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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SECRETARIES

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Autobiography, 194:by the workers at Headquarters and the student-secretaries out in the field. We started with oneAutobiography, 194:the Headquarters Staff we have a group of 140 secretaries, senior students who help in theAutobiography, 194:in the instruction of the other students. These secretaries are scattered all over the world and itAutobiography, 196:occult groups. Often have I said to the school secretaries that the fact that they have seniorityAutobiography, 198:the students in these countries are handled by secretaries who speak their language. The serviceAutobiography, 215:languages nor had we any foreign-speaking secretaries. The knowledge [216] of what we were doingAutobiography, 285:of true occult obedience. The school workers and secretaries - both at Headquarters and in theAutobiography, 286:can become school workers, teachers, and as secretaries supervise the work of the younger students.Autobiography, 286:their fellowmen. In 1947 we had about 140 school secretaries but their numbers increase naturallyAutobiography, 286:school grows, and it is growing very fast. These secretaries are of every nationality. The work ofAutobiography, 289:has been made along these lines. The school secretaries belong to every nationality and theAutobiography, 292:or entering into controversial discussions. Our secretaries are not permitted to enter intoDiscipleship2, 757:upon the outer plane, do less, than the other secretaries. Why is this so? It is indicative of theExternalisation, 16:their identity, when the leaders and workers and secretaries will meet with each other and learn to
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