthProblems, 66:new sources of wealth from benefiting others. Secondly, there will be the steadily growing problemProblems, 89:IV - The Problem of the Racial Minorities Secondly, there is the problem of the racial minorities.Psychology1, 103:admission of the soul as a sound hypothesis, and secondly, for the demonstration of its existence.Psychology1, 111:rendered harmless, through the inflow of Love. Secondly, let not your mind be occupied with idlePsychology1, 123:of the etheric body will be visioned by them. Secondly, when He Whom both angels and men await,Psychology1, 158:the synthesis of life, quality and appearance. Secondly, they are active in every form in everyPsychology1, 171:certain areas of doubt should be cleared up. Secondly, it was determined to link more closely andPsychology1, 253:such as the dog, the horse and the elephant. Secondly, the so-called wild animals, such as thePsychology1, 263:seen when divided into its two component parts. Secondly, these ray energies, working this timePsychology1, 269:of hundreds and thousands of men. There is, secondly, the threatening of the very life of humanityPsychology1, 283:understanding of birth control methods and secondly to the increased mental focusing orPsychology1, 304:a mistaken attitude in the East towards women. Secondly, in the West, from the time of Christ,Psychology1, 304:spiritual law as well as the law of the land. Secondly, a life that is not normally rounded outPsychology1, 360:the integrated personality for the masses, and secondly, that of the fusion of soul and body forPsychology1, 373:also the concrete expression of divine purpose. Secondly, I referred earlier to the work of thePsychology1, 428:as the dog, the horse and the elephant. [428] Secondly, the so-called wild animals, such as thePsychology2, 12:himself in his thinking and acts. It is, secondly, the entering into man of those energies whichPsychology2, 68:plus the vitality which animates that body, and, secondly, the energy of that body which we callPsychology2, 100:towards material possessions. There is, secondly, the instinct towards an ameliorating of thePsychology2, 100:distress at the sight of suffering), and secondly, through pure, disinterested service, which is aPsychology2, 104:of the soul) flying free in time and space. Secondly, the soul has also to relinquish not only itsPsychology2, 107:inner band of servers must be preserved intact. Secondly, pursue your own duty and task, shoulderPsychology2, 118:major releasing factor in the disciple's life. Secondly, this Law of Service is something which mayPsychology2, 126:give evidence of an established soul contact. Secondly, these soul laws are beginning to have aPsychology2, 172:of the life in the form, are synonymous terms. Secondly, that in so doing, the soul isPsychology2, 247:in all that He has accomplished from age to age. Secondly, the constant effort to render oneselfPsychology2, 384:of the first, second and third major rays. Secondly, that this technique of whichever of thesePsychology2, 433:factor as yet in the lives of the best of men; secondly, that the point in evolution has been suchPsychology2, 463:understanding is the keynote of his life, or, secondly, by the action of a man's own soul. ThePsychology2, 477:retarding. It is a form of atavistic expression. Secondly: that when a man is firmly polarized uponPsychology2, 497:than the man's present capacity to handle. Secondly, in his desire to be freed from the things inPsychology2, 515:Rays, Vol. III and The Destiny of the Nations). Secondly, the present world problem, the fear andPsychology2, 527:and subsequent utilization of the centers and, secondly, the period of the transference of energyPsychology2, 564:the benefit of the demonstration and the advice. Secondly, the difficulty of this situation isPsychology2, 587:power which the use of the powers confers, and secondly, his mental perception is as a rule soPsychology2, 634:but not through bloodshed and exploitation. Secondly, the middle classes, so called, both higherPsychology2, 650:group recognition than of intuitive revelation. Secondly, it is to be noted that there is upon ourPsychology2, 657:life and our modern educational systems. We have secondly, the truly self-conscious thinkers orPsychology2, 661:of all, through their spiritual idealism and secondly, in the field of work, through efficiency andPsychology2, 672:duty and task of the New Group of World Servers. Secondly, they must clarify and elucidate thosePsychology2, 679:must be found and contacted in every country. Secondly, these men and women of good will should be
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