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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SECRETIONS

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Healing, 625:of the activity of the glands and of their secretions is psychological. A man is, upon the physicalSoul, 22:by the character and amount of the internal secretions of his various glands." - Rubin, Herman H.,Soul, 30:mystery veils the subject. It is true that the secretions of certain glands have been discovered,Soul, 30:of thyroid extract in certain cases, but the secretions of most glands are unknown or have onlySoul, 30:to venture upon the subject of glands and their secretions and effects, and, after diligent studySoul, 31:so often made, that the mysterious internal secretions are responsible for man's actions, emotionsSoul, 36:action and interaction of the various glandular secretions... "Although we are as yet only on theSoul, 38:contents. The second possess no ducts, and their secretions are absorbed directly into the bloodSoul, 38:and their products have been called internal secretions. The term 'endocrinology' has been appliedSoul, 39:referred to as the 'endocrine glands.' Their secretions are absorbed directly into the blood, andSoul, 39:appear, thereby dispensing its own drugs. "These secretions contain the 'hormones' or chemicalSoul, 47:for physical and mental purposes. It has two secretions, both insulin, one concerned with theSoul, 47:has been given) is one source of the internal secretions producing maturity. [49] The adrenalSoul, 51:by increasing or decreasing certain internal secretions. Thus a man is no better, no worse, thanSoul, 121:are known and of [121] which most of the secretions or hormones, have been discovered. The centersSoul, 121:whose functions are relatively unknown and whose secretions in the main have not been isolated. It
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