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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SECRECY

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Autobiography, 200:attitude was rotten and pernicious. Their secrecy and the mystery they aroused around the wholeAutobiography, 212:could possibly be done. Therefore pledges to secrecy became meaningless. There are no secrets.Autobiography, 240:to fulfil the requirements as he sees best. No secrecy is enjoined because no disciple is admittedAutobiography, 275:- given to the public often under the pledge of secrecy - have become public property. The natureDiscipleship2, 4:between us a trust which will be based - not on secrecy and reticences - but on truth andFire, viii:obedience to that teacher and pledges of secrecy. As the new Aquarian dispensation progresses theseFire, 1004:words are only communicated under the seal of secrecy, to men working under the Brotherhood ofFire, 1224:much that it is deemed wiser to guard in secrecy, but the symbols, as they are [1225] found inInitiation, 147:will proclaim it. This involves an oath as to secrecy concerning the revealed part of the LogoicInitiation, 147:to him in initiation. This includes an oath of secrecy as to the realized relationship of the SolarInitiation, 163:oath which pledges the initiate to inviolable secrecy, the newly made initiate advances aloneIntellect, 26:prompting of intuition are engendered in total secrecy. When they do appear, they are necessarilyMagic, 274:about Whom naught may be said", not because of secrecy or mystery, but because all formulation ofMagic, 585:in the private moments of his life and in the secrecy of his own meditation let him not gloss overMagic, 617:circumstances be given except under the oath of secrecy which governs automatically the pledgedPsychology2, 682:will be offered. Such groups now exist. No secrecy must ever be permitted in the work of the NewPsychology2, 749:organizations. This they are not. This non-secrecy must be emphasized in connection with all theRays, 346:coded telepathic interplay, and a shared occult secrecy and silence which guard the secrets and
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