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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SECTARIAN

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Atom, 18:of nature, should you prefer that less sectarian expression. We shall then be led to theAutobiography, 72:will matter more. Religious differences [72] and sectarian dislikes must eventually vanish and weAutobiography, 154:lot, and I found, also, that the more rigid and sectarian the approach to vegetarianism, the moreAutobiography, 157:brotherhood but it was degenerating into a sectarian group more interested in founding andAutobiography, 189:United Lodge of Theosophists, a rival and most sectarian organization. They represent theAutobiography, 197:its worth. The Arcane School is therefore non-sectarian, non-political, but deeply international inAutobiography, 198:a school that was non-doctrinal, [198] non-sectarian and based on the Ageless Wisdom that has comeAutobiography, 217:and that it should be undenominational, non-sectarian and open to esoteric thinkers and occultAutobiography, 281:to spiritual status. The Arcane School is non-sectarian, non-political, and international in itsAutobiography, 291:the Arcane School VI. The Arcane School is Non-Sectarian, Non-Political and International TheBethlehem, 238:the death of Christ, seeking to impose a narrow sectarian Christ upon the world. We have fed theBethlehem, 239:legion," and most of them are founded upon some sectarian presentation of the dead Christ, and ofDiscipleship2, 87:spiritual inclination. The Arcane School is non-sectarian, non-political and international in itsFire, vi:teaching from producing yet one more dogmatic sectarian cult. The present volume, A Treatise onFire, 483:possible. S. D., III, 487. We must be also non-sectarian. - S. D., III, 110. We must remember theMagic, 430:of humanity, and also to their tendency to be sectarian, exclusive and self-righteous. SelflessMagic, 606:human awareness, they are distinguished by a non-sectarian spirit, and by an ability to deal withPatanjali, 167:theological differences, and the doctrinal and sectarian diversities everywhere to be found, and inProblems, 34:church would spell disaster. It would feed the sectarian spirit, foster the conservative,Problems, 124:everywhere and not simply a beautiful hope of a sectarian group or a fanatical self-satisfiedProblems, 127:own thinking, of his own lower nature, of his sectarian isolationism (fostered by the Jewish OldPsychology1, 172:effectiveness. Groups that were crystallized and sectarian as a whole would fail to respond, but inPsychology1, 211:and speech. The seventh ray man will often be sectarian. He will delight in fixed ceremonials andPsychology1, 349:we have the demonstration of those dogmatic, sectarian and theological attitudes, for instance,Psychology1, 368:ray the Fraternity fell into a crystallized and sectarian attitude, along with the many otherPsychology2, 662:organizations are themselves too separative and sectarian to carry forward the work constructively.Reappearance, 139:today? Why are the majority of such teachers so sectarian, separate and denominational in theirReappearance, 143:ears and the Christ and His disciples have no sectarian scruples, of that we may be sure. It is
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