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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEE

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Discipleship1, 182:aspect of your particular glamor) at failing to see the results (in this life) of the conditioningDiscipleship1, 184:with dispatch. It is here that I would like to see closer integration and keener interest on yourDiscipleship1, 187:the soul shines forth.. In that light, you will see light on your problems, both individualDiscipleship1, 187:the lack of development of the masses whom you see around you. The psychic atmosphere of theDiscipleship1, 193:papers of real mental value to others, and also see, if possible, that they have a magnetic valueDiscipleship1, 194:as you work over it each day, and seek to see yourself in the light of that spiritual perception.Discipleship1, 195:thereof your constant thought. I am anxious to see a greater emphasis built up this year inDiscipleship1, 195:point I seek to make, my brother, whom I hope to see drawn into a closer relation of service. ThisDiscipleship1, 198:thus finally of achieving illumination? Can I see myself mentally as standing in the light of myDiscipleship1, 201:harmony in the outer life, so that others can see the achievement. How can this skill in action beDiscipleship1, 202:through the use of the illumined mind. You will see, therefore, why I asked you the questions I didDiscipleship1, 211:the secret chamber of the heart where none may see them but those who share the same secrets. TheDiscipleship1, 212:which you may choose to do, provided that you see to it that you preserve always a point of focusDiscipleship1, 214:and the wider plans are for you easy to grasp. See the world picture whole and shift the focus ofDiscipleship1, 216:to your fellowmen. Increasingly will you see them in us and us [217] in them. Ponder on these ideasDiscipleship1, 217:in them. Ponder on these ideas for I seek to see you working with even more effectiveness andDiscipleship1, 218:which has brought you an increased capacity to see the vision with clarity. One of the goals forDiscipleship1, 220:body is also on the first ray, so you can see how powerful a combination you have for service, ifDiscipleship1, 221:have earlier told you anent your rays, you will see why this is so. There is in your present lifeDiscipleship1, 223:fellow disciples. Your link with them is strong. See also that your astral body is not theDiscipleship1, 224:place and there will firmly stand. And standing, see." Three words stand out in this mantram and toDiscipleship1, 226:schools in the world at this time. Hence you can see why you found your way into my group ofDiscipleship1, 227:out, in your imagination, over the world of men. See that world as one of light, with here andDiscipleship1, 228:may lack. I point this out so that you can see to it that in the inner life there is potency andDiscipleship1, 230:the following procedure will be desirable. See to it that by the time the sun moves northward, youDiscipleship1, 231:carry your group brothers into the light and see the whole group functioning as a unit and heldDiscipleship1, 236:to your ideals and to the truth, as you see it; it produces also a one-pointedness which has led toDiscipleship1, 237:and you are now more inclusive than heretofore. See to it that steady progress is made in thatDiscipleship1, 238:plane. It is only a thought-form which they see in a glamorous light and such thought-form of theDiscipleship1, 238:to the situation as, in sober meditation, you see it; no higher attitude can be expected of anyone.Discipleship1, 239:and your aspiration vital, if you will but see truly and act strongly. The next thing that I wantDiscipleship1, 243:outlined by me below... When you are meditating see to it that you are relaxed and sit not soDiscipleship1, 244:fault lies primarily in you and not in them. You see, my brother, I am seeking to begin yourDiscipleship1, 250:to you in love and from a deep seated desire to see you all freed for fuller service is surely in aDiscipleship1, 250:help, to aid you in a liberating process and to see you walking with joy in the light. What,Discipleship1, 253:then the final losing sight of the little self. See, however, that in this case, right motiveDiscipleship1, 253:Life for you at this time holds much of service. See to it that you crystallize not. As one getsDiscipleship1, 253:steady and the danger of rigidity is very real. See to it that you keep flexible and fluid andDiscipleship1, 253:In the developments of the next two years see that these words of mine constantly recur to yourDiscipleship1, 254:in a spiritual manner. Should you be able to see life's circumstances rebuilt around you or seeDiscipleship1, 254:see life's circumstances rebuilt around you or see them crumble to nothingness with equalDiscipleship1, 256:February 1938 MY BROTHER: The coming year will see you facing two basic decisions. What they willDiscipleship1, 256:new relations and new forces motivate your days. See to it that enough of the old conditions andDiscipleship1, 259:is, for you, the symbol of "the narrow way." See these mountains, standing on either hand, one inDiscipleship1, 259:one in the shade and the other in the light. See the narrow way between as a golden pathway. ThenDiscipleship1, 265:to my group is that of emotional poise. See that you lose it not, whate'er betide. It means moreDiscipleship1, 272:in the future must act as magnets; they must see to it that they are animated by a spirit of love.Discipleship1, 273:group or center. Determine your motive; see that your group ideal and group love are dominant; useDiscipleship1, 274:do. Let me phrase them for you without comment: See your outlines clear and let no haze of any kindDiscipleship1, 276:earlier have done their work, have they not? You see yourself more clearly now and know yourself,Discipleship1, 276:top, and in the clear air there to be found to see life true, your task and your co-disciples asDiscipleship1, 282:you do not understand, I who watch and guide can see the germ of the needed organizing facultyDiscipleship1, 282:in two respects. I have sought, first, to see you (as I earlier expressed it) a "master of time"Discipleship1, 284:make suggestion. It is for you to try out and see if wisdom lies behind my suggestion or not, andDiscipleship1, 284:meditation work each day your thoughts. Later see what has been the net result. Should you soDiscipleship1, 287:life, wherein - for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear - the mystic truth ever lurks inDiscipleship1, 288:is a divine aspect to time. I would like to see your meditation carried forward more dynamicallyDiscipleship1, 294:to definite work in order to produce alignment. See to it that, as far as you may, you "stand inDiscipleship1, 297:Within the limits of your own horizon, you see clearly. Within the limits of your range ofDiscipleship1, 297:power in the words: "And in that light shall we see light." The light of the disciples of the worldDiscipleship1, 298:meditation, upon which you can work, unless I see fit to change it later... Will you also, myDiscipleship1, 299:point of entrance. D. A. 0., too, as you will see from her correspondence, is bewildered - thoughDiscipleship1, 303:where you stand to a vast two-leaved door. Then see, rolling along this path a disk or wheel ofDiscipleship1, 304:breathing exercise. The sounding of the A. U. M. See before your mind's eye the same two-leavedDiscipleship1, 304:door, standing wide open. Through it you see a radiant sun of golden light. Instead of sendingDiscipleship1, 305:you contact as a training in inner sensitivity. See if you can contact them and the word for whichDiscipleship1, 308:My objective in so doing is twofold: I seek to see you bring about a more rapid alignment and aDiscipleship1, 308:and, with the power of the creative imagination, See the physical body dedicating itself to theDiscipleship1, 308:higher still and, by a definite act of the will, see three things occur: complete alignment,Discipleship1, 308:co-disciples. Having done this, seek then to see the symbol which blazes forth from the brow ofDiscipleship1, 308:of them. Each symbol is different. Endeavor to see these symbols by definitely [309] linking upDiscipleship1, 309:in its own world, and endeavor then to see in connection with the following monthly themes what theDiscipleship1, 313:door has opened, or the door has closed. They see it not. Rest on that thought, my brother, andDiscipleship1, 318:right direction of the [318] needed force. They see the glamor of the world, and seeing, noteDiscipleship1, 318:not tune in with facility with glamor. Could you see with clarity the one point of weakness in yourDiscipleship1, 318:The power to attain right observation, so as to see correctly that which should be done. Do thisDiscipleship1, 322:You know your group relations for this life; see that you are related! You are not clear as to theDiscipleship1, 322:service are in question, clearly and truly you see. Where you yourself are concerned, the vision isDiscipleship1, 329:to deal clear-sightedly with the lower self, to see life and the self truly and to guard theDiscipleship1, 330:to both of you to help each other and see in what the differences consist and the entirelyDiscipleship1, 330:different ray types and personalities. Let me see if I can make myself clear to you for this matterDiscipleship1, 331:in the sense of failure. This ability to see such failure and to sense at the same time the beautyDiscipleship1, 337:my brother. Your sense of truth is growing fast. See that it continues so to do. Discipleship1, 340:to feeling. [340] You must learn to see the mind as a center of pure light. You must rid yourDiscipleship1, 340:of the mind as intellect and must learn to see it as simply a powerful reflector of the light ofDiscipleship1, 345:to get your results. The rhythm which I seek to see controlling is not yet adequate and it will notDiscipleship1, 350:will have noted are the same as R. S. W. You can see how potent a part you can play in this life ifDiscipleship1, 351:ago would have been utterly impossible to you. See that you lose not these qualities. One greatDiscipleship1, 355:of the searchlight of the mind to which I refer. See that the two become the two beams of lightDiscipleship1, 359:Build it with care and from its opening heart see a stream of rosy light (not red) pouring forth,Discipleship1, 359:where the One Initiator is invoked, till we see his star shine forth. Sound the O. M. IDiscipleship1, 360:complex is negated a great deal because you see the fruits of your labor; but in the sensitive lifeDiscipleship1, 361:to live the life and to serve but I seek to see that service fed by your occult knowledge and byDiscipleship1, 363:before you can be used as fully as is possible. See that you, therefore, do three things: LoseDiscipleship1, 366:are prone to over-estimate the loved ones and see too much for them. Is this not so, my brother?Discipleship1, 372:it as seems to you best. Perhaps later, I shall see a pronounced change - full alignment andDiscipleship1, 374:Then seek brain-mind alignment with the soul and see the love of your soul pouring into yourDiscipleship1, 374:actuated and directed by soul love. Can you see the picture, my brother, as I see it? Perfect loveDiscipleship1, 374:love. Can you see the picture, my brother, as I see it? Perfect love casteth out fear. YourDiscipleship1, 377:not that of the New Group of World Servers who see the group as an emanating point; the man of
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