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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SEE

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Rays, 176:now, at this much later initiation, he cannot see "eye to eye" - as the phrase goes. He becomesRays, 176:regarding him, and for the first time he does see the Most High "eye to eye." At the fifthRays, 190:A rent within the veil exists. Find it and see. A path lies through the veils, giving access to theRays, 196:had been let in it was not possible for man to see and grasp the necessity to destroy the obstaclesRays, 198:disciple is thrown back upon himself. All he can see is his problem, his tiny field of experience,Rays, 201:cosmic astral plane. This will enable him to "see through" [202] and to recognize "cosmic glamor,"Rays, 202:reality, only for the time being and in order to see certain organized activities upon the starRays, 207:you anent this Rule. The subject is, as you can see, too advanced even for the initiate who, in aRays, 208:in various places all over the world) is to see if a group of disciples can work together in such aRays, 211:to work without any token of recognition, to see others claim the reward of action taken, and evenRays, 213:relationships. Ponder on this statement. You can see now why there is necessity for the eliminationRays, 213:the physical plane. This entails, as you can see, smooth and effective coordination, a properRays, 224:goal of all aspirational effort. The endeavor to see that which lies ahead and beyond the apparentRays, 224:beyond the veil of the soul and eventually see that veil "rent from the top to the bottom," andRays, 237:to the illumination which Taurus confers. I See you not the beauty of this plan and itsRays, 237:and its synthesizing, culminating usefulness? See you not how the present crisis only indicates theRays, 242:as I may go in giving you a hint, and you can see from this that in order to grasp more andRays, 244:Group Initiation There will be, as you can well see, a close relation between this fourth purposeRays, 244:is nearing its close, and we shall later see - when the fourth ray again swings into full objectiveRays, 246:he will no longer be working in the dark. You see, my brother, that all that I can do in theseRays, 246:fit yourself to grasp divine purpose, and thus see the divine design and patterns as they are inRays, 248:initiates until the fourth initiation. You will see, therefore, how vast a field this instructionRays, 253:it but who wish I would be more explicit) see little in it. I have given enough, could theRays, 254:to you the lines along which I would like to see the work expand in future years. I would ask for aRays, 254:as the skeleton outline of the work I wish to see done. It will involve an intensification of theRays, 257:are likewise in process of construction. See you, therefore, the necessity of eventually organizingRays, 261:as they proceed upon the Path of Probation, to see the meaning of their physical plane activitiesRays, 262:the group together towards the Higher Three." See you not how the different phases of the teachingRays, 267:to the words "the Higher Three"; let me see if I cannot somewhat clarify the entire complex idea.Rays, 267:occur in this rule. It is Their supreme task to see that, in the Council Chamber of Shamballa, thatRays, 280:qualified by the energy of universality. You can see from the above somewhat involved sentences howRays, 286:Rule XIV For Applicants: Listen. Touch. See. Apply. Know. For Disciples and Initiates: Know.Rays, 286:- INITIATES Listen - Know Touch - Express See - Reveal Apply - Destroy Know - Resurrect You willRays, 287:that the sight to be cultivated is the power to see the beauty underlying form, to recognize theRays, 295:of their individual unfoldment. Thus you will see that from God the Creator of all that Is, down toRays, 295:and of their appreciation of beauty as they see it, of truth as they grasp it, of psychology asRays, 296:the world disciples and initiates; we shall then see the full expression of hierarchical truth - ofRays, 297:this in mind as we discuss our next two words: See and Reveal. Rays, 298:men everywhere. The work of the aspirant is to see the light; only when this has become a fact inRays, 298:a clear sheet of glass through which all may see the reality of Oneness as it demonstrates [299] inRays, 299:truth still more apparent. You can here see why - as a hierarchical technique - we brought to theRays, 301:To all applicants the call has gone out to see the Christ as He is, in order (as The New TestamentRays, 302:For Group Initiation A Catechism What dost thou see, O disciple on the Path? Naught but myself, ORays, 302:the dark, revealed to me by means of light, I see a radiant form which beckons me. What is thisRays, 302:Revelation comes through me, O Lord of Life. I see it not. Why canst thou see it not? What hindersRays, 302:me, O Lord of Life. I see it not. Why canst thou see it not? What hinders apprehension? NaughtRays, 303:form is all; who living thus in time and space, see not the light or life within the form, who hideRays, 303:in nature and the kingdom of God. A.A.B.) and see naught else. To them I must reveal the truth. HowRays, 308:or is developing the wider grasp and who can see and think and vision (I care not what word youRays, 315:carefully study these four statements you will see what is the knowledge referred to in thisRays, 328:will not be said. Those that have eyes to see and ears to hear will read between the lines andRays, 329:let him love all men more deeply and let him see to it that his light shines forth in a dark place,Rays, 329:in a dark place, for "in that light shall he see Light." It is the lesser light within that revealsRays, 329:and blended light will enable the aspirant to see the Door which opens upon the Way of the HigherRays, 332:will emerge into the light, and all men shall see and together they shall rejoice. That time willRays, 344:leading to group initiation: "And dost thou see the Door, O Chela in the light? I see the door andRays, 344:dost thou see the Door, O Chela in the light? I see the door and hear a calling voice. What shouldRays, 345:the Door; seek not to enter it alone. I cannot see the door, now that I grasp the hand of theRays, 345:me, and press around on every side. I cannot see the door. Move forward on the Path, O pilgrim inRays, 345:Only the man who holds his brother's hand can see the Door in truth; only the man, surrounded byRays, 347:now take up our first point in this section and see what is really meant by the hackneyed wordsRays, 349:and these he can get only from the soul. You see again another reason why the first and secondRays, 350:overcome glamor after the second initiation, and see their way clearly ahead; but their goalsRays, 354:emerging out of this symbolism are not easy to see, even when the superficial meaning is apparent,Rays, 357:with the references to glamor and illusion, (see Glamor: a World Problem) it must be borne in mindRays, 364:to the next; it is related to the power to see the vision, even if that vision is materialistic asRays, 370:work free from the compulsion of time, They can see the impressed Purpose as a [371] more completeRays, 371:with the plan. There is, as you will later see, a direct relation between the seven Paths and theRays, 382:historical period. In this coming cycle we shall see the first stages of the great spiritual fusionRays, 386:functioning activity some time earlier. You can see, under the Law of Correspondences, why this wasRays, 386:liberation and final resurrection. You can see, therefore, what a tremendous crisis took place inRays, 393:watch the process of decision in order to see how far the will of the [394] Hierarchy conforms toRays, 394:be ready for the sixth initiation, in order to see how much of that divine will They register andRays, 395:Sun" as Members of the Hierarchy. Again you can see the same unfolding synthesis - a synthesisRays, 433:as initiation after initiation is taken - to see just how far the initiate is capable of retainingRays, 433:simultaneously upon the physical plane. You can see for yourselves that this is a major and mostRays, 436:given you a major piece of information. You will see, therefore, that in the earlier initiatoryRays, 437:because space is an eternal Entity. You will see, therefore, the great necessity for a constantRays, 441:the initiatory process. This deals, as we shall see, not with the effort of the disciple to liveRays, 441:and personality. It is proper, consequently, to see a duality existing in the consciousness of theRays, 452:aspect, which is love or group relationship. (See Education in the New Age, Pages 26-27, 32-33,Rays, 466:the soul, utilizing the triple thread. You can see, therefore, why so much emphasis is laid byRays, 481:all the energies of the Mutable Cross. (See Esoteric Astrology, Chapter VI.) The Hierarchy. Here,Rays, 481:then expresses the values of the Fixed Cross. (See Esoteric Astrology, Chapter VI.) Shamballa. ThisRays, 481:still crucified, but on the Cardinal Cross. (See Esoteric Astrology, Chapter VI.) The task withRays, 485:to penetrate into the world of meaning and to see interpretations not apparent to the neophyte.Rays, 487:in a state of absolute tension. You can now see the purpose lying behind some of the meditationRays, 497:disciples and initiates of the world, we can see the group antahkarana gradually appearing - thatRays, 499:quite clearly emerging, if you have the eyes to see. It is evident in the universal interest inRays, 499:national selfishness, or upon a true desire to see a happier world wherein man can lead a fullerRays, 501:outlining for you in this treatise. Thus you can see how the entire human family has reached aRays, 502:the material energy, orient energy currents, and see their objective clearly in the mind's eyeRays, 502:and not personality force. He endeavors to see himself as a point of particular energy [503]Rays, 503:the "projecting sound" or Word of Power. You can see from all the above that this constitutes aRays, 504:should aid in the process, and you can see how stage grows out of stage and how, once familiarityRays, 508:clearly formulated purpose and program. You will see, therefore, that the first ray personality hasRays, 514:sound or Word of Power and visually attempt to see it performing the esoteric miracle of bridgeRays, 516:of the disciple and signifies the assertion: "I see the greatest Light." This statement hasRays, 516:might so express it, the most intense effort to see in the light the relation of the whole, andRays, 516:It is not vision or even aspiration to see the vision. It is complete sight and of this the Masonic
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