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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SECRET

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Astrology, 678:the Twelfth Sign of the Zodiac References in The Secret Doctrine "In Judaism and Christianity, theAstrology, 678:the Second Sign of the Zodiac References in The Secret Doctrine "All the Sun-Gods... have beenAstrology, 679:- the Sixth Sign of the Zodiac References in The Secret Doctrine "One of the most esoteric cyclesAstrology, 682:of our scheme, and in it lies hidden the secret of this world cycle. It is not easy to convey theAstrology, 688:In transmutation and planetary geometrizing, the secret may be revealed." ..."Just as in connectionAtom, 62:is the meaning of evolution and here lies the secret of the cosmic incarnation. Eventually spiritAutobiography, 15:Lord Rosse of telescope fame, mentioned in The Secret Doctrine. As a child I was terrified of him,Autobiography, 57:I have said it like this?" I am sure that the secret of good speaking, provided you have a flairAutobiography, 137:made the acquaintance of her great book "The Secret Doctrine." I was intrigued by it but completelyAutobiography, 137:lines possible. I sat up in bed reading "The Secret Doctrine" at night and began to [138] neglectAutobiography, 138:to human thought through the publication of "The Secret Doctrine." I have often been amused by theAutobiography, 138:I have a clearer perception of what "The Secret Doctrine" was intended to convey than most of them.Autobiography, 165:school and university and was in charge of the secret service on the Tibetan frontier. He is nowAutobiography, 172:that brought a neglected and hitherto somewhat secret group out into the open and made it possibleAutobiography, 189:- Chapter V I, in the meantime, had started a Secret Doctrine class and had rented a room onAutobiography, 190:hold classes and see people by appointment. This Secret Doctrine class was started in 1921 and wasAutobiography, 190:one day and the next week turned his entire Secret Doctrine class over to me. I mention this forAutobiography, 191:like to have its sources recognized. From the Secret Doctrine class arose groups of students allAutobiography, 192:of the books and how to meet the demand for Secret Doctrine classes and how to handle all theAutobiography, 214:times in which I taught the fundamentals of the Secret Doctrine as some of the most profitable andAutobiography, 214:in my life. In many ways today H.P.B.'s book The Secret Doctrine is out of date and its approach toAutobiography, 214:in 1925, is the psychological key to The Secret Doctrine. None of my books would have been possibleAutobiography, 215:I not at one time made a very close study of The Secret Doctrine. Looking back over the years of myAutobiography, 236:concerning the three fires with which The Secret Doctrine deals: electric fire, solar fire and fireAutobiography, 246:was an expansion of the teaching given in The Secret Doctrine on the three fires - electric fire,Autobiography, 246:It also presented the psychological key to The Secret Doctrine and is intended to offer study toAutobiography, 262:of the general public the nature of the secret doctrine, of the esoteric teaching and of the innerAutobiography, 273:of the Masters and with the existence of the secret doctrine and present opportunity for spiritualAutobiography, 275:hundred years, the esoteric doctrines and the secret teaching of the Ageless Wisdom - given to theAutobiography, 275:The belief in the Masters was a closely guarded secret; now They are discussed from publicAutobiography, 276:deals with the ordinary fundamentals of the secret doctrine but only as a foundation for the newAutobiography, 299:know as H.P.B. Her writings, and especially The Secret Doctrine, were a courageous pioneeringBethlehem, 6:as esoteric and the remainder as exterior" - The Secret Doctrine, by H.P. Blavatsky, Vol. III,Bethlehem, 6:interpretation and have omitted to teach the secret and the technique of the Christian life. WeBethlehem, 26:lights the way to the Gate leading to the "Secret Place of the Most High." They have laid theBethlehem, 30:is but the beginning." - Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines, by W.Y. Evans-Wentz, p. 12. Such is ourBethlehem, 33:forgotten. Christianity may and does preserve secret within itself the sacred teaching, but itBethlehem, 69:thou shalt find love's veiled sacrament. Some secret revelation, sweetness, light, Waits to waylayBethlehem, 79:on secretly, silently and regularly in the secret temple of a man's own mind. Secondly, that muchBethlehem, 102:the dark. Only this is sure: at his baptism the secret of his existence was disclosed to him -Bethlehem, 160:of ecstasy accompanies the revelation of the secret of Jesus' person. The first time the revelationBethlehem, 161:out: "We have therefore three revelations of the secret of messiahship, which so hang together thatBethlehem, 161:near Bethsaida was revealed to the Three the secret which was disclosed to Jesus at his baptism.Bethlehem, 161:the mountain. One of the Twelve betrayed the secret to the High Priest. This last revelation of theBethlehem, 161:to the High Priest. This last revelation of the secret was fatal, for it brought about the death ofBethlehem, 189:last weary pilgrim shall find his way home. (The Secret Doctrin, Vol. I, p. 229.) The planetaryBethlehem, 219:life, because it is one of the deepest and most secret and perhaps most sacred phases of His lifeBethlehem, 223:who have endured between them some strange and secret sorrow, and are through it united in a bondBethlehem, 235:that they have been repeatedly undergone in the secret places of the Temples of the Mysteries, fromBethlehem, 237:times these mysteries were enacted in [237] secret, and the rites of initiation were administeredBethlehem, 250:summarized in a book dealing with the secret doctrines of the Tibetan philosophy: "...when theBethlehem, 251:is but the beginning." - Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines, ed. by W. Y. Evans-Wentz, p. 12. HereBethlehem, 258:achieved Illumination, He entered into the "Secret Place of the Most High," to come forth once aBethlehem, 260:to humanity as a whole, and are not only the secret possession of the Initiates. He enacted theBethlehem, 265:simple a rule for many to follow, but it is the secret of the Way. We demand so much, and when aDestiny, 81:nation from the personality or lower angle - the secret and oft devious diplomacy and subtletyDiscipleship1, 63:to a greater sensitivity to others. This is the secret of a Master's work and the factor whichDiscipleship1, 78:some day have the joy of welcoming you to the "Secret Place" where all true servers and initiatesDiscipleship1, 89:Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part IX PART IX The secret of all true meditation work in its earlierDiscipleship1, 142:upon it but take no steps until after... In the secret place must your plans be wrought out and twoDiscipleship1, 158:within the heart but has winged its way from the secret place within the head. I am that bird ofDiscipleship1, 180:soul, and react to its note or vibration. The secret of the power to distinguish the nuances of anyDiscipleship1, 211:progresses along the Path must be held in the secret chamber of the heart where none may see themDiscipleship1, 225:on the mountain top, whether I am silent in the secret place or surrounded by the surging crowds ofDiscipleship1, 254:with the world of souls. Live ever in the secret place of the soul and keep always silent. You haveDiscipleship1, 261:stabilize yourself in that consciousness. In the secret place within the heart, let the personalDiscipleship1, 284:and definitions, for in them is to be found the secret of true creativeness. Meditate upon theDiscipleship1, 305:others and steadfast radiation hold for you the secret of your ultimate liberation. Discipleship1, 323:and power. My strength and power come from the secret place and much I know. I live for others andDiscipleship1, 394:my brothers on the Way and with them find the secret of the dark light which reveals? How can IDiscipleship1, 406:is consecrated and because it holds for you the secret of your real field of service. One of theDiscipleship1, 417:act. The constant steady effort to dwell in the Secret Place of your own soul and from thence to goDiscipleship1, 454:the world; you must now dwell in that high and secret place where [455] divinity is ever sensed.Discipleship1, 457:with the consciousness ever withdrawn to the "secret place of the most High." You will know whereofDiscipleship1, 505:this last sentence, because for you it holds the secret of release. Discipleship1, 506:short while. In time, make your retreat into the secret garden an instantaneous reaction whenDiscipleship1, 512:lock up your knowledge of peoples' faults in the secret of your heart, loving your brother moreDiscipleship1, 559:of the second ray through the open (though secret) door of your own heart. NOTE: In the March 1936Discipleship1, 573:as easily and as intelligently as possible. The secret of success lies for you, in an effort toDiscipleship1, 630:the lower self, as a place of entrance into the "Secret Place of the Most High," and as a "TempleDiscipleship1, 700:the Triangles (the spiritual name given in The Secret Doctrine to the soul) is being imposed uponDiscipleship1, 700:himself to be the "Life and the lives" (as The Secret Doctrine puts it), a sumtotal of forces and aDiscipleship1, 708:and initiates of all degrees - to enter the secret place of initiation with a sense of blindnessDiscipleship1, 730:his contribution to the whole. Therein lies the secret of the inevitable and the unhinderable (isDiscipleship1, 752:evoked by the Master. Now he is admitted to the secret place to be found at the very heart of theDiscipleship1, 778:was an expansion of the teaching given in The Secret Doctrine on the three fires - electric fire,Discipleship1, 778:it also presented the psychological key to The Secret Doctrine and is intended to offer study toDiscipleship2, 14:lesson of understanding. Understanding is the secret behind all power to achieve identificationDiscipleship2, 21:it is not a principle (as H.P.B. tells us in The Secret Doctrine) but is basically an automaton.Discipleship2, 87:a Bible of a sect, as has been the case with The Secret Doctrine and the [88] Theosophical Society.Discipleship2, 126:of Visualization and explained why it is the secret of all true meditation work in its earlierDiscipleship2, 160:are called in the ancient Scriptures and in The, Secret Doctrine) another "era of invocation"Discipleship2, 222:This vertical and horizontal activity holds the secret of creative meditation. It is invocative ofDiscipleship2, 265:There is a clue to this in a statement in The Secret Doctrine that the right eye [266] is the eyeDiscipleship2, 266:The clue again to this is to be found in The Secret Doctrine, I.8o, where we find the words "MatterDiscipleship2, 300:expression and to mental development; it is the secret behind spiritual understanding, but it hasDiscipleship2, 303:process, to the concept of light, to the secret of Masonry, and to the motivating power behindDiscipleship2, 315:illuminates the minds of men and stirs [315] the secret light within all other forms, then the OneDiscipleship2, 315:then the One in whom we live reveals his hidden, secret lighted Will. "When the purpose of theDiscipleship2, 316:and the imminence of the revelation of the first secret - the secret of initiation. Note well what
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