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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEE

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Glamour, 18:right methods of healing. If this is so, you can see how groups of disciples can constitute aGlamour, 19:as your telepathic sensitivity is increased, see to it that you are not deflected from your mainGlamour, 21:mind as misinterpreting it and as refusing to see it as it is in reality. We consider thisGlamour, 21:in the illusion and the soul that fails to see with clarity until such time as it has learnt toGlamour, 24:to your thought, yet stating the problem as you see it, and seeking to see the differences existingGlamour, 24:the problem as you see it, and seeking to see the differences existing between these four aspectsGlamour, 24:and apply these all to the subject of glamor and see at what knowledge you will arrive. [25] ThenGlamour, 25:six months, subject it to a careful analysis and see what is the sumtotal of gain. Divide yourGlamour, 30:[30] in a fanatical manner to make others see it too. Thus his life slips away on the wings ofGlamour, 34:distinguish between glamor, illusion and maya. See whether you can discover the form which yourGlamour, 37:shines upon his way." He is not yet able to see truly in the larger sweeps of consciousness; theGlamour, 39:the Dweller on the Threshold. As you will see from this, my brothers, we have set ourselves a largeGlamour, 43:a skeleton outline of the subject as a whole. (See the Table of Contents.) Today we will begin withGlamour, 45:of their presence. Many good people today see this not; they deify their glamors and regard theirGlamour, 47:on at him from the clearer heights of attainment see him gradually becoming obscured by wisps ofGlamour, 48:free and that no authority be imposed upon you, see that you are not submitting to the glamor of aGlamour, 50:rules (even as I gave them to another aspirant, see Discipleship in the New Age, pp. 583-594) inGlamour, 62:to the fact that, as yet, the disciple does not see the picture as it is. His horizon is limited,Glamour, 67:reward. As pointed out in the tabulation (See page 41), that which dispels illusion and substitutesGlamour, 70:When at night you look out at some dear sky, you see the stars and suns and planets shining with aGlamour, 70:of the planet, could you but do so, you would see no such clear shining but simply a murky ball ofGlamour, 70:they know not. Still others, such as yourselves, see before you an open path leading to the clearGlamour, 77:Study the word "affection," my brother, and see its true meaning. Affection is not love. It is thatGlamour, 92:with care during the next six months and see if what I later suggest is not true? Use theGlamour, 96:this first pair of opposites. It is this that we see happening in the world at this time. TheGlamour, 99:[99] surrounds them, as individuals, and then see it disappear? Be not discouraged by thisGlamour, 100:and are becoming aware of their problem. They see the pairs of opposites and are entering upon theGlamour, 100:"recognition stage of Arjuna's release." They see the Form of God and the indwelling Reality withinGlamour, 115:way" between the pairs of opposites? How can I see God? or else the Form of God? [116] Many suchGlamour, 116:inert, feeble and hopeless. He cannot even see the way out. Only one clear fact remains and that isGlamour, 120:duality. The subject, as you will therefore see, is vast, and this science of the psychologicalGlamour, 137:so familiar to the West, but to all who see clearly what should be done to lead humanity out ofGlamour, 137:picture and objectives to those who simply see the next step ahead for the race or the nation.Glamour, 144:activity of the head and the heart. [144] Then see a shaft of pure white light, broad andGlamour, 144:entire symbolic picture clearly visualized, then see your particular shaft of light blended withGlamour, 147:divisions of your brothers in the human family. See to it that before you begin your meditation youGlamour, 148:pure white light (as Stage III instructs you), see to it that it pours through you with purity andGlamour, 148:you with purity and clarity as one stream. Then see it bisect into equal quantities or proportionsGlamour, 148:energy of the soul. Therefore, you will see that the bulk of humanity, until a man stands upon theGlamour, 151:the right direction of the needed force. They see the glamor of the world, and seeing, they noteGlamour, 158:disciples of the world and the world disciple do see the issues today relatively quite clearly.Glamour, 161:soul into a state of awareness wherein they can see the conflict in its wider terms, i.e., as thatGlamour, 163:or materialism. The work being done by those who see the world stage as the arena for the conflictGlamour, 167:rapidly disillusioned and will consequently see more clearly. The world glamor is being steadilyGlamour, 168:is full of light" then "in that light shall we see LIGHT." This means that when the personality hasGlamour, 178:the significance of illusion and be trained to see and choose the kernel of pure truth in anyGlamour, 180:approach. It is the effort primarily to see in the light which the Angel radiates the point ofGlamour, 180:in the personal self has enabled the disciple to see the vision of the soul and in that light toGlamour, 183:This is a phase of Agni Yoga which, as you can see, is only for those who can penetrate beyond theGlamour, 189:the words of the New Testament, "every eye shall see Him"; humanity as a whole will recognize theGlamour, 191:to be found in the words: In that Light shall we see LIGHT. A simple paraphrase of these apparentlyGlamour, 204:Dissipate the glamor - a satisfying experience. See the Real - a terrifying experience, brother ofGlamour, 207:and find them set in their ideas and unable to see the truth as you see it. They are as they areGlamour, 207:their ideas and unable to see the truth as you see it. They are as they are because theirGlamour, 207:periods of defeat when he is overwhelmed, can see no light anywhere and acts like a blind,Glamour, 213:will work upon the problem of glamor. You can see, consequently, that what I am outlining isGlamour, 217:the creative imagination the worker endeavors to see and hear the soul - the source of light andGlamour, 220:The Process of Withdrawing. You will see, brother of mine, that what I am in fact doing is teachingGlamour, 220:and drawn upwards until some day we shall see the transfiguration of that substance and theGlamour, 227:who can face themselves with an open eye and who see the truth as it is, who can face the sameGlamour, 231:"The light is one and in that light shall we see light. This is the light that turns the darknessGlamour, 231:accomplished, each meeting thereafter should see a more rapid integration and fusion and a greaterGlamour, 234:of the light into its darkness. They endeavor to see it disintegrating and the reality emerging,Glamour, 238:"The light is one and in that light shall we see light. This is the light that turns the darknessGlamour, 241:that eventually glamor completely vanishes. Men see things then as they are - a façade hiding theGlamour, 248:and thoughts. We are here concerned, as you can see, with an intensely practical problem which isGlamour, 249:energies reaching him astrologically, you will see what a stern task he has set himself. Not onlyGlamour, 250:vision and involves the idea of duality (of the see-er and that which is seen). It is the divineGlamour, 256:can safely and profitably be attempted. You see, my brother, only the directed will, using theGlamour, 261:will be the activity of the centers. You can see, therefore, how much that I teach reverses theGlamour, 264:a growing soul contact: He will be able then to "see" clearly in the light of the soul, and with aGlamour, 272:and steady enterprise I call you. THE TIBETAN. See also the Techniques of Fusion and Integration inHealing, 4:serve more subtle response purposes will we see the gradual readjustment and health of the physicalHealing, 5:to the world of outer happenings. We shall see that all that concerns the health of man originatesHealing, 11:and higher kingdoms in nature which will surely see life more truly and more accurately than doesHealing, 11:minds of this age are only just beginning to see the first dim ray of light which is piercing thisHealing, 13:error at this time consists in: His inability to see the true uses of pain. His resentment atHealing, 17:are different in their effects as we shall later see. Rule one The healer must seek to link hisHealing, 19:and causes of death account for much that we see happening around us in people's lives, but theyHealing, 20:of illusion so potent and vital that we fail to see these basic laws in their true significance.Healing, 21:know, relatively offset, for each time that we see an airplane soaring overhead, we see aHealing, 21:that we see an airplane soaring overhead, we see a demonstration of the offsetting of this law byHealing, 24:of disciples. It may have interested you to see that I place the ills of the etheric body in theHealing, 48:into a more subtle and vital realm, we shall see radical and needed changes, leading toHealing, 57:which dam the flow of the life forces. You will see, therefore, that again (in the domain ofHealing, 58:will understand the way out, because they will see more clearly the underlying causes. Cancer is aHealing, 60:race develops right emotional control we shall see the gradual disappearance of the phenomena ofHealing, 62:as soul contact is established, we can hope to see a steady decrease in the number of those whoHealing, 68:Age concepts have often equally dosed minds and see nothing but the new ways, modes and methods,Healing, 70:from the present "fearful" condition, we shall see the disease die out. They are so highlyHealing, 78:succumbing to diseases. Hence, also, you will see how carefully assigned breathing exercises, withHealing, 87:will lie below the diaphragm also. You will see, therefore, how intricate and complex [88] thisHealing, 88:when human beings regain the lost power to "see the light" of the etheric body and of its sevenHealing, 102:the method of magnetic healing. You will now see the purpose of the rules anent the modes ofHealing, 104:do this, visualize the linking process going on. See it as moving lines of living light substance,Healing, 104:the one hand, and to the patient on the other. See these lines going out from you to the heartHealing, 104:involved will be closely interrelated. You see here where the value of visualization comes in. ItHealing, 105:and deliberately, believing in the results. See that no thought-power or will-power enters into theHealing, 107:strain and eventual collapse. From this you can see the importance of the etheric vehicle. [108]Healing, 108:and below the solar plexus in the abdomen. You see, therefore, how medical science must eventually
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