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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SECRET

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Fire, 273:D., I, 472, 153. In Their totality They are the Secret Unpronounceable Name. - S. D., I, 473. TheyFire, 279:key to the other states of consciousness. 15 The Secret Doctrine says: The Universe is in realityFire, 288:and the division of responsibility. 16 In the Secret Doctrine we are told that there are sevenFire, 296:fourfold mystery: The mystery of the Akasha. The secret of the fifth round. The esotericFire, 300:D., I, 258.) Just as it is pointed out in the Secret Doctrine that there are greater and lesserFire, 330:considered in the first volume of the Secret Doctrine, where the work of the Father and the MotherFire, 345:men. Man is beginning to arrive partially at the secret of this phenomenon through his ability toFire, 350:of Initiation Human and Solar, page 126. 30 "The Secret of the Pleiades and of their relation toFire, 350:is now exoteric." H.P.B. speaks of it in the Secret Doctrine. 31 "See S. D, II, 711, 725, 726. Fire, 359:a certain stage of evolutionary development; The secret of the cycles, or the periods ofFire, 361:as H. P. B. hints in several passages in the Secret Doctrine. (S. D., I, 493.) This scheme isFire, 366:of our scheme, and in it lies hidden the secret of this world cycle. It is not easy to convey theFire, 368:The Venusian scheme is - as stated in the Secret Doctrine (S.D., I. 187. II, 33-36, 626.) - in itsFire, 382:been indicated to students in Volume II, of the Secret Doctrine. The student is narrowed down toFire, 394:is hidden in existence itself, and holds the secret of life and conceals and veils those EntitiesFire, 397:and the "shaktis" of the Hindu philosophy. The Secret Doctrine says that: The Six are the sixFire, 397:by their Primary, the Seventh. 41 The Secret Doctrine says that: It is on the Hierarchies and theFire, 398:In the occult realization of this lies hid the secret of the close relationship between man and theFire, 412:are the three esoteric Kumaras, mentioned in the Secret Doctrine, (S. D., I, 493) Who represent theFire, 416:the timely interference of the solar Logos. The secret of the suffering in the Earth chain, whichFire, 436:of electrical phenomena has solved not only the secret of his own Being, but knows his place withinFire, 450:they themselves find place. Second. Learned the secret of the notes and tones to which that groupFire, 475:recognized, but the key to the mystery, or the secret of the systemic formula is advisedly guardedFire, 482:the solar words, and later a cosmic word. The secret of electrical vibration, which is onlyFire, 483:Wisdom Religion is dealt with by H. P. B. in the Secret Doctrine as follows: Opinion must beFire, 483:teaching." - Lucifer, Vol. V, p. 157. "The Secret Doctrine is no 'authority' per se; but being fullFire, 483:III, p. 157. 59 See Preface and Introduction, Secret Doctrine, Vol. I. Fire, 492:the medium of solar fire, and herein lies the secret of transmutation and its most mysteriousFire, 496:do until the fourth ether is controlled, and its secret discovered. As time progresses, theFire, 496:Through mantric sounds he will find the secret of atomic energy, latent in the mineral kingdom, andFire, 498:world of this manvantaric period. But see the Secret Doctrine for particulars. - Lucifer, Vol. III,Fire, 517:to the vibration of all the planes, lies hid the secret of the karmic purpose of His incarnation,Fire, 518:functional activity; but we cannot penetrate the secret as yet of His three lower permanent atomsFire, 527:the problems of manifestation. It concerns the secret of the position of the different kingdoms ofFire, 539:this ninefold development is hinted at in the Secret Doctrine in the various places where H. P. B.Fire, 539:and in Their various names, as found in the Secret Doctrine, may be discovered the clue to theFire, 547:work upon the physical plane for man. The whole secret of success in any endeavor or enterprise isFire, 563:80 and in that terrible period spoken of in the Secret Doctrine, which resulted in abortions andFire, 568:We need to ponder on this, for it holds the secret of peace, and we need to grasp the significanceFire, 602:the lives," 86 as it is called 87 [602] in the Secret Doctrine; with Agni, the Lord of Fire, theFire, 602:that which the Flame destroys. Students of the Secret Doctrine when they read carelessly are apt toFire, 604:86 The Life and the Lives. H. P. B. says in the Secret Doctrine: "Occultism does not acceptFire, 610:a limit to what may be known. 89 H.P.B. in the Secret Doctrine refers to "...the solution of theFire, 624:the mystery of maya, and here is to be found the secret of illusion. Here exists for man the firstFire, 625:D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals The secret of the note of the head, the heart, and theFire, 625:teaching that is one of the keys to the Secret Doctrine. 3 We should therefore bear in mind thatFire, 631:forty-nine Fires referred to by H. P. B. in the Secret Doctrine (See S. D., 1, 567.). The sevenFire, 640:the lives embodied in all mineral forms. The secret of the transmutation of the baser metals intoFire, 657:esoteric existences who are spoken of in the Secret Doctrine (See S. D, II, 579-582) as "The wivesFire, 671:future time, as may be seen from a study of the Secret Doctrine, (See S. D., I, 288; II, 179, 187.)Fire, 673:but they contain within themselves the secret of our planetary individualization. They were theFire, 673:disastrous early happenings referred to in the Secret Doctrine, such as the above mentioned "sin,"Fire, 673:a planetary significance only hinted at in the Secret Doctrine) 18 can be traced back to theFire, 675:The Stanzas at the beginning of Volume II of the Secret Doctrine make these failures apparent. - S.Fire, 680:less confused. There are two statements in the Secret Doctrine which are often overlooked by theFire, 685:23 This name is given to them in the Secret Doctrine, Volume II, page 96. Fire, 700:of work on the Earth can be studied in the Secret Doctrine and has a most significant interest forFire, 701:Brotherhood. 34 See all the earlier part of the Secret Doctrine, Volume II. Fire, 704:and it is not possible to reveal more of it. The secret of Buddhi, the sixth or Christ principle,Fire, 704:which concerns these Sons of God, and the secret of the fifth Hierarchy which is the vehicle orFire, 704:the possibility of egoic unfoldment, and keeps secret the karma of the Heavenly Men, the fiveFire, 705:mind is seen to be the slayer of the Real. The secret of planetary avitchi 35 is hidden here, justFire, 707:at this moment. That which is given in the Secret Doctrine, and supplemented here by furtherFire, 707:On the tide of the present endeavor, the Secret Doctrine will be vindicated and her work justified.Fire, 717:third and fourth races. 39 Root races. The Secret Doctrine teaches that these seven groups of humanFire, 722:it fully, as it is one of the most occult and secret of the mysteries, perhaps a little light mayFire, 724:number of cosmic entities who, as stated in the Secret [725] Doctrine, 41 have the privilege ofFire, 728:these few hints with those earlier given in the Secret Doctrine, the mystery of the "Holy Four" mayFire, 729:What has been said here and in the Secret Doctrine is but a manner of endeavoring to expressFire, 742:of the Earth chain has but to study the Secret Doctrine. We have attempted to carry the thought ofFire, 745:considering the mystery of the Buddha, and the secret purpose of that mysterious Entity, the SilentFire, 747:fire down to the circle of gloom, rideth the secret Avatar, bearing the sword that pierceth. NaughtFire, 766:of energy and of radiant activity) the whole secret of egoic energy, and of impulse making itsFire, 778:P. B. has pointed out - S. D., I, 41, 83.) the Secret Doctrine is primarily concerned with theFire, 778:embodied in our scheme, as it is one of the most secret of the mysteries revealed at initiation,Fire, 781:55 The Ego is described thus in the Secret Doctrine: Each is a pillar of Light. Having chosen itsFire, 785:the consciousness of man when he has solved the secret of the building of his astral vehicle, andFire, 793:the true figures are given, the figures in the Secret Doctrine, such as the 100 years of Brahma,Fire, 796:will remain at its present stage - an unrevealed secret. If the radiatory effect of a human beingFire, 824:of orange and of rose is approaching the secret of the two Kumaras Who fell. More it is notFire, 853:plane incarnation. This is touched upon in the Secret Doctrine when the question of the earlyFire, 853:D., I, 55, 69, 70. 72 See the early part of the Secret Doctrine, Volume II. 73 C. W. Leadbeater hadFire, 862:of liberated force upon the higher planes is the secret of occult knowledge. Force or energy flowsFire, 865:only balances the pairs of opposites, but the secret of his brother's heart becomes revealed toFire, 871:careful reader that in this fact lies hid the secret of why the Mahachohan holds office longer thanFire, 872:The key to the mystery of sacrifice and to the secret of the Silent Watchers in the cosmos isFire, 872:of Electricity. The mystery of Brahma. The secret of the third aspect. It is latent in the physicalFire, 872:Polarity, or of the universal sex impulse. The secret of the second aspect. It is latent in theFire, 872:or the dynamic central systemic force. The secret of the first aspect. It is latent in the centralFire, 873:profound for men to apprehend as it concerns the secret of that which "substands" or "stands back"Fire, 874:revealed, yet remains hidden, for who knows the secret of a man as it exists in his ownFire, 882:Guyha vidya - The science of mantrams. The secret knowledge of mystic mantrams. The occult potencyFire, 892:fact in all occult investigation, and is the secret of all beneficent magic. It is not my purpose,Fire, 892:D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals The secret of the reptile kingdom is one of theFire, 893:of the second round assume a new importance. The secret of life lies hidden in the serpent stage, -Fire, 899:apparent. In the mystery of the sea and the secret of its occult "drying up" or absorption, will beFire, 917:at certain definite deductions and discover: The secret of matter itself, that is, matter as weFire, 919:from the fourth cosmic etheric plane. 84 The Secret Doctrine says that: God, Monad, and Atom areFire, 928:padme hum." Every syllable of this phrase has a secret potency, and its totality has seven meaningsFire, 931:that of the immetalisation of the Monad, and the secret of the transmutation of metals. Second. The
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