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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEE

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Atom, 57:by the means of the material form, whether we see Him manifested through the tiny form of aAtom, 71:have the clue to ourselves, and to all that we see happening around us in the world. If, forAtom, 73:and give us a possible clue to the mystery. We see civilizations disrupted, we see the religiousAtom, 73:the mystery. We see civilizations disrupted, we see the religious fabrics tottering, we seeAtom, 73:we see the religious fabrics tottering, we see philosophies successfully attacked, we see theAtom, 73:we see philosophies successfully attacked, we see the foundations of material science shaken. Yet,Atom, 82:of the evolution of man, the thinker. We shall see that in man comes in another aspect of divinity.Atom, 82:image of God, and we would therefore expect to see him reflecting [83] the threefold nature of theAtom, 104:two stages, the atomic and the form stage, and see how the consciousness of the human beingAtom, 106:in the streets of any great city, and you will see everywhere people in the atomic stage, centeredAtom, 107:sight. I do not mean by this that a baby cannot see, or that it is born blind, like a kitten, butAtom, 116:time [116] our horizon widens, and we think and see more broadly, it is an initiation, and hereinAtom, 124:of all atoms in the solar system, let us now see what are the different developments which may beAtom, 127:respond to the divine in our brother. We usually see only that which is bad and coarse, and areAtom, 129:and feel that it is something we should like to see realized. It is good to remember that the moreAtom, 132:somewhat) is the development of the ability to see in subtler matter. Everywhere there are childrenAtom, 132:Everywhere there are children being born who see more than you or I can. I am here referring toAtom, 135:abstract terms. When this is the case we shall see more of that peculiar, interesting capacityAtom, 138:which means the capacity to hear and see as clearly and accurately upon the subtler planes as we doAtom, 138:It will involve the ability to hear and see all that concerns the group - that is, to hear and seeAtom, 138:that concerns the group - that is, to hear and see in the fourth and fifth dimensions. I am notAtom, 138:me thus: "The fourth dimension is the ability to see through and around a thing. The fifthAtom, 138:with all other eyes in the solar system. To see in the sixth dimension might be defined as theAtom, 155:constellations. Perhaps in the stars that we can see in the distant heavens, and in the life thatAutobiography, XI:gathering of loving hearts, which it is, and to see to it that we truly serve. Sincerely yours,Autobiography, 7:workers and disciples that will be good. You can see, therefore, that as a life story mine does notAutobiography, 7:humorous person and almost painfully ready to see the funny side of things. Between you and me,Autobiography, 19:women. My father did not care for me and when I see the picture of myself when small, I canAutobiography, 20:up in my words to my cousin, Mary Barttelot, "See, long black stockings and 'spenders'" - the firstAutobiography, 24:our lives were arranged for and even today I can see the chart hung on the wall of [25] ourAutobiography, 28:taking my eldest daughter, then a baby, home to see my people, I arrived in New York tired, ill,Autobiography, 30:than her own possessions. I was not, as you can see, a nice child. Not only did I have a temper butAutobiography, 36:common mistake on the part of beginners and I see a lot of it today in connection with variousAutobiography, 41:stilled. I knew that behind all that I could see and touch there was a Something that could not beAutobiography, 42:large scale and had, therefore, to stand by and see them go to hell. I did not formulate all thisAutobiography, 44:did not know any better and that I had better see that you were taken care of." I left as he hadAutobiography, 49:I used to look out of my bedroom [49] window and see in the distance that stupendous mountain pile,Autobiography, 53:I grinned and withdrew - literally, so you can see how deep my feeling went. Then it wasAutobiography, 57:pose as a know-it-all. I say: "This is how I see it now; when I see it differently I'll tell you."Autobiography, 57:I say: "This is how I see it now; when I see it differently I'll tell you." I never present truthAutobiography, 57:I'll tell you." I never present truth (as I see it) in such a way that it is dogmatic. I often tellAutobiography, 59:house in which we lived, and I can this minute see her lying asleep in the early morning light withAutobiography, 60:following conversation took place: "Alice, you see that man over there?" pointing out my problem toAutobiography, 62:lot used to come to the room every evening to see me. I made no attempt to get them to attend theAutobiography, 63:be rude. However, I would surely have hated to see one of my own girls in a similar position andAutobiography, 63:morning Elise Sandes got a letter which I could see greatly disturbed her. The head of the work inAutobiography, 73:their attitude was worse. So I was sent up to see what could be done. I was simply terrified andAutobiography, 75:have elapsed since then. [75] This man came to see me when I was in London in 1934 and we talked ofAutobiography, 77:who had [77] come down to inspect the home and see what we were doing. They discovered, withAutobiography, 81:salvation. Let me relate them and you will then see the sequence of my interior disturbance. YearsAutobiography, 82:on both sides. One evening Jessie came up to see me. I had that afternoon spoken at a GospelAutobiography, 83:happened to live before Christ came? You can see, therefore, how little by little these interiorAutobiography, 87:this major spent the evening with me and I can see us now sitting around a table with an oil lamp,Autobiography, 89:when I [89] was fifteen spoke to me. I did not see Him this time but I stood in the middle of theAutobiography, 90:whole thing was impossible, that I would never see him again and that it was good bye for once andAutobiography, 92:decided to take me back to Ireland and see what Elise Sandes would suggest. I was too sick toAutobiography, 95:crying and was contented to be with her. I can see the sitting-room now in the boarding-house atAutobiography, 95:me to bed that night and told me that she would see me the next morning. After breakfast she toldAutobiography, 96:around to the Deaconess' House in Edinburgh to see the head of the Church of Scotland deaconesses.Autobiography, 96:was no narrowness or stupidity in her. I can see her now - tall and straight in her brownAutobiography, 97:was even then standing outside the house. I can see her now going over to the window and peeking atAutobiography, 98:next boat. When I got back to London I went to see Sir Alfred Schofield, brother of Theo Schofield,Autobiography, 103:and me to the station after the wedding. I can see him now in his livery, with a cockade in hisAutobiography, 107:they claim to be and it is up to all of us to see that they do, and that the abominable utterancesAutobiography, 107:but I feel strongly on the matter, as you see. This colored woman, Mrs. Snyder, mothered me forAutobiography, 107:That was not her fault as she did her best to see me through. I have been curiously unlucky when myAutobiography, 108:me. She looked at me with distress and said, "See here, Mrs. Evans, it's Monday morning and I can'tAutobiography, 109:six months old I went back to Great Britain to see my people, leaving my husband to finish hisAutobiography, 113:all right with her and disappeared. I did not see Dorothy for three days. I did not much care; IAutobiography, 115:It was just the doctor who had looked in to see if I was all right. So again, you will see kindnessAutobiography, 115:in to see if I was all right. So again, you will see kindness surrounded me. I was, however, deeplyAutobiography, 116:to San Francisco to the Children's Hospital and see if something could be done. Ellison SanfordAutobiography, 117:children will understand. I never expected to see her again, but miraculously, she did recover andAutobiography, 118:to me well nigh insoluble. I, at this time see no way out, except through the slow process ofAutobiography, 119:the line of the creative arts I still fail to see any immediate solution of their crucial andAutobiography, 121:having a long talk with the Bishop. I made him see that his fate [122] did lie in my hands and thatAutobiography, 131:out half a clean, white [131] apron. He said, "See here, Miss, I swiped this off my wife thisAutobiography, 131:next booth I saw this woman though she did not see me. She was with a friend and talking in a loud,Autobiography, 131:solved her problem, and when she next came in to see me I told her about it, perhaps rashly for IAutobiography, 138:me and have personally taken the trouble to see that I understood what it was that was happening toAutobiography, 142:a son of God five thousand years ago. You will see, therefore, how my whole spiritual horizon wasAutobiography, 142:nothing and with nothing to do as far as I could see. It was slowly dawning on me that I was one ofAutobiography, 142:those who in other lives had worked with me, see to it that what I sowed was good and find my placeAutobiography, 143:is a very strong inner attachment and though I see little of her now I am sure of her and she isAutobiography, 145:and I made the same reply. "Well, then you see, Madam, what's left? Just human beings." And thatAutobiography, 148:to hear a noise in the sitting-room and to see the handle of the door being turned and twisted. ItAutobiography, 148:be one of the managers and I could not hear or see the watchman, so I guessed it was some hillAutobiography, 155:for the first time who it was that had come to see me in Scotland when I was a girl of fifteen. IAutobiography, 163:reconsider and for a couple of weeks, at least, see what I could do. By this time I was gettingAutobiography, 166:made a mistake; that the abbot had been down to see him. After writing for the Tibetan for nearly aAutobiography, 169:this the Tibetan has been peculiarly careful to see that I do not make mistakes. At the time of theAutobiography, 180:for New York whilst I [180] stayed behind to see what the developments were and to take care of theAutobiography, 181:at the Grand Central Terminal. Never did I see a more weary, worn out man than Foster Bailey. TheAutobiography, 187:wholesome attitude. I hope before long we shall see coeducation systems in every country in theAutobiography, 188:and the new liberal forces which were working to see the original principles of the SocietyAutobiography, 190:Avenue where we could [190] hold classes and see people by appointment. This Secret Doctrine classAutobiography, 195:his bewilderment by pointing out (which I now see was not exactly tactful of me) what a pity it wasAutobiography, 202:openly and directly with the young people, and I see that time most rapidly approaching. The youngAutobiography, 202:Bailey - Chapter V Personally, I would like to see every boy and girl at the age of adolescenceAutobiography, 209:Roumanoff, "the Grand Duke said you wanted to see him." I then told him I had taken no steps to see
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