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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEE

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Discipleship2, 22:skepticism will be naturally aroused; those who see no need or possibility for any changing ofDiscipleship2, 27:as standing before a golden or ivory door. [27] See that door slowly open, revealing a long lowDiscipleship2, 27:and work room) and then standing before him. See also your group brothers standing with you. ThenDiscipleship2, 27:you have accomplished this, imagine that you see me rising from my chair. Then as a group we faceDiscipleship2, 32:of retrogression or of recession. Next life will see him pass triumphantly his present point ofDiscipleship2, 36:any desire so to work. I have waited to see if the initiating impulse would come from you withoutDiscipleship2, 37:forming one consecutive sentence. Will you see if you can, in the silence of intensity, recordDiscipleship2, 39:suspended from active work in my Ashram. See that it happens not to you. May I remind you that yourDiscipleship2, 41:and that you will have the opened eye which will see the dawning light and the fading darkness isDiscipleship2, 44:the last instruction, as I felt I would like to see whether the rhythm of the past - reporting onDiscipleship2, 51:of the above objectives, to an effort to see me (as I symbolize for you the spiritual vision), andDiscipleship2, 72:of faith. You may not in your various lifetimes see the world results. That I frankly tell you. YouDiscipleship2, 73:them in your hearing. Note whether you can both see and hear. My blessing rests upon you andDiscipleship2, 75:The spiritual enterprise into which I hoped to see you all throw yourselves was the work I haveDiscipleship2, 84:arises. Young workers must be chosen who may not see things as all of [85] you see them, and inDiscipleship2, 85:chosen who may not see things as all of [85] you see them, and in that lies the hope of the work'sDiscipleship2, 85:the young ones. Most of you are too anxious to see the old methods and modes of work perpetuated. IDiscipleship2, 86:frequently points of dissension and dislike. You see, my brothers, I am making no startling plansDiscipleship2, 86:of A.A.B. I suggest no changes. I would like to see the work left in the hands of those who areDiscipleship2, 86:planning. If this is borne in mind, you will see where some of you have been in error, both inDiscipleship2, 89:I lay upon your shoulders. That the years may see developed in all of you a firmer dedication, aDiscipleship2, 106:the measure of the attained group unity. You can see, therefore, the scientific reason I had when IDiscipleship2, 107:service in the three worlds. I am anxious to see the group, with which I have been undertaking anDiscipleship2, 108:problem to the Hierarchy. It is based, as you see, on the point in evolution which humanity hasDiscipleship2, 118:the light which streams ever from the East and see it pouring through the Master to each of you,Discipleship2, 118:to the head center, endeavor consciously to see the three centers (head, heart and solar plexus)Discipleship2, 124:Standing, therefore, in the center of the heart see the energy of your group brothers as theDiscipleship2, 124:group brothers, not omitting yourself. 9. Then see this wheel as actively moving and scintillating,Discipleship2, 127:the boat. When all of the group are in, then see yourselves as each grasping an oar, and together,Discipleship2, 127:of stroke, of purpose and of direction. Then see - between you and the rising Sun - a figure movingDiscipleship2, 127:In the clear pathway of the light you can see me distinctly. You see me together. Then say,Discipleship2, 127:of the light you can see me distinctly. You see me together. Then say, inaudibly, yet as a group:Discipleship2, 136:"substands" or underlies the world organization. See it as a growing, vital reality, of such lifeDiscipleship2, 139:as the Ashram of Sanat Kumara. You will see, through the use of the creative imagination, all theDiscipleship2, 143:rhythm follows his instructions, can expect to see effects of a surprising and lasting natureDiscipleship2, 147:world. If you study the above statement you will see the importance of the meditation which I haveDiscipleship2, 156:difficult and transitional era. [156] You will see from the above how diverse, spirituallyDiscipleship2, 166:his own personal development, by his ability to see God immanent in all faiths and not just in hisDiscipleship2, 169:of men's [169] minds, so that they can see things as they are, can apprehend right motives and theDiscipleship2, 172:Those of you who are disciples will easily see the significance of the third stanza. Its meaning isDiscipleship2, 173:Then Christ can again "return to Earth" and "see of the travail of his soul and be satisfied." TheDiscipleship2, 191:cycle into which you are now entering. You will see that I have combined the two crosses of theDiscipleship2, 193:the intuitional levels of consciousness. You can see, therefore, why I have given out the teachingDiscipleship2, 194:and awareness. But again - as you can well see - there is nothing here but symbolism; there is noDiscipleship2, 199:thence to higher cosmic undertakings. You can see, therefore, why I have laid such emphasis uponDiscipleship2, 206:with the reappearance of the Christ. You can see, therefore, that a gigantic group meditation isDiscipleship2, 213:New Age II - Teachings on Meditation - Part XIII See you, therefore, how all that is, is created byDiscipleship2, 226:and uplift, the Christ will be enabled to "see of the travail of his soul and be satisfied." I askDiscipleship2, 227:what knowledge of world affairs you may possess. See the mass of men everywhere glowing with a dimDiscipleship2, 230:creative imagination and by an act of the will, see untold and unlimited sums of money pouring intoDiscipleship2, 230:in his Name and with faith in the response will see it accomplished." Remember at the same timeDiscipleship2, 253:"little revelation," and, in that light, will he see the greater light and arrive at a truerDiscipleship2, 258:rapidity - transferred to the brain. You can see, therefore, the true intention of the system ofDiscipleship2, 258:eventually to the Spiritual Triad. You can also see why for centuries the emphasis of the TeachersDiscipleship2, 266:by Life, which pervades them all." You can see, therefore, upon careful reflection how simple thisDiscipleship2, 269:or across the "rainbow bridge." Hence, you will see the reason for the emphasis which I have latelyDiscipleship2, 272:all "points of [272] divine expression." You can see, therefore, why it is not possible for thoseDiscipleship2, 278:out in its modern and immediate implications and see the way that the world is going under theDiscipleship2, 289:qualified by the theme of the thinking. You will see from this, therefore, some of the implicationsDiscipleship2, 291:refers to the power of the planetary Logos to see into all parts, aspects and phases (in time andDiscipleship2, 291:do this? Through what mechanism does he thus "see"? What is his organ of vision? What is the natureDiscipleship2, 292:in human evolution wherein he learnt first to "see" lies far behind, but when man saw and couldDiscipleship2, 294:and the instrument available in the struggle to see, to perceive and to register impression. What IDiscipleship2, 301:you. However, the next one hundred years will see great developments in my Ashram. It is, as I haveDiscipleship2, 302:adapt to that which is coming; the future will see, therefore, a gradual cessation of personalityDiscipleship2, 306:emergence from the world of effects. You can see also from this that this formula is related to theDiscipleship2, 308:place" far more rapidly than hitherto. You will see, therefore, why I have included this teachingDiscipleship2, 313:it can meet the immediate human need. You will see, consequently, that the initiate learns toDiscipleship2, 315:world. Ponder on this. Therefore, if you could see things as they truly exist in the world of todayDiscipleship2, 320:of direction in time and space. Study these and see what is their relationship and what you feel isDiscipleship2, 322:spiritual impact. Again here (if you could but see it) you have an illustration of the processesDiscipleship2, 326:supersedes the "point of tension"; together they see the "Star shine forth," and together theDiscipleship2, 342:qualified and adapted it" to meet the need I see? This would involve careful soul-personalityDiscipleship2, 342:soul-personality cooperation. As I work, do I see an increasing vision of divine intention, and doDiscipleship2, 343:of readiness for initiation is the ability to see this inclusive entity and to note the law whichDiscipleship2, 347:Polarization. Precipitation. You can see, therefore, how definitely all the above processes involveDiscipleship2, 350:of the Hierarchy. They have also to undertake to see that that Plan becomes a factual expressionDiscipleship2, 354:is the one which probationary disciples can well see, grasp and appreciate. Disciples can, however,Discipleship2, 356:since 1945) I did not mention this fact. You can see, however, the richness of the contribution ofDiscipleship2, 359:upon the physical plane; he then begins to see what are termed "indications of direction"; he seesDiscipleship2, 360:this way will he learn himself to plan. You can see from the above what a different approach isDiscipleship2, 366:acquire the training which will enable you to see life in the process of producing great formulasDiscipleship2, 370:major center. Extra-planetary light. You will see therefore, brother of mine, how very abstruseDiscipleship2, 376:a quality of stimulation which enables him to "see" the astral plane as it essentially is; withDiscipleship2, 378:- have all been sequentially employed. You can see, therefore, how different is the revelationDiscipleship2, 379:the work of the world servers effective. You can see from this short resumé which I have given youDiscipleship2, 379:reality, on human revolt and on human refusal to see anything in the spiritual life but allDiscipleship2, 388:of readiness for initiation is the ability to see the expanding and inclusive Whole, and to noteDiscipleship2, 390:is a factual experience) enables the disciple to see the Plan from the angle of the Ashram and ofDiscipleship2, 391:and functioning disciple lies in his ability to "see with the Ashram" that activity which isDiscipleship2, 399:be employed as the Monad may direct." You can see from the above how abstruse all this advancedDiscipleship2, 405:redemption in the world of meaning. Again you see how all this comes under the three stages ofDiscipleship2, 417:upon the Antahkarana. In that light shall we see light. The Way of the Higher Evolution is everDiscipleship2, 418:of readiness for initiation is the ability to see the expanding and inclusive Whole, and to noteDiscipleship2, 418:be revealed as a result of initiation; you can see, therefore, that a close study and a vitalDiscipleship2, 420:of readiness for initiation is the ability to see this expanding and inclusive Entity, and to noteDiscipleship2, 421:to a deeper meaning and significance. Ability to see the expanding Whole. This leads naturally toDiscipleship2, 421:of a capacity, hitherto unrealized, to see that which has hitherto escaped conscious registration.Discipleship2, 422:A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. V. Ability to see the... inclusive Whole. This is the practicalDiscipleship2, 423:signify in relation to the human being. You will see, therefore, from this brief exegesis how each
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