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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SECRET

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Fire, 932:with the history of the second round; this secret when revealed will make clear why man (under theFire, 932:already certain things connected with the second secret, and they may hope, as the knowledge of theFire, 932:to glean hints as to the first. The third secret will not be indicated more clearly till the sixthFire, 932:matter as yet imperfectly manipulated. The secret of fear is hidden in the etheric body, and theFire, 940:H. P. B. has outlined these stages in the Secret Doctrine, (S. D., I, 279, 280.) and they have beenFire, 981:contacts. Magic consists, we are told in the Secret Doctrine, in addressing the Gods in Their ownFire, 989:upon that record. H. P. B. has touched, in the Secret Doctrine, (S. D., III, 62; Section 6, pageFire, 992:are the ordinary "lost souls" spoken of in the Secret Doctrine. 1 If students will study theseFire, 1037:through a further revelation of some part of the Secret Doctrine. Newton, Copernicus, Galileo,Fire, 1042:through the solar periphery. We are told in the Secret Doctrine that "the seven solar Rays dilateFire, 1044:it senses other spheres, and seeks to know their secret. 2. They meet each other. They seek aFire, 1048:every atom to self-determination, and is the secret of the phenomenon called individualization. ItFire, 1048:atom towards group determination, and is the secret of the phenomenon termed "Initiation," or theFire, 1048:atom. 9 1. The Names of the Sun mentioned in the Secret Doctrine are: Marttanda. - S. D., I, 61,Fire, 1060:Darkness is light to the illumined Seer, and the secret of the Heavens can be read and expressed inFire, 1067:with the mineral kingdom sought to find out the secret of the liberating process, to know theFire, 1089:hid the mystery of monadic self-will, and the secret as to why some of the Monads refused toFire, 1091:words of H. P. B. where he tells students of the Secret Doctrine that the stanzas and theirFire, 1103:"Ahamkara" principle, 17 as it is called in the Secret Doctrine, does its work, and man becomesFire, 1141:is expressed in terms of time; [1141] but the secret to the cycles may not as yet be given as itFire, 1154:forth spoken of in the occult books and in the Secret Doctrine is in etheric matter; it is thisFire, 1166:but not in form. [1166] 24 See Section VIII, Secret Doctrine, Volume I. The Lotus is symbolical ofFire, 1183:of the various hierarchies of being, and the secret of the esoteric symbols. The main stream ofFire, 1189:planet. As we know from a study of the Secret Doctrine, certain of the planetary Logoi are pure andFire, 1191:embody itself in a fourth fundamental of the Secret Doctrine so that later students will have theFire, 1196:may serve to elucidate that contained in the Secret Doctrine concerning them. What is here impartedFire, 1197:the Sacred Heart, and are (as we are told in the Secret Doctrine) the prototypes of the Monads.Fire, 1201:other as the case may be. As is stated in the Secret Doctrine, this hierarchy is the nursery forFire, 1203:Hierarchy is, as we know from study of the Secret Doctrine, a most mysterious one. This mystery isFire, 1203:This is hinted at in the third volume of the Secret Doctrine. The relation of the fifth HierarchyFire, 1203:them in a greater mahakalpa. This is the true "secret of the Dragon," and it was theFire, 1222:another hieroglyphic which [1222] contains the secret of the astral plane, which has to beFire, 1226:particular revelation comes to him. This is the secret behind the seven symbols, each one of whichFire, 1231:his attention upon the following words: "The secret of the Fire lies hid in the second letter ofFire, 1237:mystery lying behind all mysteries; this is the secret of which all that has hitherto been knownFire, 1241:him - the mystery of mysteries and the ineffable secret. It becomes the goal of his endeavor as heFire, 1244:to set forth with ardor on the search for its secret. 35 Students must be careful to distinguish inFire, 1248:as a perfect transmitter. He has learnt also the secret of group coherence on the higher levels ofFire, 1258:to the pledged initiate, though a clue to the secret may be gained if it is realized that in aFire, 1265:physical plane structure of the eye lies hid the secret and in its study may come some revelationFire, 1272:to guard Themselves from straying o'er the secret ring-pass-not which rims the great Illusion. TheyFire, 1278:sacred seven. This is the mystery hid, the inner secret found in the heart of cosmic space withinGlamour, 24:and regarding it as giving us seven keys to the secret of the elimination of glamor. The formulaGlamour, 79:aid or perhaps it will remain a mystery, for the secret of world glamor lies hid in the thoughtGlamour, 79:that this triple differentiation veils the secret of creation. God Himself produced the pairs ofGlamour, 94:you note that word "unity," for it holds the secret of disillusionment, as this process of releaseGlamour, 123:body. The glamor of the mysterious and the secret. The glamor of sex magic. The glamor of theGlamour, 183:fifty years ago and which took the form of The Secret Doctrine. H. P. B. was the "penetrating,Glamour, 183:- many of the theosophical groups - that The Secret Doctrine was a final [184] revelation and thatGlamour, 187:force, form to life, and man to God and held the secret of transformation, transmutation andGlamour, 188:and thus he intuitively discovers a long sought secret. The discovery, [189] when of the firstGlamour, 221:kingdoms have surmounted it and discovered the secret of its delusion and no longer recognize itHealing, 4:of the deep seated [4] longings, irritations, secret delights and the many hidden impulses whichHealing, 46:as given by H.P.B. in Vol. III, of The Secret Doctrine, its interpretation will be dependent uponHealing, 61:it is a dread disease, feared by all. In the secret of right transmutation lies the cure of cancer,Healing, 61:This again will later be seen. In the secret of right rhythmic living and in a right proportionalHealing, 61:complete immunity from tuberculosis. In the secret of right understanding of times and cycles, andHealing, 131:and of the ray, and failure to transmit. The secret of constituting a pure channel (to use mysticHealing, 132:and its differing and varied effects. The secret of the Law of Vibration is progressively revealedHealing, 136:seven, plus that which they produce, possess the secret. This is the fifth Law of Healing withinHealing, 178:For those of you who are students of The Secret Doctrine, there is much to be unfolded anent theHealing, 231:culminating in the great war (as related in The Secret Doctrine) between the Lords of the ShiningHealing, 236:Christ when He spoke of the time when nothing secret would remain hidden and when all secrets wouldHealing, 237:and nothing that they do will be carried out in secret. Some one or some group will be aware of theHealing, 292:They are the "imperfect Gods" spoken of in The Secret Doctrine [293] and are the planetary Logoi ofHealing, 327:of so-called electrical phenomena, called in The Secret Doctrine and in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire,Healing, 337:it interesting to read what can be found in The Secret Doctrine and other books (including mine) onHealing, 368:to discover in my books, for instance, or in The Secret Doctrine, those paragraphs which will throwHealing, 377:of electricity" to which H.P.B. referred in The Secret Doctrine. Everything in Nature is electricalHealing, 378:scientific discoveries, therefore, hold the secret. This is no evasion on my part, but a simpleHealing, 403:these details are not given, and H.P.B. in The Secret Doctrine gave none. An instance of thisHealing, 438:and will convey to you the eternally lovely secret of Death which is entrance into life. - Vol. V.Healing, 521:seed of that which will follow later. In The Secret Doctrine, for instance, H.P.B. (under myHealing, 534:seven, plus that which they produce, possess the secret. This is the fifth Law of Healing withinHealing, 536:earlier stated when aiding H.P.B. in writing The Secret Doctrine) is an "imperfect God." After theHealing, 558:emanates. I would remind you here that in The Secret Doctrine, H.P.B. states that a plane and aHealing, 565:on Cosmic Fire and hinted at earlier in The Secret Doctrine. This law states that because man isHealing, 571:above. As you well know, and as stated in The Secret Doctrine, the right eye is the "eye of buddhi"Healing, 582:seven, plus that which they produce, possess the secret. This is the fifth law of healing withinHealing, 583:any detail, although they were hinted at in The Secret Doctrine. I wonder sometimes if any of youHealing, 596:seven, plus that which they produce, possess the secret. [597] The enumeration is in the nature ofHealing, 597:but with these we need not here deal. The "secret" referred to is the revelation of the manner inHealing, 597:good health may be preserved. It is not the secret [598] of how to cure the physical vehicle whenHealing, 598:when "bodily ills" are present. But there is a secret of good health which is known to allHealing, 598:for and in the human kingdom, they may know the secret but may, at the same time, choose not toHealing, 598:with or of spirit and matter which is the secret of divine appearance; one of the main causes ofHealing, 598:he is insistent upon directing. There is also a secret meaning here which relates to the seven raysHealing, 598:in the human kingdom; the knowledge of this secret enables a Master to control epidemics andHealing, 599:ray - Who are today in possession of this secret in its entirety, and They are aided by five otherHealing, 610:as well as of the microcosm. Here lies the secret of planetary suffering and of death. OurHealing, 610:as you know, one of the "imperfect Gods" of The Secret Doctrine, although perfect past our humanHercules, 7:will make in time to come will be found the secret of the true coordination between soul and formHercules, 13:with the Cosmic Deity: "Listen to this great secret. Although I am above birth and rebirth, or Law,Hercules, 57:Let him go forward on the Way and learn the secret of success. Hercules, 120:in the sign of the Virgin and its labor. In The Secret Doctrine is a clear statement of the wholeHercules, 162:the symbol of immortality, the symbol of that secret hidden thing that lies back of our souls even;Hercules, 178:This is the key to the evolutionary urge and the secret of rebirth. (The Tibetan). When a trueInitiationthen to act accordingly and abundantly." - Secret Doctrine, Vol. III, page 401. [vii] The subjectInitiation, 7:surrounding ignorance. H. P. Blavatsky, in "The Secret Doctrine," has told us so, but as yet veryInitiation, 14:walls the pairs of opposites are known, and the secret of good and evil is revealed. It leads to
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