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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEE

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Hercules, 49:with its attendant evil, [49] disease. We shall see the solution of the problem of too manyHercules, 53:struggle be undismayed". (The Form Aspect.) "I see and when the Eye is opened, all is light". (TheHercules, 55:The Teacher, watching from afar, sent Nereus to see if he could aid. Time and again he came, inHercules, 58:in his joy, "surmount the guarding dragon; see the fair maidens of wide fame; and pluck theHercules, 74:unequipped to verify in any way that which they see and hear. The serpent may take the form of theHercules, 74:because he is all the time trying to hear or see that which is not physical. Because we share withHercules, 74:and clairaudient, in due time we shall surely see or hear, if not in truth, yet through the powerHercules, 74:the clear light of the Christ soul that we shall see truth as it is, and become invincible. MostHercules, 78:O Hercules, but to the God whose shrine you see on yonder distant mount. Go rescue it and bear itHercules, 94:of his into the temple of the Lord and there to see it transmuted into intuition, and through theHercules, 96:do I here, O Teacher of my life, armed, as you see, with the full panoply of war? What do I here?"Hercules, 103:force expressing itself through desire, we see the lower aspect of the divine creative force,Hercules, 104:had to be raised up into heaven.[104] In Leo, we see cosmic mind working out in the individual asHercules, 104:we call the great Illusion; and in Scorpio we see the aspirant upon the cross, sacrificing illusionHercules, 115:Child is brought to birth, the sign which will see many take initiation. It is to be rememberedHercules, 127:the boar, and all upon the mountain laughed to see the sight. And all who met the son of man, whoHercules, 127:singing and dancing on the way, laughed too to see the progress of the two. And all within the cityHercules, 127:of the two. And all within the city laughed to see the selfsame sight, the staggering, weary boarHercules, 128:pairs of opposites. At this point we begin to see why, in this quiet sign, we meet with theHercules, 129:remains outside the ashram (our teachers see only whatever light we bear). There is no specialHercules, 144:mind: pride, separativeness and cruelty. (See Esoteric Astrology, p. 205 et seq.) The dimensions ofHercules, 145:courage and discrimination: humility, to see his plight objectively and recognize his shortcomings;Hercules, 145:the slough of the subconscious. Endeavoring to see his dilemma in the light of that wisdom which weHercules, 149:rather than as one world. Hercules had to see the hydra as one monster, not a beast with nineHercules, 151:not seem to function. As we study Hercules, we see ourselves. Remember that there are three thingsHercules, 157:"aspirant". [157] There are two words I want to see ruled out of the vocabulary of the occultist,Hercules, 160:that moment we enter into Sagittarius and we see the goal. We have never really seen it before,Hercules, 160:forms about our aspirations, that we do not see the goal. I am not cutting away the ground underHercules, 162:have you ever thought that wherever you go you see the cross of Cygnus, the Red Cross? That is whatHercules, 164:men my personal interpretation of truth. I see no truth but my truth. I am an aspirant, but allHercules, 164:but all aspirants must interpret truth as I see it; if not, they are not aspirants. You mustHercules, 164:the first of the great universal signs, we see truth as the whole when we are using arrows ofHercules, 167:Aquila, spirit; and Cygnus, the soul. Do you see why I am so thrilled over Sagittarius? It is suchHercules, 168:the marshes and into the clear air where we can see them and conquer them. The birds that did theHercules, 174:it is loving everyone because we are able to see people as they truly are with their faults, theirHercules, 184:passed on into Scorpio, where he was tested to see how much persistence he had. The outstandingHercules, 188:and other sections of humanity, is that you will see that, in spite of superficial disturbances andHercules, 189:and love. It would be interesting to see how far you yourself can grasp what those types of lawHercules, 190:that our children, and children's children, can see it all happen. Christ sounded the note "for theHercules, 198:the matter aspect and the psychic nature. You see why Hercules spared the shepherd. The mind canHercules, 199:hear about the failure of Christianity. I do not see failure anywhere in the Great Plan. PerhapsHercules, 208:infant humanity to the pure vision of those who see God. A point is reached in the story whereHercules, 208:to be done, a World Savior is created, and we see in the last two labors how that work of savingHercules, 209:story starts later than that of Hercules and we see the Buddha achieve final illumination, passingHercules, 209:Hercules attained this knowledge. We see him passing around the great pathway of the heavens and inHercules, 209:all disciples are called upon to perform. We see him from two viewpoints: that of the individualHercules, 209:he can pass onto the Path of Discipleship. We see him learning the lessons of equilibrium, ofHercules, 211:be undismayed"; from the angle of soul, "I see and when the Eye is opened, all is illumined".Hercules, 213:"Let food be sought"; from the angle of soul, "I see the goal. I reach that goal and then I seeHercules, 213:"I see the goal. I reach that goal and then I see another". [214] Capricorn, the Goat Element:Hercules, 221:picturing of the Zodiac, August 15th would see the actual disappearance of the cluster Virgo, butHercules, 223:depicted as a virgin, carrying a sheaf of wheat. See Gen. 49, 20. Libra, the Scales or Balances DanHercules, 225:through the capture of the Man-Eating Mares, we see him make his start, react to thought impulse,Hercules, 225:the potency of attraction, is that, as we shall see, which produces the great illusion, but whichInitiation, 5:solar system, and governs all His actions. We see but the ever changing forms, and catch glimpsesInitiation, 7:esoteric working out of detail as we think we see it from our present standpoint. The factor ofInitiation, 13:sphere of creation; it is a growing capacity to see and hear on all the planes. It is an increasedInitiation, 14:Primarily it involves the capacity to see, hear, and comprehend, and to synthesize and correlateInitiation, 29:of the Ego or higher self, and that which we see and know is the direct self-created manifestationInitiation, 32:A hint suffices for those who have eyes to see, and the intuition to comprehend the meaningInitiation, 39:is only embryonic. Another solar system will see the will aspect come to fruition, as love willInitiation, 69:interview. This occurs when a Master wishes to see a disciple for commendation, warning, or toInitiation, 83:firm action) to help the mistaken brother to see his error, to work out the retributive karma, andInitiation, 88:Shall throw open the gates of new life to thee! See the Christ stand! But when the initiate hasInitiation, 88:then with prepared bodies can the ability to see and hear on all the planes be granted andInitiation, 103:initiate cares not, for his is the privilege to see somewhat [104] into the future, and thereforeInitiation, 107:of his approval, but the initiate does not see him face to face until the third initiation. TheInitiation, 116:will only be apparent to those who have eyes to see. The mystic significance of these pictorialInitiation, 124:the opening of the eyes of the Initiate to see and realize, divides itself into three parts, whichInitiation, 125:lives - which the Planetary Logos seeks to see consummated. He then may be said to know his workInitiation, 195:- Rules for Applicants Rule 5 Let the applicant see to it that the solar angel dims the light ofInitiation, 206:the messenger in his feet, and let him learn to see with the eye that looks out from between theInitiation, 208:consists of five words. Rule 14 Listen, touch, see, apply, know. These words concern what theInitiation, 209:up thine eyes and tell what thou beholdest. I see a ladder, mounting within the vault of blue, itsInitiation, 209:night. Beyond that sphere of utter gloom I see the ladder rise again, radiant and glowing in itsInitiation, 216:so called in the septenary constitution of man. (See diagram in Introduction.) Atomic subplane TheInitiation, 218:disciples, and, by this means, in the world. (See diagram page 48.) Initiations From the Latin rootInitiation, 220:and the "word" in its metaphysical sense. (See John 1, 1-3.) Lord of Civilization (See Mahachohan)Initiation, 220:sense. (See John 1, 1-3.) Lord of Civilization (See Mahachohan) Lords of the Flame One of the greatIntellect, 8:Instinct and Intuition, page 85. As we shall see later, it is the thought apparatus which isIntellect, 34:and of perfected worldwide influence as we see evidenced by [35] the Christ, the Buddha, Plato andIntellect, 36:He says: "In the main, we are creatures who see 'things'. We see what we see and usually not beyondIntellect, 36:the main, we are creatures who see 'things'. We see what we see and usually not beyond what we see.Intellect, 36:are creatures who see 'things'. We see what we see and usually not beyond what we see. ToIntellect, 36:see what we see and usually not beyond what we see. To experience the world as merely a world ofIntellect, 39:of the higher education which the New Age will see developed; it will be found to be the meansIntellect, 50:themselves and enable them, in that light, to see Light. This work of revelation is based onIntellect, 52:disciples to "let your light shine that man may see." Thirdly: When the life of the soul, actingIntellect, 61:Meditation in the eastern sense is, as we shall see, a strictly mental process, leading to soulIntellect, 73:in the law of God after the inward man: But I see another law in my members, warring against theIntellect, 77:all her veils, however thin, she is unable to see God." - Pfeiffer, Franz, Meister Eckhart, pageIntellect, 82:for the illuminated mind transmits (as we shall see later) soul knowledge to the physical brain;Intellect, 83:fourteenth century, says: "Three kinds of men see God. The first see him in faith; they know noIntellect, 83:says: "Three kinds of men see God. The first see him in faith; they know no more of Him than theyIntellect, 83:and other such-like things... The third kind see him in the divine light." - Pfeiffer, Franz,Intellect, 84:of the world is light and in that light shall we see God. In that light we find ourselves. In thatIntellect, 91:you do within? Bar door and window that none may see: That alone we may be (Alone! face to face InIntellect, 94:me on to light. I weep For joy at what I hope to see When, scaled at length the arduous height, ForIntellect, 95:of the Son [95] (Sun), of the ego or soul (see Daniel III, 23-24). There is no escaping the fieryIntellect, 96:man knows this he begins to read spiritually, to see below the surface and so contact the idea
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