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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEE

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Discipleship2, 716:the door for others and they pass through - yet see me not. 7th month - As I am strength and powerDiscipleship2, 717:for the word conveys something which I would see each of you express. True effectiveness is theDiscipleship2, 720:by his group brothers; it is in learning to see the picture whole (as the Master ever sees it) thatDiscipleship2, 724:Ashram, souls that demand my help, e'en though I see them not, and those in distant places who seekDiscipleship2, 726:will do much to free yourself; if you refuse to see the light, you will but delay the process andDiscipleship2, 727:of personalities? Until you have learnt to see people as they truly are, you cannot do the exotericDiscipleship2, 729:get enough practical assistance to enable him to see the next step ahead? You can do and be allDiscipleship2, 729:I assign you no special work. I seek to see you more closely integrated into the group in my AshramDiscipleship2, 730:the hold which it has had upon your astral body. See that it gains no strength again. But be notDiscipleship2, 733:I am giving you no meditation. I seek to see the flow of your spiritual life downward into dailyDiscipleship2, 733:life downward into daily life, and I seek not to see you raising your human soul towards a soulDiscipleship2, 733:given you all these years. I earnestly desire to see you achieve success; I have been sorry whenDiscipleship2, 737:of indecision must end and it will end when you see soul purpose more clearly. You might here ask:Discipleship2, 737:I would ask you (in order to help you to see clearly and so be of greater service to others) toDiscipleship2, 741:to you, my tried and loved disciple, because I see more effective service to be rendered by you ifDiscipleship2, 742:the sake of a needy world, and because I seek to see you fill your rightful place in my Ashram, toDiscipleship2, 743:Your field of service is clear, could you but see it, but of no use to you unless you enter itDiscipleship2, 744:This is sometimes called the "recalling OM." See in the mind's eye a sea of light. Then seeDiscipleship2, 744:OM." See in the mind's eye a sea of light. Then see yourself standing and awaiting direction uponDiscipleship2, 744:dynamically and clearly, and as you do so, see a movement or current in the sea of lighted energy,Discipleship2, 744:sea of lighted energy, converging towards you. See it take form as a stream of down-flowing energyDiscipleship2, 745:upon the service you are asked to render; see it motivated and implemented by the energy justDiscipleship2, 745:the Hierarchy. I am exceedingly anxious also to see you expressing in fuller measure all that youDiscipleship2, 747:center, as the soul focused in the ajna center. See (with the creative imagination) the throatDiscipleship2, 747:of the sacral center, the gonads. Then see the sacral center (in the spine) as a radiant reservoirDiscipleship2, 751:them, knowing them for what they are? Will you see the open door, leading to a fuller and a richerDiscipleship2, 752:spiritual life upon the inner planes only to see it arrested on the eve of expression upon theDiscipleship2, 753:This is somewhat rare a condition. Could you see yourself as you essentially are, you would makeDiscipleship2, 754:in physical plane expression. You will see, therefore, that when humanity can begin en masse toDiscipleship2, 754:This can be done by rapid, right alignment. See the soul as a radiant sun within you (theDiscipleship2, 754:man, produce the veiling of the lower man. See the rays of the sun extending first to the mindDiscipleship2, 754:This should be relatively easy for you. Then see the rays of the soul (the sun of your life)Discipleship2, 754:the radiation of the sun to the vital body and see it bringing (on the beam of the seventh ray ofDiscipleship2, 757:outstanding need? I will tell you the truth as I see it, reminding you however that it is the truthDiscipleship2, 757:you however that it is the truth as you see it which changes and conditions your life. You mustDiscipleship2, 761:by an increasing clarity of vision. You see people and life more truly than you did when you wereDiscipleship2, 763:call to pride. Few too dare trust themselves to see their fellowmen as they really are, for fear ofEducation, 8:emphasized. The child must be taught to hear and see, to make contacts and to use judgment; and hisEducation, 10:Ray types, which colors Eastern psychology (see pages 18-23). 3. Medically, with special attentionEducation, 11:infant's sense awakened. He begins to hear and see. Response to possession and to acquisitiveness.Education, 22:of a man's discontent, and of his power to see clearly, he passes from one point of temporaryEducation, 37:system. [37] In the above statements you will see how large is our theme, and yet it is one which IEducation, 44:they seldom recognize. Finally, we shall seek to see what are the basic ideas (beginning with theEducation, 47:face the present world opportunity [47] should see to it that a sound foundation is laid for theEducation, 56:their method and purpose are grasped, we shall see an effort on the part of those interested inEducation, 63:inner world of esoteric research; therefore they see no sound reason for excluding such anEducation, 66:is the symbol in the microcosmic sense. You can see by this the close relation between the work ofEducation, 68:knowing then that "in that light you will see Light" - and so will your fellowmen. [69] Education, 78:the little world of which he is a part, we shall see the major lines of difficulty, the basicEducation, 81:the emotional nature. Vision or the capacity to see beyond what is, to what might be. Inherited,Education, 88:need for them to be free from prejudice and to see all men as members of a great family. TheEducation, 91:ensure a much happier humanity and which will see the end of national differences, of classEducation, 110:emerging more clearly than you, because I can see it both from the inside and the outside, and alsoEducation, 111:individually or en masse), so that you do not see clearly the purpose and the urgency of the lifeEducation, 114:[114] From a study of these definitions you will see how inclusive the term "mystical perception"Education, 141:these related parts of a great divine whole to see the personality subjected to changes andExternalisation, 13:work; from their high and pure position let them see clearly, hear truly and report accurately, andExternalisation, 15:souls, mediating between those who cannot see and hear on the astral plane because they are theExternalisation, 20:help him so to love them that they will begin to see more truly and enlarge their horizon; it willExternalisation, 23:service is before you. The next two years will see the decision as to whether the fusion of theExternalisation, 31:from without; and in that light, together, they see Light. It is a group activity, a groupExternalisation, 31:and purpose and techniques of telepathy. (See Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle). Externalisation, 31:the Trained Observers, has the objective to see clearly through the use of the intuition; theyExternalisation, 44:may contact. In the coming Aquarian Age we shall see humanity producing a culture which isExternalisation, 47:and an illuminating objective. Its instructions (See Education in the New Age) will evoke moreExternalisation, 47:is religion in the new age, and the third (See Esoteric Healing). I give them in the order of theirExternalisation, 52:people and more thinking men and women, we shall see a purification of the political field takingExternalisation, 55:form that the religion of the new age will take (See The Reappearance of the Christ). It will beExternalisation, 56:of Indifference and the Technique of Service (See Glamor: A World Problem). As we study the divineExternalisation, 56:As we study the divine Approaches, we shall see that they involve two parties or two groups - thoseExternalisation, 72:can materialize, and the close of this century see the Purpose of God for humanity assuming rightExternalisation, 73:has produced these modes of expression and thus see them for what they are - not worn out systemsExternalisation, 73:into the minds of men), then you must yourselves see clearly and relate the abstract and theExternalisation, 94:and are in the nature of a tentative move to see if the time is really ripe for the distribution ofExternalisation, 105:close to events, it is not easy for humanity to see them in their true perspective and it is inExternalisation, 105:true perspective and it is in order that you may see more clearly that I write today. A broaderExternalisation, 105:may be of profit to you if you can be helped to see the picture as it appears to us, the teachersExternalisation, 106:and of all men of goodwill everywhere is to see that prolonged suffering does not undermine theExternalisation, 110:disciples of the world today must endeavor to see why and to what end the present terribleExternalisation, 116:1939 until 1942. The first stage (if you could see the situation as it truly is) was mostExternalisation, 128:This is a statement of fact. Those who seek to see the establishment of goodwill and understandingExternalisation, 138:it is necessary to wait with patience and to see what is going to happen and along what lines theExternalisation, 142:distribution. The Great Invocation, as you will see in the next article which I am writing for yourExternalisation, 151:the Christ principle. Ponder on these words and see on every hand the process going forward.Externalisation, 152:the Hierarchy and the world disciples desire to see. The primary result of the correct use of theExternalisation, 154:II - The General World Picture You will now see a little of the occult objective which lay behindExternalisation, 158:be called the mandate of the Great Invocation (see page 144), I would like, first of all, to pointExternalisation, 167:the dying of the physical body then we shall see a revitalized world. It is the living Christ (theExternalisation, 176:the nations not yet involved will fail to see the realities of the situation and will not come toExternalisation, 191:will be to regulate this matter and gradually see to the disarming of the nations. [192] These areExternalisation, 202:His rightful place in human consciousness and see the fruition of His plans, sacrifice and service,Externalisation, 202:ancient forms and interpretations, then we shall see a world in process of right experience, rightExternalisation, 203:by the men and women of goodwill, then we shall see a "world planning" for the production ofExternalisation, 216:Every nation has those within its borders who see the vision of right human relations, who seek toExternalisation, 217:is to bring peace and goodwill among men and to see the consummation of the mission of Christ. ThisExternalisation, 221:countries. Your problem in all three cases is to see clearly the spiritual focus of this worldExternalisation, 224:all men without exception in their longing to see their own loyalties emerge triumphant; they workExternalisation, 226:you are, therefore, not neutral in thought. See to it also that when taking right action in theExternalisation, 228:approach to life, but I do seek to aid you to see humanity and its welfare - not only in terms ofExternalisation, 228:the teachers on the inner side, are forced to see it. I seek to see you free yourselves from the
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