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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SECURITY

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Autobiography, 46:and had the background, the prestige and the security that this entailed. I had a good time; I hadAutobiography, 72:the world of men will move forward in peace and security towards the new culture and the futureAutobiography, 150:one step towards it when we talk or work for security. [151] Destiny, 74:in Europe, but France's demand for her personal security must give place to the security of theDestiny, 74:for her personal security must give place to the security of the whole from aggression and evil andDestiny, 76:go and whether she will work for the peace and security of the whole in love and with wisdom, orDiscipleship1, 311:carefully chosen word, and the sense of reticent security which you can convey to others will beDiscipleship1, 492:There are people around you who care for you in security; you have co-workers who are your friendsDiscipleship2, 40:settling back by mankind in an effort to find security, to obliterate the effects of war from theirDiscipleship2, 232:the right feeding and the development of a true security for millions who - for many lives - willDiscipleship2, 238:it is in the enunciation of truth that security for all men lies. This necessarily involves aDiscipleship2, 350:a world plan which will eventuate in peace, security and right human relations. It is interestingDiscipleship2, 392:all disciples are working: Freedom and spiritual security. This is true even if the man who talksDiscipleship2, 392:is true even if the man who talks in terms of security omits the word "spiritual." It is that forDiscipleship2, 592:(on sounder and better lines) the needed security and happiness. I refer not here to the work doneDiscipleship2, 652:into the Ashram, they are in a place of complete security where naught can reach or hurt them.Discipleship2, 692:I enfold you within my aura and with security, and from that point of safety I ask you to go forthDiscipleship2, 720:(as the Master ever sees it) that confidence and security are developed. In the place of yourDiscipleship2, 763:of you and sorely needs lifting into a sense of security and peace. I commend her to you, and sheEducation, 90:and understanding, for greater cooperation, for security and peace and plenty in the place ofEducation, 109:and understanding, deepened cooperation, for a security based on right adjustments, and for peaceExternalisation, 180:to the shouldering of responsibility for the security of humanity. Thus briefly have I sought toExternalisation, 184:culture of France must be paramount and French security must outweigh all other considerations;Externalisation, 185:action by an appeal to her self-interest and security. For our encouragement let us recognize thatExternalisation, 189:a common sense which is determined to establish security, right human relations and liberty. It isExternalisation, 191:for destructive purposes or to infringe the security of any other nation. One of the first tasks ofExternalisation, 193:a primary responsibility. The sense of security must be put on a firm basis - the basis of rightExternalisation, 197:the supplies which are essential to the health, security and happiness of mankind must be madeExternalisation, 204:children of the world and planning their future security will take the best that is in the men andExternalisation, 233:so? Are you going to issue forth from the safe security of your pacifist alibi and gratefullyExternalisation, 238:of change in a constantly changing world with security against the disturbance of the general peaceExternalisation, 245:of those who are fighting for world peace and security, preparatory to the inauguration of the newExternalisation, 258:was animated by somewhat selfish purposes - the security and safety of France more than with theExternalisation, 279:death. They can be relinquished with safety and security and no fear of results, if the motive ofExternalisation, 318:labor standards, economic advancement and social security. [319] Sixth, after the final destructionExternalisation, 319:of a wider and permanent system of general security, that the disarmament of such nations isExternalisation, 339:of betterment, of universal welfare, of general security, of widespread opportunity, irrespectiveExternalisation, 341:of the opportunities of peace, the right use of security, and the planned education of the youth ofExternalisation, 372:and machine-gunned. They have known no security and look forward today to no sure future. MillionsExternalisation, 372:of the children of the world to happiness, security, proper standards of life and conduct and someExternalisation, 372:every nation has entered this war; individual security has prompted the entry of even the mostExternalisation, 426:is an absolute necessity and bounden duty, if security, well-being and a new order of happierExternalisation, 444:tomorrow for justice and for the restoration of security. When there is security, readjustment, theExternalisation, 444:for the restoration of security. When there is security, readjustment, the obliteration of theExternalisation, 518:the battle from a secure eminence. In Their security lies your ultimate success, for They hold inExternalisation, 623:humanity. They desire simply emotional peace, security in which to live and work, and a vision of aExternalisation, 626:- is clamoring for peace, justice and a sense of security. All this, the right use of money and aExternalisation, 638:men could live at peace with each other and in security, and in which men everywhere could work,Externalisation, 645:of the world and the production of the needed security will be brought about in the long run by theExternalisation, 668:Evil is chaos, disruption, lack of established security, and consequent fear. The potency of theseExternalisation, 678:waits for a greater calm and a firmer sense of security in Europe. The center in Darjeeling is whatExternalisation, 689:living conditions for all - with peace and security also for all. The Black Lodge or the planetaryGlamour, 149:the longing for "things," for comforts and for security - economic, social and religious - controlHercules, 92:of salvation", and conveying ever the idea of security, of progress, and of the achieving of a wayHercules, 117:no intent to serve, but only to obtain money, security or position. One seldom hears a sermon onIntellect, 133:seems (in the majority of cases) no sense of security or certainty of repetition, and only aIntellect, 223:under proper instruction, and practice them with security. Even then he will only succeed inMagic, 371:of the battle from a secure eminence. In our security lies your ultimate success, for we hold inMagic, 627:the sense of safety and for convinced assured security - based on numerical aggregations - men haveMeditation, 137:involution and in this fact lies a recognizable security. Fear causes weakness; weakness causes aPatanjali, 290:will be aroused and can proceed upward with security, blending ultimately with the fire or light inProblems, 8:it could be solved easily by the restitution of security, by the sound psychological treatment ofProblems, 14:which will, in due course of time, lead to world security. This period should be faced by everyProblems, 42:groups, banded together to preserve world security, to protect labor, to deal with world economicsProblems, 46:awakening of the creative faculty in man once security is restored; we have noted the imminence ofProblems, 49:in the world and the inculcation of a sense of security. Then and only then will it be possible toProblems, 64:and understanding, for greater cooperation, for security and peace and plenty in the place ofProblems, 67:this "secret of release" and the future security of humanity is, therefore, dependent upon twoProblems, 92:are widespread; there is no true sense of security, especially among the minorities. Some of theProblems, 92:founded also upon the knowledge that material security and a sufficiency of material supplies mustProblems, 134:voice of humanity is demanding light, peace and security. Some seek it in the formation of newProblems, 136:structures, the re-establishing of financial security, the recovery of the status of outgrownProblems, 167:it becomes immediately apparent that peace, security and world stability are primarily tied up withProblems, 167:and better way of life, and to establish that security and peace for which all men ceaselesslyProblems, 168:most part, desiring only peace after storm and security in the place of economic disaster; they areProblems, 168:there is no major war, there is no peace, no security and no immediate hope of either. It isProblems, 169:and into all measures taken to bring about security and right human relations. Spirituality isProblems, 170:relatively negligible. The unity, peace and security of the nations, great and small, are not to beProblems, 171:United Nations have to deal. Unity, peace and security will come through the recognition -Problems, 174:communities to establish right human relations. Security, happiness and peaceful relations areProblems, 175:come when - in the interest of peace and security - the capitalists in the various nations will beProblems, 176:which will lead to peace - a peace based on security and right human relations. To furtherPsychology1, 341:useful work in smashing the glamorous material security in which men were living, and in destroyingPsychology2, 148:Paradise to turn away those who seek the fancied security of that shelter and condition. This angelPsychology2, 167:fast the storehouse of the mind, the safe security, the darkness and the warmth of a satisfiedPsychology2, 653:be superseded by a real measure of stability and security. A more leisured life will consequentlyPsychology2, 738:their frontiers in an effort to achieve that security which will enable them to live safely withinRays, 155:and that only with the group can he proceed with security; he begins to realize that the group isRays, 155:time as glamor cannot reach him. This individual security of his [156] is only reached between theRays, 573:the new ways, for organized unity and peaceful security, is being implemented through the incomingRays, 622:to people everywhere to bring about social security and right human relations. It is not theRays, 626:leadership will not be lacking once a measure of security and better living conditions have beenRays, 674:housing, for the restoration of stability and security and for the cessation of anxiety controlsReappearance, 20:the world, to restore stability and the sense of security and thus (consciously or unconsciously)Reappearance, 77:of the United Nations, though not within the Security Council; He is there generating a slowlyReappearance, 110:unsure of their future, their freedom and their security to be in any condition to listen to Him.Reappearance, 162:of the little man in every country who sees no security or hope anywhere, the work of the churchesReappearance, 170:humanity." They desire simply emotional peace, security in which to live and work, and a vision ofReappearance, 175:- is clamoring for peace, justice and a sense of security. This, the right use of money and aTelepathy, 139:fact of the physical body (around whose comfort, security and care all life seems woven) and the
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