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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEE

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Healing, 116:close to the heart center, etc.), you will see how it is possible that the major diseases fromHealing, 127:of transference in this respect, we shall see the new order of individual service and of worldHealing, 162:which causes so much trouble. Thus again you can see the complexity of the subject. The stage ofHealing, 189:mind to profit by the knowledge conveyed, and to see behind the form of words the key thought whichHealing, 196:composed of subtler material than the one we can see and touch. It is made of substance or of thatHealing, 196:and spinal column is recognized, we shall see a great revolution in medical and psychiatricHealing, 201:psychological, and in our Aryan times we shall see an increasing amount of diseases of the brain (aHealing, 201:and scientifically studied. Then we shall see the science of the regulation of energy, as itHealing, 204:the healing art will then be - as you can easily see - preventive in nature rather than curative.Healing, 207:it is not always so. Ponder on these things and see, if you can, the simplicity of the processHealing, 216:initiation, that of the Transfiguration. You can see, therefore, how three important words conveyHealing, 229:"He that misuses that which he hath built will see it fall from forces within itself." As theHealing, 230:and during the next one million years we shall see syphilis (inherited from Lemuria) stamped out,Healing, 240:cancer. We come back in every case, as you can see, to the fact of the existence of the centers andHealing, 249:when it is an universal custom, we shall see a definite minimizing of disease, leading to longevityHealing, 251:a universal and persistent habit, we shall then see a great diminution of disease and a muchHealing, 253:the physician; when this has been done, we shall see a great improvement. When the work of theHealing, 257:medicine enjoins, rather than stand by and see the injured person die because these methods are notHealing, 260:presented (to those who have eyes to see, ears to hear and minds to interpret) the theme ofHealing, 261:put it in clear concise words, the U.S.A. must see to it that the Constitution and the Bill ofHealing, 265:destiny, and if the rest of humanity would see themselves in the Jewish people, and if both groupsHealing, 269:Again, I say, that the Masters of the Wisdom see neither Jew nor Gentile, but only souls and sonsHealing, 285:some physician who has the inner vision and can see the centers, or with patients who know withinHealing, 289:new one. Those among you who enter it may not see the results of what you are attempting to do.Healing, 293:causes and effects as whole processes and can see both the beginning and the end in one flash ofHealing, 305:on these matters and bear in mind that you must see the picture upon a large scale, as large aHealing, 308:of all, clairvoyance which enables the healer to see visually where the difficulty lies. This formHealing, 325:of those who know more than you know and who can see more than you can see. The glands are theHealing, 325:than you know and who can see more than you can see. The glands are the result of the activity orHealing, 343:Let me list them for you so that you will see what I mean, and for clarity in replying. Several ofHealing, 343:practical help and inspiration to us? You will see from the above how impossible it will be to dealHealing, 353:modes of psychological expression as far as you see them and to the best of your ability. Remember,Healing, 355:group etheric body and which enables you to see this group body of force and light as one completeHealing, 356:directed by the intuition. The clairvoyant can see the center from which the healing energy canHealing, 357:which does not permit those who hold it to see that there is perhaps a chance that they are not asHealing, 364:the emergency. They find themselves unable to see what lies beyond the doors of death, and areHealing, 365:will end before long, and man will know and also see. As regards those who have passed into theHealing, 377:the testimony of the thousands of those who can see phenomena and hear sounds which lie outside theHealing, 389:healing groups, such as the Hierarchy seeks to see functioning in the future, I would say it is toHealing, 392:of those still in physical bodies; he can see them, he can tune in on their emotions, and also uponHealing, 401:to the contrary and says that because we cannot see (visually) and prove (tangibly) the persistenceHealing, 412:becoming aware of this subjective realm: they see people walking around who are either theHealing, 412:- Page 98. b. The next two hundred years will see the abolition of death, as we now understand thatHealing, 412:immortality, for they will with facility see the [413] man who has discarded his etheric body asHealing, 413:and to a contact which will enable him to see through, which will reveal the nature of the fourthHealing, 416:the dense physical body at the time of death. (See Ecc: XII.6.) - Page 98. b. Later "definiteHealing, 424:is the reaction to fear found. Could you but see the etheric world as Those on the inner side ofHealing, 424:Those on the inner side of life experience and see it, you would see (going on ceaselessly andHealing, 424:side of life experience and see it, you would see (going on ceaselessly and without any pause) theHealing, 424:great planetary act of restitution. You would see a great activity proceeding within the ethericHealing, 425:which we call death. Ponder that story and see the symbolism of the soul, contained within theHealing, 433:death is a process of at-one-ment. Could you but see a little further into the matter, you wouldHealing, 436:a war, He brings good out of evil. You can see, therefore, why the occult sciences lay the emphasisHealing, 436:to arrive at a new slant upon the subject and see law and purpose and the beauty of intention inHealing, 444:processes of abstraction are (as you may thus see) connected with the life aspect, are set inHealing, 448:of the body is permissible or not. He can see, by looking, whether the will principle ofHealing, 465:astral body and the mental apparatus. You will see consequently why, earlier in this treatise, IHealing, 472:to obliterate past penalties due," you can see how obscure this whole matter can be. In all that IHealing, 477:vacated. That is why clairvoyants often claim to see the etheric body hovering around the death bedHealing, 519:think clearly about this statement, you will see that a very complete integration is now possible.Healing, 519:the Lord of the World at Shamballa. You can thus see the factual nature of the results to which IHealing, 537:have been made. This you yourselves will not see take place, for adjustments on such a large scaleHealing, 541:His first task is to investigate or "occultly see" the etheric body of the patient, and thus arriveHealing, 545:Alignment is being brought about. You can see again, therefore, why the emphasis in the life of theHealing, 548:disease becomes possible and probable. You can see, therefore, how the healing process isHealing, 551:section of the teaching and is, as you can see, intensely practical. When the personalityHealing, 556:to the inner urge to heal will face, as you can see, a very severe course of training before hisHealing, 566:and the true, cause disease of any kind? Let us see. The Good. What is the good? Is it not theHealing, 574:on this technique. It is useful nevertheless to see at times the distant goals. All that is atHealing, 604:healer clairvoyant - would thus enable him to see more clearly the seat of the [605] trouble and,Healing, 605:is employed. We have noted here, as you see, three modes whereby the healer employs the forceHealing, 610:human race, following on our present one, will see a point of balance reached which will usher inHealing, 626:potent [626] sources of energy. Again, as you see, I repeat this vital truth. It is for this reasonHealing, 642:or rapidly or slowly withdrawing itself. You can see, therefore, why it is that those who haveHealing, 651:a "lighted" manner that a true clairvoyant would see a brilliant triangle in the healer's aura; theHealing, 651:the triangle (that of the soul) he might fail to see unless he were himself highly developed, butHealing, 651:highly developed, but he could not fail to see the signs of it in the inflowing energy to the heartHealing, 656:work more easily. An initiate, if present, would see a golden stream of energy pouring straightHealing, 657:area of disease in the patient's body. You can see, therefore, that - consciously or unconsciouslyHealing, 671:understanding. You would find it of interest to see how these three qualities work out in relationHealing, 674:thus preparing the way for the Observer to see truly; the disciple then functions as a clearHealing, 681:to distinguish between the hearers and those who see. A realization of the difference would lead toHealing, 681:of the Mother, and who need to be trained to see. In the other, you are dealing with those who haveHealing, 686:in its working out. The disciple begins to see that if he shoulders his phase or part in thisHealing, 691:form then shatters the connection. [691] You can see here why I emphasized the fact that theHealing, 700:in the part of either healer or patient, and see what centers would be employed in the case of someHealing, 714:on the ancient formulas, and in time you will see how much can be conveyed to the intelligentHercules, 12:in the testimony of the mystic, however, we can see a steadily emerging manifestation of thisHercules, 12:of philosophy and of comparative religion, we see the plan of that Deity becoming significantlyHercules, 12:through the twelve signs of the zodiac, we can see the marvellous organization of the plan, theHercules, 14:I know her well and she has made me what you see. Likewise, O Teacher of my life, I am also one ofHercules, 19:in the law of God after the inward man: But I see another law in my members, warring against theHercules, 23:could turn him from his purpose, and we shall see when we study the labors that he rushed headlongHercules, 35:Woman. Woman and Child and as we shall later see, mother-matter is the nurturer of the infantHercules, 37:is capture this feminine aspect of the mind and see to it that no more war horses are bred. AnyHercules, 41:Three. What next?" "Within the light shall you see light; walk in that light and there see light.Hercules, 41:you see light; walk in that light and there see light. Your light must brighter shine. The bull isHercules, 45:of the constellation Taurus and, as we shall see, more Taurian in nature, if possible, than TaurusHercules, 48:the benefit of the human family, then we shall see a new motivating impulse underlying humanHercules, 48:human conduct where sex is concerned. We shall see the elimination of promiscuity, with its
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